Photo(s) Of The Week

My father, my son...

...oh, but they're *Jewish* eggs...

What? They are!



Misplaced Girl | 12:36 PM

Well I was surfing on the blogs and I found urs... Personally, I thought it was a very creative idea!! I love the texts...
and all the blog is amaizing!

keep it


Style Police | 3:07 PM

Becca - is your true mom confessions related to this true mom confessions???


Nope. Different sites.

Style Police | 3:19 PM

I thought so - I got quickly confused. Love TMC - I hopped on & confessed yesterday.

foodiemama | 5:07 PM

adorable pictures!

Fairly Odd Mother | 5:14 AM

Oh, the way Archer looks at your dad is making me all weepy for my dad who is gone. Enjoy those moments. Beautiful photos.

Anonymous | 5:55 AM

As Fairly Odd Mother (my sister) said, that photo of your dad and Archer was like a punch in the stomach. So sweet. Archer has the cutest expression of love and laughter on his face. Our dad died when I was pregnant with Lucas and I so wish he had the chance to meet this hilarious little boy, who is left handed, just like his Opa. Sigh...

PunditMom | 2:04 PM

No need to let religion spoil a good scavenger hunt! :)

Anonymous | 5:18 PM

I was with my Dad this weekend and I am so grateful to have him loving up Aram....

And Aram looks more like him than anyone!

These pics are fabulous....

Overwhelmed! | 11:00 PM

What adorable pictures! Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous | 3:27 PM

My mom is jewish and my dad is catholic. I always celebrated both holidays and cherished them equally. I'm so glad you don't deprive your child by making him celebrate only one of his true faiths. He will be so happy you just let him be a kid. I turned out fine, so don't worry if it seems confusing.

p.s. love your blog