For Charleston

My heart is with Charleston today. The victims. Their families and friends...  My heart is with all of those who don't feel safe in their communities, be they teenagers at parties or families praying in their houses of worship. My heart is with those who speak up and fight back and stand tall against a twisted system with their voices and their mirrors and say "LOOK!!!!" even when so many refuse to see...  My thoughts are with those who cannot recognize their inability to look beyond their own experiences. My heart is with the angry, the heartbroken, the frustrated, the confused... My heart is with Charleston.


For those wishing to contribute to the families of the victims of the Charleston shooting, you can do so at any Wells Fargo branch by specifying that they’d like to donate to the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund. You can also make checks out to “Mother Emanuel Hope Fund” at the following address: 

Mother Emanuel Hope Fund
C/O City of Charleston 
P.O. Box 304 Charleston, SC 29402

- via Time