All I Could Ask For

Riding ponies at the Del Mar Fair, Father's Day


"Yes, baby?"

"Happy Boo-tay tooooo you. Happy Boo-tay tooooo you. Happy Boo-tay dear MOOOOOMMMMMYYYYYY. Happy Boo-tay toooooo you."

It's amazing how something so simple could quite possibly be the best birthday present ever. 

Boys on an elephant: Father's Day

"Come on, Cindy! Push! I know you can do it! I can see the head crowning! One more! You got it, girlfriend. PUSSSSSHHHHHH. There you go. And... OH MY GOD! .... It's a boy! It's a brand new baby.... Whoa! You're cutting the cord yourself? Hardcore, Cindy. You are hardcore!"

Oh, if the Bec of yesteryear could see me now. 


I'd also like to say, on this historical day, how proud I am of California for its recognition of same-sex marriage, A victorious day for human-rights and human beings and all who seek matrimony


Anonymous | 8:59 AM

Happy Birthday!

Unknown | 9:21 AM

Just dropping by to wish you the HAPPIEST of happy birthdays. 27! WOO! XOXO

Marie-Ève | 9:38 AM

Happy birthday from Montreal fellow Gemini (my birthday was last week)!

I still can't believe how accomplished you are for someone (still) so young...

Don't go too crazy watching Baby Story episodes OK? Those used to get me completely traumatized!

Heather | 9:40 AM

Happy Birthday!!!

I second you on being a proud Californian. I'm going to go hand out flowers, who's with me?!

Bringing Up Ben | 10:17 AM

Happy Birthday!!!!

Maternal Mirth | 10:18 AM

Happy Boo-tay to a crazy-hot mama:)

Yea Cali!!!!!

CheekySweetie | 10:21 AM

Happy Birthday!

PS I watched those birth shows every single time I was preggers, and every time I told my mom-a mom/baby nurse-that if anyone ever told me to push when I WAS pushing I would kick them in the face. Perhaps that's why I had 3 c-sections.

Anonymous | 10:44 AM

Lindsay | 10:55 AM

Happy Birthday! Yes, the simple stuff is the best!

Ivy | 11:18 AM

happy 27th :)!!! and yes, what a good day it is to be a proud Californian...

Anonymous | 12:01 PM

happy birthday! here's to you and to a beautiful boo-tay :)

Anonymous | 1:33 PM

Happy boo-tay! Thirty's a-creepin' up on ya. When my sister-in-law turned 30, she got Botox. Today she's 36 and she looks scary. I'd advise you not to go there. The bangs are a nice touch. You'll find they cover a multitude of sins and the years creep on.

Anonymous | 3:40 PM

Happy Birthday, hope it's a great one!

Chris | 5:49 PM

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous | 6:57 PM

Archer's kid- malapropisms are so freakin' cute. What more could a pregnant mommy want than a happy booty? Love that kid.

Anonymous | 7:58 PM

Happy Boo-tay to you!

N | 9:07 PM

Happy Birthday! :)

L | 8:11 AM

Happy 27th! I feel so old all of a sudden :(

Jaelithe | 6:30 PM

Sorry I'm way late in wishing you Happy Boo-tay.

You're as old as me again now! Congratulations.

I wonder if Archer was saving his words to make them all the more awesome when you finally heard them.

Anonymous | 10:22 PM

Happy Birthday Bec! Geminis unite!

Knit in the Northwest | 12:21 AM

Ooooh - Happy boo-tay! Yours is SO close to mine - mine is May 27!! Another totally awesome Gemini indeed!

caramama | 11:43 AM

Happy belated birthday! I hope it was a great one!