True Mom Confessions Goes Live

True Mom Confessions is live! We're still working out some technical glitches and updating our visual content, but we're up and, well, a little depressing, actually. (I guess confessions aren't usually "happy" though, are they?)

Also look for the True Mom Confessions radio show launching in May. Hosted by the lovely Romi Lassally (and myself) and and guest-starring all kinds of wild and wonderful women (and men) as we probe a confession of the week for discussion and debate.

More information to come as the site evolves!

Go. Confess. Now.

Word, mamas. Woooord.



Anonymous | 11:28 PM

Whoo! It's really neat. :)

I just don't understand the difference between the "did it" and "thought it" as they don't apply to a lot of the posts. I understand they are aimed at the things people have actually DONE, but a lot of the time it's just stuff they think or feel and then it doesn't work.. Just a comment as I realize it's still gaining momentum. I'll be reading! :)


I'm totally with Aline (above). I love the graphic and the idea!! What about adding a 3rd - like "Capable Of"?

Anonymous | 6:10 AM

Bloody hell. A totally different picture from that painted by most blogs about motherhood... I was floored by the honesty that anonymity creates.
I've long thought that the idealisation of motherhood on the internet and in the media only sets up "future mothers" such as myself for a fall, expectations-wise. So as a future mum it was eye-opening to read this, for sure.


Totally thanks for the suggestions. We're going to be changing the "thought it" " did it"... what do you think about?

"me, too"



Cherri B | 7:51 AM

Wonderful site! I was moved by many of the confessions. I posted a link to it on my Facebook.

Anonymous | 8:12 AM

Is one of the technical glitches that your comment disappears if you try and edit it? Sort of annoying. (Hope that's helpful.)

Mom101 | 8:20 AM

love it!!

Russell | 8:23 AM

Congrats! I like its simplicity and harshness. A healthy combo.

BOSSY | 8:26 AM

Looks like a whole lot of women feel safe to confess something they thought about doing but not so safe to confess something they did. So much for "been there, done that."

PunditMom | 9:48 AM

Where do I even start?

Anonymous | 10:48 AM

Its really a wonderful idea to begin something like this. Sometimes just typing something out helps you feel better, and then to know you're not the only one....just, wow.


XDM-- Thanks! We're working on that!

Everyone else, thanks for the feedback and keep it coming! We're working hard to perfect the site and appreciate and are overwhelmed with how powerful these confessions are.

Anonymous | 11:17 AM

i think my last comment didn't post so i will repeat it: I love the site and the idea of feedback, although I agree the did it/ thought it is a little confusing... I also just read the rules and I love the sentence "Lies have their place, just not here."

*Tanyetta* | 2:37 PM

after today's event, i'm hiding in the corner :)

Cherri B | 3:09 PM

A link that takes you to the very last confession so we can read backwards would be great!

Loukia | 7:48 PM

Awesome! Congrats.

Anonymous | 11:02 AM

you are rockin it. and i knew you when...

wish you were playing with us 'days of our lives style' up here this weekend, you're going to die when you meet bubs. ahhhhhhh! them hamhawks!! utterly edible!!

Anonymous | 1:46 PM

isn't that the same picture Amalah used on alpha mom for a while?

Anonymous | 1:49 PM

it is- although it's not up anymore:

Anonymous | 9:20 AM

Great site. I put a link up at my blog and hope more people will go check it out.

Unknown | 11:14 AM

We are in such a big fight for you showing that site. I am NEVER going to get schoolwork or workwork done again.

I love it, and part of me says thank you.

Anonymous | 4:45 PM

To be honest, I found the site disturbing. The way some children are being raised is heartbreaking. It makes me want to hug my daughter, and never let her go.


Yeah. I agree, but I also think (judging by the response) that mothers are desperate to have a place to confess, tell their secrets and whether or not you are there to read confessions or write them, the site is a cespool of truth....

...And the only reason the truth is disturbing is because we're so used to hiding it or turning the other way.

Which I don't think is fair, healthy or good for any of us.

In fact, I believe getting it out in the open is the greatest way for making change, getting help and proving to everyone, everywhere that we're all a little fucked up-- that it comes with being human. Comes with being a mother. Or a woman. Or anyone with intelligence.

I think the reason so many of these confessions are so heartbreaking is because we are all aware that they are likely coming from the people we would least expect them from.

Anonymous | 6:10 AM

I stumbled across the site last night.....and then I came across yours (this one) this morning.

I agree, although it is heartbreaking, it is the truth. Very interesting idea for a site. Good luck! I'm sure it will take off.