It's Father's Day Somewhere!

This Last week on I organized a little top ten list in honor of Father's Day which was, yesterday, sure, but also today because EVERY DAY is Father's Day, hello.
IMG_3933 Revi with Papa Larry
IMG_3958 Bo with Great Grandpa Milt

Without further ado... 

Here are ten movies to watch that are fatherly, including Father of The Bride (welcome to the 90's Mr. Banks), Despicable Me and Nebraska. 

And speaking of Father's Day, this by Rob Delaney is really great:

Good stuff.

Hope everyone had themselves a relaxing weekend. We did a lot of chilling, ourselves, because it just so happened, we were in desperate need of some chill.
IMG_3720 IMG_3794 Cheers to all and Happy Monday,