Family Resorts are like Minivans. You're like, "Ugh! No" until you're all, "Oh. Yes."

This week on, I wrote about our first experience at a family resort which I was not prepared to love. Kind of like my minivan. (Hooray for minivans!) And now, I'm all a google re: weekend destinations that cater specifically to families, because while I don't want to kidify ALL of our travel plans, the lazy river doesn't lie. The lazy river? Doesn't lie...

It was so awesome I took three pictures. (That's another plus about resort vacations. When you're in a body of water for 48 hours straight, devices are not on your person. Which is necessary and lovely and yes.) 
You can read the post in its entirety, here. What about you guys? Do you do family resorts? Any family friendly resort/glamping spots to recommend? California or otherwise?