Oh, L.A. You So Crazy!

Gratuitous Archer on a parachute photo. (Mod tee by Ben Sherman kids.)

Only in Los Angeles (New York, too, I bet) does one tune in to watch a television show and find that it takes place in her OBGYN's office.  More on that story, here.  



avb | 8:22 AM
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avb | 8:23 AM

New York, too. We're not immune, but we just pretend it's really not happening. Unless of course you happen to live/work along the Sex & the City tour route (which is operating on double shifts now).

Unfortunately, where I live intersects with the trendy movie-making area and Law & Order land. So you either wake up to people in Hazmat suits or Dior jackets.

Ivy | 10:47 AM

Oh wow, your OB-Gyn is in that office? That show has become a must-watch for me...not even pregnant with my second, and yet I am compelled to watch women birthing babies and all. But yes, only in LA can this happen...

Maternal Mirth | 11:21 AM

Living in LA is a trip, fo'sho!

My OB/GYN has delivered many a celeb-baby ... every time I was in the stirrups I thought "I wonder if my vagina looks better than (insert celeb name here)'s??"

You are a brave woman for leaving Cedars ... but it turned out for the best :)

Anonymous | 11:57 AM

That's pretty cool.

Lindsay | 1:02 PM

ha-ha too weird and yet so normal for L.A.!

Anonymous | 5:49 PM

I know, isn't it weird?? The other day there was a film crew shooting something a couple houses down from us. I love watching TV and movies and seeing places I know...

and I would totally watch the baby week on discovery health nonstop if it wouldn't freak my boyfriend the fuck out. which it would. :)

Anonymous | 6:53 AM

I'll bet that was a funny moment when you realized it was actually your office. lol.

I was addicted to TLC's baby story during both of my pregnancies. I like to know what's coming - best and worst case scenarios.

Anonymous | 8:24 AM

My doctor isn't one of the three ladies, but he is in the adjacent office. That practice is so amazing, I'm glad you found your way there!

Anonymous | 4:25 AM

I used to work on shows like this.
It's the hardest gig in TV! Being on call for six months, waiting for six sets of twins and triplets to appear, was one of the most hectic times of my career. But I also felt so priveleged to share these amazing journies. And I'm armed with reams of knowledge/first hand testimony for when I one day become a mother.