I, Bitchbot

I always thought I was the "nice girl" in high school. That I was "victimized" and in no way would ever do or say something mean to anyone because of it.

Then I read the following message in my my myspace inbox:

Hey Becca,

Remember me? You were a real bitch to me in high school!!!!!! (endless exclamation points.)


So maybe I did get beer bottles thrown at my face and was sold to the new girl for $2.00. But at the risk of being a hypocrite, I will also admit to being on the other side of things from time to time.

A bitch?


But for the record, "Me"'s profile photo was a glamour shot. And not in an ironic way.

I'm just saying...



Jacinda | 4:37 PM

I once received a "you thought you were so pretty in high school but I was having sex with your boyfriend" message on myspace. She is a married mother of 2 according to her profile. .. that's messed up. The worst part is that I was sad about having been cheated on by my adorable, sweet high school boyfriend. I totally believed her.

Misha | 5:01 PM

It sounds like total jealousy talking! On another note--why does high school behavior so often continue beyond those lockers and hallways? What is with people sometimes!


I don't mean to sound sexist but NO WONDER dudes have been running shit since forever! Women waste waaaaaay too much time bickering and being bitchy. Men may start wars, but women don't know how to end them.

lmb | 5:55 PM

No one from high school has found my myspace...yet. I was a bit bitchy although I really don't think many people remember me. It'll be interesting to see who does find it though. Myspace is weird. But fun. So very fun.

Anonymous | 6:05 PM

High school for you was, oh, I don't know, about 7 years ago, no? Tell the sister to let the shi$ go. Carrying around the bitterness will cause premature wrinkling.

Maternal Mirth | 6:12 PM

I thought I was friends with some girls from High School until I found out they were excluding me from the HS reunion. Am I a bitch? Are they jealous? Either way - Whatevs!

But, boy, they say some nice (but slightly, um, two-faced) things to me on my MySpace page. Would you rather have honesty in opinion or two-faced crapola? It's a double-edged sword really.

Kelly | 7:10 PM

bahahaha! DUDE... she is like, so cool...
I bet she was so proud of herself and told all of her other friends that she is still friends with from HS... like "remember that "bitch" I just told her she was a bitch, how cool am I?" and all we can think is wtf, move the F on...

I *hate* myspace for that reason. I'd say its a compliment she remembers you! ;)

Scar | 9:55 PM

I love that her photo was a glamour shot. No worries. Today my mother told me she saw the teacher who suspended me for two weeks in high school and she asked if I was still fiesty. Joy. and of course.. my mother said yes.

Anonymous | 11:35 PM

yeah, You were a biatch in high school, but not anymore. People change, especially after H.S. I hope the person who wrote to you on myspace never met Kendra, cuz she was the real bitch at LCC. she would have made her cry. too funny. Anyway, don't let it bother you, oh and it's benn 8 years since we gradumacated.

Anonymous | 8:51 AM

Don't we all have a little hypocrite in us? I'm sure there were feelings that I hurt in school even though I was also picked on. Being a picker onner occasionally doesn't meant that we weren't the picked on-ee too, and that it didn't hurt.

High school sucked. I'm so glad I'm done with it, although for me grade school was more brutal.


I'm just glad we're all gradumacated. Heh.

Anonymous | 9:35 AM

What ARE you saying about "Me"'s profile photo being a glamour shot and not in an ironic way? Is this how you discount people? By making fun of the things about them you don't think are cool?


I'm saying that I can in fact be a bitch, which is what this post is about. No?

Anonymous | 10:52 AM

making fun of the things about people that we don't think are cool is fun. and everyone does it. and don't say you don't because then you are a liar too. and i don't know anyone who thinks glamour shots are cool. not anyone over 12 anyway.

that being said, although the bitches usually move on and forget they were bitches (not that i would know- i swear!) the ones who were picked on never forget. if she feels good about herself now then good for her. maybe now she can move on too. ~jjlibra

Scar | 12:06 PM

I'm glad you are a bitch.

Style Police | 12:58 PM

Maybe she needed to tell you how she felt so she could move on from her high school experiences of you...?

Glamours shots though - Love 'em!! LOL

Anonymous | 7:11 PM

I just had my Glamour Shots done yesterday. :)

I actually had someone from HS call me (other side of the globe by now) and tell me that while everyone else was shitty to him, I was the one person who was nice. He's got to be mistaking me for someone else, considering I've always been pretty much a bitch. I can't, for the life of me, remember who this person is either.

Suburban Turmoil | 12:26 AM

You seem smart and independent- I'd expect anyone with those two characteristics to have been considered a bitch by someone at some point.
Besides, it's bitchy to bring up the Glamour Shot, isn't it? (And I say that as someone who totally would have brought up the Glamour Shot!)
Let's not give bitchiness a bad name here.

Anonymous | 9:48 AM

Can we all just agree that High School sucked for pretty much everyone and that we're all lucky we survived?

Gina | 10:14 AM

Laughing out loud over here...

RB | 8:14 AM

Everyone is a bitch to someone in high school... Even the nerd table had someone that wanted to be a nerd and hang with them and the nerds wouldn't let them.
What is really mature is holding a grudge about that years later! Perhaps the myspacer is also the anon commenter above?

kittenpie | 11:07 AM

Heh. Ya just can't take the flak seriously when it's aimed from someone with a glamour shot, can you? Hey, we all have a little bitch in us, and most of us have earned the right. Like you.

Mom101 | 3:46 PM

This comment section is hilarious - how did I miss it earlier?

Glamourshots = not cool.

Googling you a million years after high school just to send an email like that = not cool.

You refraining from posting a link to her myspace page which is probably read by about 1/10000th the people that read ggc = cool.

That is all.