Metaphor? Or Coincidence

Today, my car got its ass kicked by a palm tree. AGAIN. I'm starting to wonder if maybe this is a sign. Maybe my love/hate relationship with Los Angeles is becoming more of a masochistic one? Or maybe the Gods are punishing me for driving a green station wagon. Maybe if I get it painted black with flames on the sides and tint the windows and hook-up some phat reems, the local trees will stop fucking with me. Maybe?

RIP $400 I should be spending on a very cute bag.

Second thought, probably not. Some trees just cannot be reasoned with and/or befriended. Is it just me or does this tree look like a total dick?

"I like long walks on the beach, trunks with big coconuts and fucking up green station wagons..."

I mean, seriously? Who says that?

Sometimes I just shake my head at life. I just shake my head.



foodiemama | 7:00 PM

oh no...the wind was going crazy today....perhaps the tree and the wind had some bet over your car. sorry!!!

Anonymous | 7:12 PM

The wind was hella crazy today. Sorry about your car!


I know! My flowers were frigging uprooted! I guess it could be worse. We could have been IN the car. Oy.

PunditMom | 7:34 PM

Damn the wind and the palm trees. Maybe the palm tree could be turned into a nice handbag??

Loukia | 7:49 PM

Yeah thank goodness you were not in the car! But OMG, that does suck! Sorry!

*Tanyetta* | 8:07 PM

OMG! that's crazy. I'm soooooooo glad you and the coolest kid in the world weren't in the car!---

p.s. I just visually hugged the READY handbag. Seriously.


super cute, right? I've had my eye on the kelly green "ditch" bag for weeks. Arghhhhhrrrghh.

Anonymous | 11:00 PM

I feel ya.

I had the wind trying to knock me off my motorcycle all the way home. It was like someone was pulling the road out from under me. Damn wind.

Anonymous | 11:28 PM

Oh, crap! Our new house is on a street lined with palm trees. Should I be scared?

So sorry about your car!

Scar | 8:16 AM

omg insane. i'm sorry dude!

Chicky | 8:40 AM

Psh...Some palm trees just have no consideration for others.

Anonymous | 9:38 AM

eeep... well at least the wind blew away all the smog, right? right? okay, maybe no silver lining here.... sorry about your car and the asshole palm trees.

Anonymous | 4:02 PM

1. i am so glad you guys are OK.
2. $400 for a fucking handbag? and people hassle me for buying an $800 stroller.
3. agreed, palm trees *are* assholes.
4. sorry about your ride.
5. MOVE TO PORTLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous | 8:41 PM

Was it least a good coconut?

sweatpantsmom | 3:11 PM

I know that tree!

The mofo dented the hood of my car with one of it's man-fronds.

And then never called.

Jonathon Morgan | 6:42 PM

did you wrong palm trees in a previous life?

Anonymous | 8:32 AM

If I paid $400 for a handbag I'd feel as though I'd need to revoke my membership in the human race. How's that for a True Mom Confession?

Jaelithe | 1:12 PM

But did you eat the coconut?