Music Lessons

In the righteous words of Nietzsche, "without music, life would be a mistake." 

Indeed this is true. 



Elissa L. | 11:04 AM

adorable! Is it strange that I felt bad for Hal's back for having to bend over!

Mama | 11:36 AM

it ate my comment. Well then. Good job Archer! Keep singing! My son would be doing the same thing, listening to the other ways of playing it until he found the "right" one. So cute you guys!

Kirsten | 11:36 AM

Yo, yo, yo. Rock on Archer.

Heather | 11:38 AM

SO cute. Can I sign up my daughter for lessons from Hal?

SciFi Dad | 11:47 AM

That's awesome.

Now that he knows Mozart, it's time for a little Gershwin, or perhaps Ellington. The stuff from the 30's has a similar melodic quality to it as Eine Kleine, so Archer will appreciate it.

Anonymous | 11:59 AM

When he turns 15 and wants to play rock music on a guitar, you need to show him this video.

Kids and music make me smile. Thanks!

Jon | 12:11 PM

O Nietzsche...

Anonymous | 12:23 PM

Puh-leeze, Musicmom. Arch is rocking electric guitar by 7, easy.

Lindsay | 12:38 PM

Perfection! :)

Amanda | 1:35 PM

I was grinning like the Cheshire Cat when I saw this!

Everyone is always talking up the guitar. But honestly, I think the piano is just as (if not more) amazing.

I wish the fiance had a piano. I'm waiting for his parents to pass theirs down to us when we get a house. *fingers crossed*


Anonymous | 2:25 PM


Shel | 4:25 PM

"music is the medicine of the mind".

that's what's engraved on my ipod. now i'm thinking i like your quote better. dangit. :)

Knit in the Northwest | 5:37 PM

This is awesome. Archer reminds me of Isabel - she is so strong-willed and knows *exactly* what she wants, and what she wants you to do for her. At times it seems she is trying to decipher the world, and sometimes I even think she can. ;)

christina | 5:46 PM

I love that he's reading the music left to right and finger pointing... it's the teacher in me :)


Archer goes to bed with music books. It's hilarious. He faux-reads every page and every song and hums his favorite tunes as he goes. KILLS me.

And piano IS the gateway instrument. Hall studied piano performance in college and played keyboards and guitars in bands, but the piano is what he always goes back to. We're going to get Archer started with Piano lessons really soon and then when he's older he can choose whatever instrument(s) he wants to play from there. Music es muy importante.

And Amanda -- re: pianos. We have a Yamaha Clavanova so it's actually technically not a piano but it's keys are weighted and it never goes out of tune like a real piano does and they're incredible in quality. They look just like upright pianos. Great for apartment/city/small house living.,,CTID%25253D203400%252526CNTYP%25253DPRODUCT,00.html

We got ours as a wedding gift from Hal's parents. Best gift ever.

Cheryl | 8:07 PM

That is simply awesome.

Unknown | 9:06 PM

He melts my heart.

Unknown | 11:15 PM

He's going to be a musical genius!

Also, I had a girl comeinto my wine tasting room who reminded me of you (she even grew up in San Diego!), but her name was not pregnant and the guy she was with was most definitely not Hal. Kind of weirded me out at first, though.

Anonymous | 2:13 AM

Archer is an amazing child. For such a young person he has incredible pitch and grasp of melody.

I absolutely agree about piano as a 'gateway instrument'. It teaches such an understanding of how different strands of music weave together, and it's a very visual approach to understanding octaves and tones and semitones, and etc. Music structure is not as easy a thing to grasp with an instrument that plays a single note at a time, e.g. a flute or trombone.

Good on you and Hal for wrapping Archer in music so early. It will have immeasurably great influence.

Anonymous | 7:00 AM

That just made my morning.
He is SO adorable!

Anonymous | 8:38 AM

oh my - so love this video. so precious. My Miss CC has just started taking group piano lessons. (she's 5) It is lovely to watch them discover the beauty of making their own music.

Had another name thought to share with you. Harper for a girl. Love it as I adore Harper Lee.

Unknown | 11:49 PM

I fall in love with that kid every time I see him--especially when he throws down the lyrics and/or plays an instrument. Does that make me his first groupie, or what? (I know...I'm totally late to the game, but can I still play?) Miss you something desperate, lady. XOXO

Jodi | 8:55 AM

I'm thinking his future might be in vocals? I am really liking the yo yo's...just add a few ya ya's and you might have yourself a lyric.

Rachael | 4:05 PM

Oh my gosh, he is so adorable!