I accidentally spent Mother's Day at an airport, and then on an airplane bound for NYC. Because I thought it was the right thing to do to cancel my plans. To call my grandmother and my Nana and my aunt and my parents and tell them, "we'll do mother's day brunch another day. This might be a great opportunity for me. I should go."

And my mother, grandmothers, aunt agreed. "You should go!" they said. "You should go!"

So I went. I went knowing that I would have to leave the house Sunday morning before my kids woke up. I went knowing that my mother would have to drop her plans to help watch the kids on Monday. I went because I told myself, it would be stupid not to go.

Because exposure is good. For the show. For the blog. For me.


Diana | 12:06 PM

I read Heather's post... So sorry you didn't get to spend the day with your family. Very unprofessional indeed.

Unknown | 12:13 PM

I read about this via Twitter and Heather's blog and I have to say that I am appalled by the producer's in charge of the CBS Early Show. It is just downright rude to take "Mommy bloggers" away from their kids on the one day of the year dedicated to them, and then just toss them aside like yesterdays news with no explanation. Horrible.

emily bilbrey | 12:24 PM

ugh - just read heather's post on the whole debacle, and was reading along with your tweets on the day of wondering what the heck you were up to trying to get to ny on mama's day... SO sorry to hear it turned into a shitfest. i highly recommend scheduling a do-over with your fam & mom! what a let down, sorry lady. hugs!

TKTC | 12:44 PM

Perfect storm of douchery. Caught the books and records tweet and was glad you made the most of it but still...Mother's Day. Seriously?! Hoping by now you're back in that gorgeous house with that gorgeous family.

Pres. Kathy | 12:46 PM

Sorry this happened.

Anonymous | 12:50 PM

That. Blows. I read Heather's post and am horrified that people like that actually exist. Boo-hiss.

Ashley | 12:56 PM

Read Heather's post ... that is just unreal. Their mommys should be ashamed, b/c they should have raised them to not treat people like that (much less 3 awesome moms on mothers day). Uncool CBS!

Christine | 12:57 PM

Dude... A night away by yourself in NY city, shopping, hitting up the record shops, adult conversations, staying up past 10pm, dinner with no one whining about eating their veggies, drinks with friends with no worries about being home in time for the babysitter?!?! Sorry, but that sounds like an awesome Mother's Day to me.

AVB | 1:07 PM

I've worked for all the networks, CBS by far the WORST from top to bottom. Not surprised at their behavior. Hopefully, karma will come back at them in the form of a bitchy mommy blogger.

jeanette | 1:22 PM

made a huge life decision a few days ago based on listening to me and doing what's right for ME. not necessarily what's "best" (for me/in general). and, t&s is one of my favs, glad to see you post their vid. :)

My Bottle's Up! | 1:26 PM

oh no no no no... not you... and dana... and heather... no no no.

just... no.

(this is so i don't cuss on your behalf.)

Anonymous | 1:32 PM

That is PANTS! Seriously. Sorry you had to miss your mother's day.

eliznorris | 2:01 PM

screw CBS

Jessica | 2:01 PM

Bunch of bastards.

Happy belated Mother's Day; I hope you have a fabulous make-up brunch.

Kara | 2:08 PM

How incredibly unprofessional and rude of them. I'm sorry you, Heather and Dana ended up missing Mother's Day for that crap.

Anonymous | 2:48 PM

Just read Heather's post. Annnnnd THIS is why I don't work in the entertainment industry anymore. This kind of BS goes on ALL the time....Now, I work at a nonprofit :D .

Anyway - so sorry that it sucked for you. BOOOOO CBS.

Woman Tribune | 3:19 PM

And these people call themselves professionals... Real nice, CBS!

Mindy | 3:54 PM

Donkey punch. That's all I can think of. Diplomacy has failed.

Sounds like the time I asked my boss to leave work a couple hours early to go to my grandmother's funeral in Chicago. She told me to start looking for a job when I got back, whenever that would be, but please not before I was useful again.

Unknown | 5:10 PM

Sounds like a REALLY annoying way to spend a Sunday. I'd be annoyed about that too, and I don't even have kids to hang out with on Mothers Day...

Margaret | 5:25 PM

Read Heather's post earlier today, and then Dana's brief rant. So sorry - especially considering you crossed the entire country for it. I guess you can chalk it up to a learning experience about what you will and won't compromise on?

Ray | 5:38 PM

I read about this on Heather's blog and I'm sorry that you guys went through that. But I'm glad that what happened is getting out there, so people know the truth and not a lie.

daphne | 6:43 PM

CBS morning show owes you all an apology. So F--ing rude.

BuenoBaby | 7:07 PM

Sorry about your weekend/Mother's Day. Not sure how to work this in, but I wasn't familiar with Teagen and Sara. Thanks for the introduction.

Renee | 8:26 PM

I am so angry for you ladies! How ungrateful of them.

Cheryl D. | 11:13 PM

I read Heather's post also. CBS sucks ass! They should have treated you better!

Anonymous | 4:38 AM

C'mon now. The level of outrage over this is a bit ridiculous. I understand how thoroughly irritating and rude their behavior towards the three of you was but....a supreme court nominee announcement?? vs. Momversations.... hmmmm, let's get over ourselves. And if family comes first, then family comes first and don't put your own aspirations before them.

Loukia | 9:18 AM

Just horrible! OMG. Sorry.

Mammy P | 11:59 AM

"Maybe I would have been something you'd be good at...maybe you would have been something I'd be good at..."

Isn't that the coolest lyric?


Mailornish | 2:37 PM

Sorry to hear you had a down mother's day but so happy you picked a Tegan and Sara song :)
You have 363 more to make up for that crap!

Norma Jean | 10:36 AM

You expressed this disappointment far more constructively than Dooce. Sorry that things turned out the way they did - I always enjoy watching bloggers such as yourself speak about their writing and their projects.

Cara | 11:43 AM

Anonymous - you missed the point. Getting bumped from a show for breaking news is one thing, but a personal explanation and apology is warranted. Being professional, in any field, is all about how you handle things when shit goes awry. Quite frankly, it doesn't sound like this was well-planned from the beginning and I wouldn't blame them for having serious doubts it was the nomination that did it. (Besides, the fact that he'd be nominating her had already been floated for quite awhile. It wasn't, actually, all that exciting of news.)

k5brown | 6:15 PM

My one year old son drops everything and runs to the computer when I play this song. He's mesmerized by it!

Rebecca | 6:17 PM

terrible about the show, but thank you for posting that video...you just made me re-fall in love with Tegan and Sara again.

The video change the mood of my day