Cankles, Sore

Over the weekend, my ankles swelled to the point of inability-to-leave-the-house-for-fear-someone-might-off-themselves-at-the-sight-of-me-syndrome. According to my car's thermostat it was 105 on Friday, 107 on Saturday and a cool 103 on Sunday. I love me some LACMA Boone, let's be clear but there's only so much time one can spend in air-conditioned hallways, pacing the various free-to-roam spaces. (Although, I gotta say, thank God for places like The Treehouse this summer: our home away from home home when Archer's not in summer school.)

Swelling is bad enough to look at but that itch? Oh, that wretched itch! And FUCK! It's only June! And I'm only 25 weeks pregnant! I still have July, August, September and a little bit of October to go! Thank God for gladiator sandals, is all I can say... They're like God's gift to pregnant women! Thanks to gladiators, cankles can go incognito all summer long! Praise Apollo! 

Now, if only I could decide between the two lengths. Hmmm...

Oooh! And these might work, too:
Decisions, decisions...

Archer was born at the end of May, so I only had one shitty month of hotter-than-helldom, but I had an AC unit next to my bed, which under doctor's orders, was where I resided all day every day, minus my daily monitoring appointments at Cedars Sinai. (I had Preeclampsia hence my morbidly obese nose.) 

The silver lining is that this pregnancy, I'll have Fall to lose my baby weight, rather than last pregnancy's 6am wake-up hikes in the dead of summer. (The YMCA doesn't provide daycare for babes under 6 months, so I'm going to do my morning hikes like I did with Arch until the babe is old enough for the Y.)  So that's kind of a relief

In the meantime, I'm coming at you live from my parent's abode. There's an ocean close by and a pool in the backyard and San Diego is a good 15 degrees cooler than Los Angeles so my ankles, though not back to their original luster, are okay to look at without turning to stone. 

I have no idea how long we're staying. Until hell freezes over,  I'm thinking, or at the very least, gets back down into the bearable 80's.

The heat has proven to be escapable. Unfortunately, though, in pregnancy, the cankles so are not. I am well aware that regardless of the weather, this is only chapter one of "The Adventures of Cankle and Cankle."

Fifteen more weeks of itchy calf-ankles? Can it seriously be?  I guess I'm going to have to go with these cankle cages sexy little numbers: 

This is NOT what I look like at 25 weeks pregnant.  

A cankle, as they say, can never have too much coverage. 



Lindsay | 8:50 PM

Sorry to hear about the swelling. The LA heat really sucks ass when you are pregnant. I'm glad you are in San Diego.
You kicked ass at the play and my friends thought you were great.
Stay cool!!!
And when you get back come over and Archer can play in our inflatable pool and you can sit inside in the AC!

Heather | 8:57 PM

I can't wait for Maddie to be old enough to go to The Treehouse. I've had my eye on it since it opened. The heat was MUCH better today. But still in the 90's. Let's hope it's better tomorrow.

As for the shoes, I say get all three!

Anonymous | 8:59 PM

Those shoes are, collectively, the scariest thing I've ever seen.


Heather! I will so meet you there. They have THE BEST iced lattes. And Wifi. And an amazing lunch menu. And everything else. It's $35.00 a month for all you can hang. So worth it. We stay all day.

Unknown | 10:34 PM

To relieve the ankle itching get Benadryl Gel and rub it on and you'll feel so much better. I hope it cools off for you. We are flooding here.

Anonymous | 10:51 PM

And how will you feel the day you attempt to buckle the 12 straps on those glads and to your swollen horror...they don't fit!

I have unfortunate proof that even flip flops can become too tight...I might send a link to it, but feet are just so eeew.


You should totally send the link.

Ah, but the glads are adjustable, you see! All my closed-toe shoes became too tight my last pregnancy so sandals are really the only way to fly. Sandals and skirts. Glads look hot with sundresses and skirts, I gotta say. And if the ankles should swell beyond the adjustable straps? I'll be crossing that bridge (rather uncomfortably).

Whit | 11:29 PM

I've been wanting to check out The Treehouse. I wish I'd known about the Barenaked Ladies playing there, my boys love their new kid CD.

Those sandals look awesome. Lions and Christians will fear you.

Heather | 11:34 PM

HA! I have totally heard that the food is amazing there. It's a date!


stljoie -- Hope the floods clear soon. xo.

L | 2:53 AM

Gladiator sandals - scary.
Heat - sucky. I was pregnant through the summer in Australia. I can't remember how I survived. No swollen ankles though. Somehow.

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 4:14 AM

I have cankles even when I'm not pregnant. Play the tiny violins now. I just make sure to wear the cutest shoes possible and hope eyes don't travel upwards to the cankle.


Anonymous | 6:17 AM

Oh Goodness someone to share in my hot as hell, 25 weeks pregnant, cankle misery! I'm coming to you from New York City where the summers might not be "as" hot as California but I think they might be stinkier, uglier and more humid! A couple of weeks ago it was 100 here with like 75% humidity. Luckily my apt is equipped with AC and I can just veg on the bed, when not at work, and enjoy the cool air but I do have to work and I don't own a car so I commute by foot and so far the only thing that is comfortable enough for the 20 miles a week I walk are Teva flip flops. They aren't as fashionable as gladiators but they are amazingly comfortable and go well with skirts. Good luck bearing the heat of the summer! In solidarity and misery!

Candace (Brooklyn)

k.thedoula | 6:21 AM

Drink LOTS of water and swim, swim, swim! Swimming is good for you and the baby! If the itchiness heads to the hands or abdomen... call the doc.
end of doula-ing.

Anonymous | 6:26 AM

They are hot - but are they comfortable with the swelling? Bless your heart - my feet only swelled at the end of my pregnancies, but oh, what a shitty feeling!

Zellmer | 7:01 AM

I wore sandals similar to that last summer when I was pregnant, and my feet were so swollen they pushed through the slats and my husband said they looked like dough rising.

Nice huh?

Anonymous | 7:07 AM

i really hate those horror story people, so sorry for the following...

i still have scares from my crazy person itchin when pregnant 2 1/2 years ago.

it wasn't till the day before my son was born that a doctor decided to have a liver function test done after noticing my crazy person itchin (that i had complained about ever visit).

my liver was literally packing it in, i was admitted to hospital and induced... not fun.

apparently itchy can be bad.

sorry about the cankles :)

Anonymous | 7:21 AM

My car said it was 115 on Saturday in Encino. And I'm 38 weeks preggo. So I feel your pain. I really do.

Anonymous | 8:14 AM

Thank God you're able to escape to SD. I live at the beach so, compared to those inland, have little reason to complain. But man, this weekend was hot. I tried to espace to the movies on Sat afternoon, and it was stifling inside the theatre. I'm a few weeks behind you (18 weeks), and watching my ankles obsessively to suss out any hint of swelling...

kittenpie | 8:46 AM

I had some pretty bad swelling a month or two ago, too, and am finding that the combination of less salt, a bit of temperature relief in the weather, putting my feet up more, and takign a moment to rotate my ankles and wiggle my toes regularly is helping. But once the heat soars again? I'm betting I puff right back up. Ugh.

(And my weight loss last time was all about the walking, too. I have a small but fervent hope that less weight gain this time might mean I go right down past pre-preg weight and closer to where I'd like to be again some day through the same walking programme!)

Anonymous | 10:04 AM

Yes, I would definitely be afraid of the "dough rising" phenomonon that Zellmer mentioned - AND - are you going to be able to bend over and buckle all those little buckles or even one buckle? What if your legs and ankles sweat in them?? I love a good knee high boot, but something about these make me feel a little claustrophobic... BUT in the end -if they make you feel good and sexy, more power to you girlfriend!

Brooke - Little Miss Moi | 11:01 AM

My birkenstocks are doing wonders for my swollen preggo legs. I think its' because I'm flat footed, and the birks correct my terrible foot-stance, while making walking very comfy indeed.

Anonymous | 3:44 PM

dude, the treehouse used to be called nana's! i've totes been there. it was delicious. i am hungry.

missing you. loving you.

Amanda | 6:10 PM

Get the itching checked out. I can't remember the name but there is some rare thing that pregnant women can get (my cousin had it, her and the baby are fine). My only question is how are you going to buckle the sandals when your belly gets bigger?

Unknown | 6:42 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.

Re: itching. I'm only itchy on my ankles when they swell, which is obviously just the discomfort of the swell. Luckily, I'm not itchy anywhere else and no legions/itchy rashes which are when you worry. (Or with Pre-E you can have itchy hands and abdomen...)

Re: buckles. I went with the shin-highs and they have a zip up the back so no need to deal with buckles. We'll see how they jive with the canks. Standby.

Anonymous | 7:50 PM

Those shoes are HOT. And if you can pull them off, pregnant or not, you are even hotter. I couldn't even pull them off right now ;)

Anonymous | 7:28 AM

Gladiator sandals are not a great choice for women with swollen ankles. Imagine the excess flesh oozing out between the straps, sort of like soft cheese being strained through netting.
Not a pretty sight.
Check put Zappos. They've got lots of pretty sandals that won't make you look like an oddly swollen extra in Ben Hur.

Amanda | 9:53 AM

I got cankles a couple times while I was pregnant and I flipped! Thank god they went down once I got in some A.C. and put my feet up.

I would say go with the Jerusalem Cruisers (thats what I call my gladiator sandals). I've been rocking them with sundresses out the ying-yang. They really do do something to offset a cutesy dress. I love 'em. And you don't have to worry about a slide-out like with a flip-flop (where the flop slides out from under your foot, usually while stepping onto or off a curb).

I think you'll look great.

Heather | 10:00 AM

When I was pregnant in the summer I also had swollen itchy ankles along with PUPS (god I hate that word for a rash on a pregnant woman, or any rash for that matter) on my stomach. All I did was itch all day long until I discovered that ice made me not so itchy. So I would sit with my feet up and put bags of frozen peas or corn all over my stomach and ankles. It was not always possible to sit for too long because like you I already had a toddler but it really did help a lot.

Sarahviz | 10:10 AM

Ack! The dreaded cankles! You're giving me pregnancy flashbacks. Along with the sweet cankles, I had an ass that got as pregnant looking as my belly, I swear. Almost to the point that I couldn't tell which side of me was preggo.

Dress Down Mom | 11:01 AM

I have 3 Wee Ladies and remember distinctly poking my cankles and timing how long the indentation would last.

Ice cream always makes you feel better.


Anonymous | 9:56 AM

one more pair for consideration:

jeffrey campbell's jaya gladiator sandals

love them...

amyblue | 8:30 PM

i swelled badly with my first. with my second, i started swelling, mentioned it to my midwife, and she suggested lemon in my water. i drank 2-3 qts every day, and i squeezed a half lemon (or more) into each qt. the swelling went away, and i stayed cankle-free even at the very end of my pregnancy.

lemon water, i'm telling you.