All the Little Fingers that Draw and Other Zines

So, I've been reading The Encyclopedia of DORIS, a collection of stories, essays and interviews previously published in the Doris zine between 2001-2011, written, illustrated, compiled and created by Zine Queen, Cindy Crabb who is so full of wisdom and profundity and punk rock feminist thought provocation that I have been unable to get through a paragraph without taking notes and photographs and texting various sentences to my mother and friends. 

Like this: 
And this: 
Anyway...  the other day, Fable asked what I was reading and I told her. And then I showed her the words + images and explained to her what a zine is/was... and then... asked her if she wanted to make one with me this summer. I read her little bits and pieces that were appropriate... this, for example, which I believe with my whole heart: 
IMG_2950 Via Doris

"Wanna make something like this?" I asked her." We could do it together! See if anyone wants to join us? Make it a daily project?"
Via Doris

Fable was in. She came up with the name, "All the Little Fingers that Draw," and for the last six days, has come up with daily prompts that range from CHILDHOOD to FACES to FLOWER FAIRIES to yesterday's "INTERVIEWS"...
At the end of the summer, we will print copies of ALL THE LITTLE FINGERS (with one of the many apps that makes it possible to print books straight off of Instagram) and have our own little bound souvenirs to put in our pockets as a reminder of "the summer we made a zine together..."
IMG_2947 IMG_2948
P.S. If anyone out there wants to join us, please do. We started a hashtag so those who wish to collaborate with us can. So far it's just us, which is totally cool, but the invitation's open to all of you and yours.
And speaking of magazines and collaborative projects and sisterhood, this video is lovely and I want to dedicate it to my sisters in sisterhood championing:

I wrote about my newly acquired Seventeen stash earlier on Instagram but I wanted to give Sara a shout out here, as well...
... To girlhood. And old magazines. And shiny new zines. And all the little fingers in the world that draw and create and build and support and elevate and contribute and high five.
Amen, Cindy. (And thanks for the inspiration.)