Okay, so a VERY cool thing happened last night and I couldn't NOT share it in today's Mix Tape because now I have even MORE proof that Archer's teacher, Sir. Mr. Norr (and, yes, we just knighted him) is the coolest teacher OF ALL TIME.

Remember when I posted Archer's incredible song a few weeks back? That song, was one of many BRILLIANT songs that came out of Mr. Norr's 4th/5th grade class, including a GENIUS song called MAGIC PANCAKES, written by Archer's former classmate, Owen Roberts. GO, OWEN!

Fast forward to last night (and CBS' The Late Late Show getting word of Mr. Norr's DIY songwriting unit amazingness) and, well... this happened:

And then THIS happened: 

Cheers to Jack Antonoff and The Late Late Show for BEING THE COOLEST. SO proud of Owen's lyrical stylings. And Mr. Norr for being THE BEST TEACHER EVER I WISH HE GOT A SHOUT-OUT ON THE SHOW BECAUSE HE DESERVES ONE SO HERE I AM NOW SHOUTING OUT! AGAIN! Magic things happen when people work their magic, man. Cheers to teachers who rock and students who rule. SO COOL, RIGHT!? SO COOL. OWEN!!!!!!!!


239. Magic Pancakes by: Owen Roberts & Jack Antonoff