Diggin' On Mad Hose

Happiness is this:

This video has saved my ass several times over the last week from complete and total mental breakdown.

Toddlers may be crazed, tantrum-throwing, psychopaths from time to time, but for the most part they are the ultimate catalysts for joy.

Thank you, Archer.



BOSSY | 4:44 AM

Best giggle eh-ver. Although the video made Bossy pee.

Unknown | 6:59 AM

You've been nominated for a (few) RFS Blog Award(s)

foodiemama | 7:36 AM

insanely f'ing cute!

Anonymous | 8:53 AM

the most infectious giggle ev-ah on this planet!

Anonymous | 10:12 AM

1. Dam that made me have to pee!!!!

2. Absolutely adorable!!!!!!

Scar | 11:44 AM

omg adorable! I miss him!

Anonymous | 1:46 PM

I watched that video three times and gained 4 and 3/4 pounds. Mr. Archer is the sweetest thing...he reminds me of his father who squealed the same way.... a duet made in heaven !!!

Gina | 10:20 AM

He has the same squeal and giggle/chuckle as my Liam! I LOVE IT!