One Day He'll be Too Cool for Peek-a-Boo

Thankfully, that time is not yet upon us:

Although, I'm suddenly very aware that too soon that day will come.


In other, and not so depressing news, I've gone crafty in my quest-for-super-nest and decided to take up sewing. Etsy, here I come?


Anonymous | 7:23 PM

Wow, he suddenly looks older. He is losing the babyfat in his face. Seems like it happened overnight!

-A | 7:40 PM

you think that day will come soon... but, alas, he will soon have a baby sister to play peek-a-boo with... he'll probably play much longer than you think!

Heather | 8:08 PM

I kind of want to steal his hoodie.

This Must be the Place . . . | 9:07 PM

Etsy is awesome. I've drained my checking account there a few times buying er, stuff for scrapbooking. God,I said it aloud. I'm waiting for the snarkiness . . . bring it on! Since I can't smoke anymore, this does the trick for the must have things in hand fetish.

great pics of Archer.

Beck | 5:37 AM

I have huge crush on Sugar City Journal, the clothes they make for their daughters are just beautiful.

Here's a link to all the things they have recently made:
This is a particular favourite:


Jenny, the Bloggess | 6:17 AM

You are never too old for peek-a-boo.

Anonymous | 6:44 AM

He's sooo cute.

Sewing? Really? That's literally the scariest thing I can think of trying. Images of my grandmother working her little foot on the pedal and complicated patterns that I don't understand are swirling in my head right now.

clueless but hopeful mama | 6:59 AM

The peek-a-boo photos slay me. Please don't tell me that my daughter will be too old for peek-a-boo EVER. I won't believe you.

Jon | 7:52 AM

Really GGC?!? Couldn't you have made your first comment a little more positive and celebratory?

Cute kid. When that 2nd one comes, he'll hate your guts. It's awesome. I was like "Jackson. This baby means nothing to me. You're the man. Let's play peekaboo." and he would look at me like he wanted to know what I was talking about, Willis.

But he healed. And so will Archer.

Jennifer | 12:49 PM

My 14 yr. old says he's not too old for peek-a-boo so there's still hope...But maybe that's a bad thing?

Anonymous | 3:31 PM

Did you see the Chicago Times story the other day about long-haired boys? I liked it because Miles has decided he never wants his hair cut again, and given that even we still confuse him and Porter sometimes, it's a big help to have one shaggy-headed kid.,0,1179945.story

Anonymous | 5:08 PM

He looks so happy -- who is he looking at?!


My parents. :)

Jaelithe | 10:12 AM

Did I mention that Archer is the cutest little boy I have ever seen besides my kid? Because he is. He is like this close to being as cute as my kid. Okay, maybe he is as cute as my kid. But don't tell my kid I said that.

Anonymous | 11:19 AM

Cute pics...and I'm loving his hair. Trying to let my toddler's hair grow but it's just turning into a mullet. Not the coolest.