Places to Go: Barnsdall Park + Hollyhock House

The Hollyhock House reopened a few months back and we'd been meaning to go check it out. We actually went a couple weeks back and it was closed. Because I'm an idiot and assume that everything is always open and then we show up places and, yeah, sorry guys. I thought... I just... oh. 
I've lived in LA for sixteen years now and until this weekend had never been to Barnsdall Park. Where have I been? It was BEAUTIFUL up there on that hill... with panoramic views of Los Angeles, downtown, the Griffith Park ObservatoryHollywood sign.  People were picnicking...a troupe of dancers in matching costumes danced amongst trees. An art gallery, free to the public, stood empty save for an older couple who were lovely and seemingly familiar.
The kids ran around outside for several hours... rolled in the grass... pretended to be "superheroes saving the village", sat with us and looked down and around... hid behind trees and cement pillars, dragged chairs from one corner to another and watched the dancers dance. And then there's ALL THE STUFF that happens there. AMAZING stuff. Like, free art workshops for kids every Sunday from 10-12. There are also art classes for adults, art classes for kids (see here for schedule), not to mention tours of the incredible FLW Hollyhock House, ($7 for adults/free for kids) the art gallery (see photos below) and a gallery theatre which you can rent (at supposedly affordable prices) to house a creative event/film/play/dance... Amazing. There's also Friday night wine tastings
IMG_2711 IMG_6802 IMG_6804
It was completely lovely. I only regret not knowing HOW lovely it was beforehand. We would have packed a picnic and stayed for the sunset for sure. Next time...
For those looking for fun summer adventures, here are some of our favorite spots in Los Angeles and San Diego. (And beyond.) 


(Please feel free to leave your favorite LA destinations in the comments below. I'm always looking for new places to see/learn about. I'm sure there are lots of places we haven't discovered yet, so... please hit me with your best shot(s)! Thanks in advance!)