HostSecret Week XII


Straight From the Bottle Recaps:

No More Mommy Niceypants:
My being a tough, "I ain't gonna take no shit from no toddler" mofo is totally paying off.
Not Allowed: When playground bullies strike...

Huffington Post Recaps:

When Doctors Make Our Children Sick:
I have written about our experience with the Chicken Pox vaccine, but until now have not spoken openly (besides a rant or two) about our experience with Archer's circumcision. Pediatrician hell, anyone?

Several weeks ago, The Huffington Post also published my New York Times response to David Brooks' Mosh Pit Meets Sandbox piece, Moshing in the Sandbox. If you haven't already read it, you can find it here.




Unknown | 6:16 AM

hahahahahhahahhaha - too funny! Me too!

Anonymous | 6:44 AM

GGC, you know I am a little on the floopy side, but you know what- I hate that flipping book/movie nightmare too. Ugh! It's so trite and suited for the money hungry superficial masses.

Anonymous | 6:52 AM

THANK YOU! i can't stand it either. it's the gospel according to oprah, so it must be right. i just think it's stupid and annoying.

Anonymous | 8:04 AM

I'm not super familiar with it...

But I do know that a friend of the family has an ex who QUIT HER JOB when she has three young children (joint-custody with the friend of the family) to support and moved her brood to a part of LA where rent is literally $50 a month. I know, it must be a winning neighborhood, huh?

And she did it all because her interpretation of The Secret is that this government mooching, this disdainful and careless treating of your children and family, is endorsed and encouraged.

So if anyone else in the world - ANY SINGLE SOUL - can somehow read what she did and do what she's doing because of The Secret then I hate it too.

foodiemama | 8:45 AM

haha the secret is a crazy joke for really desperate people...ex. my mil.


Amen, sistas! The gospel according to Oprah indeed, or worse, the gospel according to my old bosses at Chicken Soup for the Soul!!! (Seriously... I watched the DVD. A relative bought it for me. Oy VEY!)

IMO, Anyone who "follows" those consumerist, let's-fuck-people-for-our-financial -gain ASSHOLES needs a serious reality check and then a slap in the face.

The thing makes me sick-- intended for upper middle class ignorants who dream of upgrading their McMansions. Frightening that it has tricked folks into thinking "The American Dream" is a pile of cash via positive thinking.

The Secret can suck it. Hard.

Anonymous | 9:29 AM

I too watched the DVD after a neighbor insisted I borrow her copy. I saw the segment on Oprah but didn't know much about it otherwise. I liked the message about being grateful for what's already in your life but truly hated the rest.

It made me feel so bad for having negative thoughts or being depressed about money, work, life, etc.

The Secret can fuck itself.

Misha | 9:31 AM

omg--you are all so right! it's offensive and repulsive privileged mumbo-jumbo. down with the freakin' secret!

Unknown | 3:04 PM

already commented today - but I read your HP article and didn't feel like registering to send you a comment (but read all of the rest) the point is that we trust specialist to do things we can't and know things we don't - right? That's why we pay them, right? When it comes to our children's health and well-being, 'whoops' or 'this almost never happens!' is like... totally unacceptable. I feel what you're frustration - Pip has tounge tie and I've been back and forth with docs who thought she needed it clipped ASAP and docs who didn't take the time to look at it before telling me she was fine. What am I supposed to think or do? The first time she got pink eye, I called Pip's (then) new ped. and the desk gave me some run around that *even though* they had an appt open to se seen (and get treatment) right then, they couldn't take her because it was a friday and she was a new patient and they didn't take new patients on Fridays! AAA!

Of all the places to become overcome by bureaucratic policies and short, quick answers, my kid's doctor is the last place I think any of us want that. Anyway - good post - thanks for sharing a difficult experience and inspiring thought and discussion as always!

Shel | 3:10 PM


Anonymous | 5:15 PM

OMG! I'm so glad someone said the secret is horseshit. I said that in a group of 20somethings and was met with glares and dead silence. Fads can dictate my shoes, but not the way I look at life.

The Flying Enchilada | 5:41 PM

Amen to the doc stuff. I have had plenty of bad experiences and have finally learned to speak my mind and not view the doc as the Allmighty. I am my own advocate.

Anonymous | 8:42 PM

i don't know much more about it than what was on OPRAH. it looked like the secret was to enjoy life, envision greatness and it will come (nothing wrong with positive thinking)... it seems from the comments here that that is NOT what it is about huh?? ~jjlibra

Unknown | 9:30 PM

i had no idea what "the secret" was until i read your post. one wikipedia entry later, i was shaking my head, not sure whether to laugh or cry. i find it especially funny that an aussie created it.


Braiding Mommy-- Thanks for sharing your story. Sorry you have to deal with that bullshit. Oy.

Anonymous | 12:52 PM

secrets secrets are no fun, secrets secrets hurt someone.

Jaelithe | 5:46 PM

Hey, you can add me to your anecdotal evidence list. My son also got chicken pox blisters from the chicken pox vaccine. (Not many, but enough to notice). He had a fever for two or three days, too.

And now they're saying the dang thing doesn't even WORK long-term. Charming.