Expressing Motherhood, Expressing Pregnancy Symptoms

totally unrelated billboard with graffiti: a true urban period piece. 

A quick announcement for any of my Los Angeles based readers. I will be one of about a dozen artists, writers and  performers "expressing motherhood" at The Electric Lounge, Venice Beach, this weekend. (I'll be reading from my book, Rockabye.) Tickets are $20 at the door and show times are:

Friday, June 20th: 8:00pm
Saturday, June 21st:  7:00pm

About a dozen mothers (of all ages and stages) will be performing, reading and sharing their/our experiences as mothers. Come on down! 

For more information on the show, click here


In Other News: What are/were your strangest pregnancy symptoms? Mine so far: Itchy toes, intellectual fatigue and an inability to engage in sexual activity. Come on ova and share your weird or wonderful preggo-sympts, here