Surviving Summer as a Work-From-Homer Part 2: LOL Boogaloo

Last week (on Facebook) I promised to write an update to my "Summer Survival Guide" and you're going to LOL because LITERALLY everything I wrote about has already failed and is defunct:

And so. I have a new/updated version of my extremely helpful maybe not so much anymore list of helpful tips for summer WAHM survival:

1. Mondays are for Planning our Week I don't even Know Anymore. 

The last two Mondays have NOT been spent planning our week but trying to figure out who is going where and whether it's appropriate to take a kid to a meeting with me. (I took Fable with me last week, which was totally fine. She brought a book and read and we had our meeting and everything was lovely and awesome.)

 I realized that planning for the week's events on a Monday was only possible one time. Now? I cannot even plan for the day without throwing the book out the window and starting over. My post schedule is all over the place. I am unable to commit to much because of vague travel plans and even vaguer work plans and I have no idea what's even going on right now. Is this thing even still on? Bueller? 

2. I Can Work Nights CANNOT WORK NIGHTS. And I have to in order not to fall behind completely.  I'm sorry but this is complete and total bullshit. I would rather be behind than... insane. Which is how I feel right now, if you couldn't tell. 

For an entire week, I stayed up and worked until 2/2:30 in the morning and I was so smug and proud of myself for being the best late-night-working multitasker ever until I realized I wasn't sleeping. Like, at all. Apparently working super late at night turns me into an insomniac. My brain refuses to shut off when it's been left on too long and for three straight nights I got two total hours of sleep. That is not going to work for me, I'm afraid. And so? This week it was back to unplugging at 9:30... ish...

(You can read the post in its entirety here.)


P.S. Here's a good song for the Mondays. It's also a pretty solid summer parenting anthem I think.

Bruises by: Chairlift