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For all of you wondering whether or not it's worth it to stand in line for an hour to see the new Sex and the City movie I have this to say: I was beyond disappointed. The characters in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants were more evolved than the Sex women. Even the fashion was mediocre. (Patchwork Louis Vuitton? Really?)  

The (above) Vivienne Westwood wedding dress was to die for. Everything else? Was just dead. 

The music was downright horrible! Made cheesy and forced moments a thousand times more cheesy and forced.  (Bad R&B for the ENTIRE movie? What is this 1996? I mean... Really?) But worst of all, was the message these characters were sending the women who worship them: run away from your problems and eventually everything will just work out. (Really?

The script was dreadfully painful:

(a teary) Carrie: "You gave me my life back."

(an equally as teary) Louise: "And you gave me..." (sniff) "... Louis Vuitton."

Uh... Really? 

It's predictability was unparalleled. It's plot was pointless on the verge of laughable. It's characters were unlikable, the performances were forced and everything about the film just felt very uncomfortable. 

For someone who bought tickets two weeks in advance and stood in line for over an hour yesterday (to get good seats), excited out of my mind, I was pissed. And sad. And thoroughly disappointed. And absolutely despising Carrie Bradshaw, she who I once loved. 

My advice? Take your girlfriends to see Zohan or something that's supposed to be bad. 

Anyone else see the movie?  Would you agree or disagree with me? I'd love to hear your reviews, ladies and gentlefriends. 



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Anonymous | 5:08 PM

Even though Sex brought in $55M on opening weekend, I was afraid it was $55M of dissapointment wrapped in (apparently patchwork) Vuitton.

I've heard other similar reviews, but you, my friend, have just saved me at least $20 in tickets, forced previews and most likely a gaggle of cosmo-drunk ladies having "Girls Night".

You're my hero!

Backpacking Dad | 5:09 PM

Well now I can't see it. And I was going to, really.

I swear. I think I liked that show more than my wife did.

Heather | 5:40 PM

Come on, admit that you loved it when Miranda expressed confusion over the bird in Carrie's hair. That was just weird looking.

I warned you about girl clothes!

Stepher | 5:53 PM

I couldn't agree more. I'm SO happy I didn't waste money on it at the cinema this past weekend. I watched it for free online last week. =)

PunditMom | 6:05 PM


Anonymous | 6:21 PM

I really loved it, actually! Of course, my view could be skewed because I had a cosmo beforehand. I never liked the "fashion" or music on the show, so those things didn't bother me in the movie.

I don't think the point was to send a message (although I think it did come through that no one is perfect and relationships aren't black & white). I think the point was to complete the story, and think they did a good job of that in my opinion. In my view, Carrie grew a bit. She always annoyed me in the show.

It didn't feel cheesy to me, either; it felt campy - like they were making fun of themselves.

Mary O | 6:31 PM

I'd like to respectfully disagree! Really, if you loved the show, you will love the movie (for most people, not all, obviously). There were moments that were absolutely beautiful and others that were totally heartbreaking. I thought the writer kept the characters very true to who they had been in the series.
I don't want you to scare people away from watching this movie, because it was wonderful!

Anonymous | 6:36 PM

I really can't say anything about this movie because it isn't shown here yet. But from the blogs that I've read about Sex and the City. A lot of people said no, some said yes. I have got to see this yet to be able to say, "Oh it was dreadful."

I had so much fun watching the series. I do hope that this movie would preserve that feeling. Otherwise, I'd just say to myself, well they could have made a movie earlier.


I appreciate those who respectfully disagree! Of course, it's a personal opinion. I adored the show and really did not adore the movie (obviously) but I will say, that it does that its moments (Samantha has always been my favorite and she has some stellar moments and as usual, the best lines.) Still, I'd give it a D. And I would have LOVED to have given it an A++. I really would have.

Appreciate your opinions! Keep 'em coming!

Sharon | 6:53 PM

I have to say that I loved it!!! I have watched the whole series several times over with all my girlfriends. We all went together and agreed that they kept the characters true to form. I didn't pay too much attention to the music, and I am not up on all the lasted fashion, but I still loved it! If I could possibly even own that Vivian Westwood dress, I would live in it till I die! It was gorgeous!!

Anonymous | 7:16 PM

Sorry, but I loved it too! Not so much the fashion, that I was disappointed in for sure. The story though, I loved. I was glad to get that closure, to see what happened to get the “happily ever after”. Was it Oscar worthy – oh hell no, but it was good and fun and worth the $ in my opinion.

Brooke | 7:27 PM

I have to agree with Mimi and the other "loved it" girls. It was simple entertainment. Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte were true to their characters. And the movie did a good job of making those who have had their hearts broken relate to Carrie's pain.

I can see where some people might have had super high expectations of the movie based on the exceptional HBO series. Unfortunately though, when the anticipation and expectations are so high, it's hard to live up to it.

Anonymous | 7:33 PM

While working at Silvercup Studios, where the movie was filmed, I sort of by accident/ on purpose stumbled onto the SATC Movie wardrobe "floor." Ummm, DREAM! But you're right, everything looked awesome on a hanger, but not so nice on the big screen. And I'm in total agreement about the patchwork. If it were me, that bag would be exchanged faster than you could say, "Louis Vuitton."

P.S. Did you read about the SHOES:

BookMamma | 7:48 PM

So glad somebody told you about the Perfect Post. By the time I get home and can curl up with my bloggy friends it's kind of late...

I've read a lot of birthday posts in my time but that one made me weepy and giggly all at the same time. Happy Late Birthday, Archer!

As for the movie... I really enjoyed the experience of getting all dolled up with my girlfriends and having dinner and drinks out before the movie. I enjoyed the experience of a Ladies-Only screening at a theater that I could watch the movie AND have a glass of wine (or three).

But the film itself? I give is a 6 out of 10. I was disappointed, but not so much that I wished I hadn't seen it. I thought the plot was forced and that Carrie was not the Carrie of the show. I thought it made men seem horrible and either egotistical, shallow, or cheaters.. no grey areas at all there. I just wish it was better.

The Reluctant New Yorker | 8:00 PM

I liked it. But I didn't love it, like I thought I would. I mean, haven't we been through the Carrie and Big drama enough? They could have thought up a better storyline for Carrie, perhaps. But it was still enjoyable; and I thought Charlotte was so incredibly funny. I loved her scenes.

The fashion was crap. I never will get the Louis Vuitton love so many people seem to have. I have never seen anything made by Louis Vuitton that I even remotely liked.

Oh, and Jennifer Hudson... lovely singer; not so much with the acting. She looked surprised in every scene.

But still, I liked it. It was nice, light summer fare. :-)


Totally agree, BookMama. It made men AND women seem horrible, I thought. The male characters were all weak. And the women were all completely self-righteous. Bleck.

Although, I do appear to be the minority, here as you ladies seem to have really loved it. Maybe I should have tipped back a few drinks before the movie. Hm...

Anonymous | 8:29 PM

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Anonymous | 8:46 PM

I am so glad I didn't rush out to see it. pay per view it is.

As for Etsy, I have been selling locally and on another shopping forum and am in the process of opening an Etsy shop as we speak. I should be stocking my store over the next few weeks, so keep me in mind. Since I don't have a girl to dress I just sew for others who do ;)

Anonymous | 8:59 PM

Here's a great Etsy seller - my daughter has two of her dresses, which are the cutest ever, and super affordable. Unfortunately, right now she will only wear a white t shirt and black pants. Life with a two year old sure is fun...

Unknown | 9:26 PM

Hmmm...I think I'd still like to go see it with my youngest daughter...we really enjoyed Prada.


Prada kicked SATC movie's ass.

Julie Marsh | 9:47 PM

Bella Sera Baby -

She's on Etsy too (and she's local to Denver).

SATC - am I the only one who always thought Carrie was embarrassing? So forced.

Anonymous | 10:19 PM

I loved it. I really did. It was satisfying to me. I went with my sister, we never do stuff together anymore. I loved that we had something to look forward to and weren't disappointed. I say see it for yourself!
Love ya Rebecca-Congrats on your little girl.

Unknown | 10:48 PM

Seriously? This is why I always recommend that people go through life with exceedingly LOW expectations. Of course, that's not why I'm totally expecting the SATC movie to suck. I mean, come on. After the second or third season, the show was reduced to a bunch of caricatures and a series of painfully bad puns (and stupid, stupid clothes). I realize I'm in the minority here, but I could not be less interested in seeing the movie. I could barely tolerate the show after they'd told all the same jokes and stripped all the characters down to the lowest common denominator (and stripped SJP down to hot pants and bras over tank tops. Seriously? OVER the tank top?). Hey! Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised if I catch it on a plane or something. Lovely to see you at BEA, btw...and great to meet Rachel. Posting about that day shortly...XO

Lee Anne | 3:07 AM

I haven't seen SATC, but have an Etsy link for you for bows. I was kind of summarily against bows before I had my daughter, but now I like them. I get lots of compliments on the infant clips and they are really reasonably priced. The seller (Bailey Bows) is apparently taking a break for summer, but I hope she'll be back.

Here's a picture of one of my faves (at the bottom):

Turnipheadedness | 5:52 AM

I'll agree with your disappointment. There was little in the way of humour, and too much in the way of predictability. Oh, and no Aiden.

I'd been ridiculously excited when I's seen how long it was going to be (a Samantha comment if ever there was one), but it just didn't have the 'zing' of the episodes. Carrie and
Miranda had turned into doormats, and Charlotte and Samantha were bleak representations of their former selves.

Louise from St Louis was an appalling way of driving the plot toward its ending - I actually felt uncomfortable watching those scenes because it was all so trite.

It also didn't help that I'd dragged my bloke (who's never seen the tv show) with me as our first post-baby outing. I can excuse it to me, because of the show's past glories. But to him? Not a chance.


The dress is GORGEOUS. As a newcomer to your blog, and a newcomer to the whole parenting thing, I have to ask - where did yoou find Archer's amazing hats when he was tiny? I've yet to find anything of note here in the UK, and may resort to a trip down to London solely to peruse headgear, since I can't afford to shop for myself.

Anonymous | 6:16 AM

SATC movie?! HATED it! It didn't do the series justice at ALL! The writing sucked. They did NOT need to go there again with Carrie & Big. I know they need to create conflict to resolve before the close of the movie for the plot's sake, but really? That? And Steve & Miranda - that sucked too. There was no point in making that movie at all and I used to be a rabid fan of the show & was very excited to see it. I was terribly disappointed & I couldn't agree more with your assessment of the movie. If you haven't seen it yet, wait for it's release onto DVD.

Eileen W. | 6:59 AM

I had heard some grumblings about the movie and well, I thought it was an attention grabber from the start. You know, a "we're still a viable outlet for women" thing. I'm bummed nonetheless...why dumb it down? To draw in a larger crowd? I dunno... I saw The Strangers to scare myself stupid instead, so what does that say about my confidence in SATC anyway? Oh,and The Strangers did really scare me- I know about isolated houses in the country, so... beware if you go see it. One funny note though, my friend George said, "Yeah, cause crawling on the ground makes you invisible."

Phoenix | 7:54 AM

Eh, I loved it. But I rarely have any expectations for movies. For me it's just entertainment.

Love, love that baby girl dress. I adore shopping for my nieces and upcoming nephew, I'm sure I'll be dead broke when I have kids.

Amanda | 10:14 AM

I've decided to wait until it comes out on DVD. At first I was gung-ho about dressing to the nines and sitting through it with glee. But after being bombarded with every add possible I think I was left with little for my imagination.

I have high expectations of every movie I see in a theatre. If I'm going pay $20+ dollars to see it, sit in uncomfortable chairs, and undure countless people who 'politely' turn off their phones sound yet continue to text with the LCD light glowing away like they're at a Jimmy Buffet concert...then yes, it better damn well please.
And sadly, I just don't see SATC hitting all of my spots.

OH! And check out Methinks you'll quite dig it. Not so much for baby clothes, but just because they're pretty smashing.

Ali | 11:41 AM

i was slightly disappointed. i think maybe i was expecting too much? i took a lot of heat on my site for saying so, though. people really loved it.

Anonymous | 11:45 AM

i think you'll love the clothes that Jennifer makes:

congratulations on your daughter! my older one is seven years today. dresses are awesome :)


I think it's unbelievable that one must lower her standards in order to enjoy something, in this case a very bad movie that shouldn't have been. Hollywood is notorious for dumbing down theatrical experiences and they get away with it because we shrug and expect nothing less. I guess it is just a "chick flick" ... but seriously? Why is it so okay for a chick-flick to be mediocre? Women aren't idiots or are we?

Green | 2:34 PM

I saw some of the first season of the show, and it didn't do much for me. After that I didn't have HBO and I won't watch a show that has curses edited out so I hadn't seen and followed along.

I saw the movie on Sunday with a friend. We showed up in jeans, sneakers and long-sleeve shirts, and walked through a line, got good seats, etc.

It was just so unrealistic on so many levels, and I say that having grown up in NY. However, I was not really disappointed since I didn't expect much. I went more to spend time with my friend.

What surprised me most was how the other audience members clapped when the movie started, gasped at Big's actions before the wedding, cheered at lines "the girls" delivered, etc. I recall thinking "I hope I'm not friends with anyone who's so emotionally invested in this."

It took way longer than it should have for Carrie to point out to Miranda that what she was asking Carrie to do was exactly what she wouldn't do for Steve. That bugged me. Miranda's supposed to be a lawyer, but couldn't see that?

It was worth the money I spent on the ticket, but it wouldn't have been worth going Friday night when it opened or anything silly like that.

I'm psyched for Zohan though.

Anonymous | 2:42 PM

i agree with alexa young- i watched the show but not faithfully. it was something to pass the time when nothing else was on. i feel like the only girl who isn't dying to see it. i did have one person's review make me a little interested but other than that, eh, i can live with or without it. (am i kicked out of the girl club now??)

Anonymous | 4:01 PM

i had mixed feelings over the whole movie. im someone who has seen every episode at least ten times and started watching it in adolescence so it oddly shaped me.
i thought miranda was still very true to form, but only had a few truly funny lines (the rejected on a bridge one is the only line that comes to mind).
i thought charlotte was done really well, written much better than many of the episodes, and finally a fairly realistic character.
carrie was hit and miss. big was hit and miss. the whole big and carrie ordeal pissed me off since HE DIDNT EVEN DO ANYTHING!!!! and carrie historically dwells on everything... it was really frustrating to see her not even listen to voicemails or have her assistant do it. and carrie decorated? really? i call shenanigans...
louise was a little ridiculous but tolerable.
but the one thing i could NOT stand in the entire movie was samantha. for someone who has always been so strongwilled and solved her own problems, she sat around and did nothing. and how did smith get so ugly? did they intentionally give him orange skin? and if she was so miserable no longer having a life of her own, why didnt she consider fixing it within the relationship... quit managing smith, get a career back, build a social life. le sigh. everything about them was so mindnumbingly illogical and sucky... ruined the whole movie for me

Christina Rosalie | 6:03 PM

I hardly ever comment on your site--but THANK GOD someone else felt like I did about that movie. Man, such a disappointment. I totally felt vindicated that you didn't like it either :)

Zellmer | 6:24 PM

While I was smiling from ear to ear, I was thinking in the back of my mind, "Why doesn't this kick more ass?"
A lot of it was corny, but I do think the four women are great actresses and they moved me to tears more than once. (But poor Jennifer Hudson. She was god awful wasn't she?)
I thought the best fashion scene was Carrie walking in the park in those thigh high argyle socks. I wish I could rock that look. And the line when Charlotte Poughkeepsied in her pants had me laughing for five minutes. What surprised me was how much it depressed me and made me realize that as a Mom, my close girlfriend relationships are slipping away from me. I know it's just a movie, but it made me wish I still had someone who would run downtown to be with me when I was lonely at midnight.

Anonymous | 7:44 PM

Finally! Besides critics reviews, I've been hearing is how much people loved it and how great it was and I'm thinking "Am I crazy that I didn't think it was that good?"

What happened to the edginess and depth the characters had on the show??

Where was the heart of it all? Most of the movie was totally depressing and for no good reason, without the satisfying high at the end to lift it back up.

It was so cheesy at times... 'ever mine, ever thine, ever ours' - couldn't he have just said "I'll always love you" the way she told him to.

I can go on and on but I'll just say that I was really dissappointed that after 4 years had gone by none of the characters matured or handled things better than they would have 10 years ago.

I loved the show and will happily watch it on DVD's but the movie really didn't measure up. Too bad.

angie | 10:16 AM

Cute, Cute, Cute Etsy site for little girl dresses/shirts:

Harmony | 10:48 AM

I found your blog a few weeks ago and have been a loyal reader ever since.

I'm bummed to see your review of SATC, I haven't seen it yet, and was really hoping to hear that it is everything that we all wish it to be. I still want to see it and hope that I will like it. I have loved the series and have been really excited about the movie (the thing that has held me off from seeing it yet is that I don't like sitting in crowded theaters and am waiting for the movie to die down a bit before I go and see it).

As for girls clothes, these are a few of my faves:

Another clothing brand that I love is Hula Mula, which is from the same company that makes Knucklehead clothes (the cutest boy clothes EVER!).

I also make and sell girls clothes on etsy, here is my shop:

Anonymous | 11:58 AM

I make handmade quilts for children and sell them on Etsy. I would really love if you checked them out, I check your blog every day for an update :)

I thought the acting was awful. Everything was so forced and Samantha's story was so dull I could have died. Charlotte and the Mexico water? Reallllly? That's how you get laughs? Ugh.

Anonymous | 1:25 PM

I thought it was a cop-out that Big just "cut and paste" all those love letters to her. Please. She already had the book from the library. She didn't need them emailed to her. And, Big didn't call the other 3 girls on the wedding day to talk to Carrie? And, she just decided that instead of the awesome wedding a person like Carrie always wanted, she would do City Hall? Since when does a GUY get to pick the wedding timbre? Way to communicate, idiots! I thought the message to women was: at 40, you're going to have to settle for a guy who doesn't have respect for commitment like you do. Way to go, hollywood. -DQ

jennifer | 4:17 PM

i wanted to really love the idea of a SATC movie but knew it could never live up to the series. in a 23+ minute episodic format it worked. in a really long movie it didn't feel the same. it was a rollercoaster of emotions and situations. i laughed and got teary a little bit but overall wanted more depth from the characters. yeah, and what did big do anyways? not much really. i thought smith looked pretty hot. :)

Don Mills Diva | 7:33 AM

I didn't hate it but it just wasn't that great. It felt soooo dated to me. The soundtrack was HORRIBLE and the dialogue seemed cheesy.
And you're with someone for 10 years and you're a writer (re:analytical) and you go for a year without getting an explanation of the big jilt - that seemed soooo out of character and weird to me - very forced.

And was Charlotte THAT annoyingly prissy in the series - again it felt forced....

R. Duckie | 9:10 AM

Yeah, the movie sucked. There was really no point to it at all.

Anonymous | 9:15 AM

So glad I wasn't the only one. The movie was a HUGE disappointment. What a bad message to send to women too... that you aren't anything unless you have a man.


McCall | 9:45 PM

I totally agree!!! If Carrie wore that damn studded black belt ONE MORE SCENE........anyway, the fashion was a drag and Jennifer Hudson disappointed gravely! Too bad I didn't stumble upon your blog before I waited in line for hours myself.

Everydaytreats | 8:03 AM

I'm so late to this party, but YES I agree wholeheartedly. My review was very similar to yours.

Little Bird Lost | 1:37 PM

Oh god IT WAS AWFUL! The whole damn experience, the theatre full of drunk, RUDE women (constantly nudging my seat as they got up a million times to piss away all the cosmos they drank before going to see it), the effing clothes! GAH! There were a few shining moments, well, one and that was when Charlotte blocked Big from Carrie after they meet mid-street and have the "post-wedding" throwdown. That was uncharacteristic and AWESOME of Charlotte.

I think the ending made it suck ass the most, that's what Carrie thinks of herself?! She just up and marries dude AT CITY HALL?! CARRIE BRADSHAW?! Ugh, I wish they had just left it alone and where it was 4 years ago.

Judi Love | 3:23 PM

I so expected this. I've been saying to all my friends "ok - from the million trailers, it just sounds like another episode of the series poorly written to fill a movie. Loads of 'Oh Big this and Big that' and then 'Big and I are marrying' and then 'Big and I are breaking up' and finally spending a good part of the movie like the episodes 'waaaah Big!'" So glad someone finally let me know it's exactly as I expected.

I've had everyone tell me "oh it's sooo funny! It's pee your pants funny!" And everytime, I think "how can that be?"

Mleh - I'll probably continuing waiting and then end up seeing at some cheap matinée place or for the video.

Mom101 | 5:43 AM

Haha I avoided reading this post until after I had seen it - I hate reading reviews of any kind probably because of what you just wrote about: High expectations that get dashed to bits.

And as it turns out, loved it. Loooooved it. Every minute of it. Even the terrible parts.

Posted about it today.

(And dude, Al Green! I can listen to Al Green any time, any decade. But then, you're the hip 20 something and I'm the old farty almost 40-something. Just like Carrie.)