Photo(s) of the Week

peek-a-boo, street.

deep thoughts with archer sagebrush

lil' buckaroo

just... perfection.



Anonymous | 2:38 AM

Wow. You're an exceptional photographer.

Unknown | 5:33 AM

so cute! great pics.

Misha | 7:40 AM

I have to know where you get Archer's clothes! And those awesome caps he wore as a baby!

Anonymous | 9:03 AM

we had a friend who told us a story that when he was about 5 he played cowboys/indians and called himself trigger maroon. i thought that was such a great name for a little buckaroo. in our family "buckaroo" has another connotation. ask you huz...i wonder if he'll remember.


If you want to know where anything has come from please feel free to email me!

In these pics:

Pants: Go Goose Go:
Denim Shirt: Janie ad Jack (bought this when I was preggers so it's long out of stock)
Shoes: See Kai Run Cowboy boots
Green Under Shirt:

Please feel free to email me about anything and I'll let you know where it's come from. Most of the pieces you can find online... I also buy a lot of Small Paul stuff (cowboy shirt with the guitars/striped pants/tees.)

I'm a bit of a clothes whore where Archer's concerned. If I ever have a daughter I'm screwed. Costume is muy importante para mi.


p.s. Archer's hats mainly came from Janie and Jack and a local boutique called Flicka-- they don't have an online story BUT my favorite brand of hats is IKKS:

IMO, They winter hats are always the cutest. :) Small Paul has some super cute ones too but Small Paul doesn't have their own online store so you have to google it to find the loot.

Good luck!

Anonymous | 11:11 AM


Russell | 1:51 PM

super cute!

Anonymous | 5:15 PM

Among your many talents, photgraphy is a strong one. Sorry, I'm a lurker, because I don't often feel I have too much to add -- but you're fab. Thanks for the amazing photos.

Anonymous | 8:53 PM

speaking of the price of tea in china...whenever i think GGC i start singing Poison by Bell Biv Devoe because I think "boys to men, ABC, BBD" except i replace the BBD with GGC. and that isn't even from Poison it's from motown philly but i just mix the two. 'cause i can. ~jjlibra

Anonymous | 10:07 PM

Great pics! Camera recommendations? I think I need an SLR...

Also, I luuuuuuv you music favs you list on your blogger profile. I have two theories - you either thought about it for 9 days straight and changed the list 72 times. In which case, I love you. Or it just rolled off the tips of your fingers in 15 seconds. In which case, I love you.

I'll be back.

BOSSY | 5:43 AM

Bossy needs to know if they make Archer's cowboy pants in her size.

Anonymous | 9:03 AM

These pics are the best! Can't wait to see all of you in less than a month!

Scar | 11:40 AM

i love these pics. xo

ms blue | 12:57 PM

I love that your cute son looks so deep in thought.

Emery Jo | 9:33 PM

This kid is OUTRAGEOUS. Is there anything yummier than Archer?

I bet he's one of those kids that are fun to watch when he thinks no one is looking... He kindof seems like he's got the world figured out already and he's just cruising through the ride... amazing.

Anonymous | 2:24 PM

Oh, yeah. Gotta get me some pants like that!

Misha | 7:39 AM

thanks for the clothes hook-up!!