To All the Men Who Love Him

Happy Father's Day...

And Grandfather's Day

And Great-Grandfather's Day.

(Thank you all for loving him like you do.)



And because it's the last year I can link father-son videos on Father's Day. Here.


Heather | 8:37 AM

So sweet. Happy Father's Day to them all!

Zellmer | 7:39 PM

Happy Father's Day.

P.S. I'm reading your book and loving it.

Anonymous | 6:12 AM

There's nothing more valuable for boys than time w/ Daddy and Grandpa' shapes them don't you think?

Auntie Ann | 7:46 AM

You have such a darling family! Thanks so much for featuring your blog!

Mom101 | 10:46 AM

Beautiful. Sniff.

tricia | 11:34 AM

it is great he has so many wonderful men in his life. that song is one of my all time favorites---yes i'm old----and always brings a tear.