Saturday, 4:48pm, Downtown Los Angeles

And then? A spontaneous dance.

I love them.



xoxo | 12:36 AM

yeah! first to comment. love your blog and your family is beautiful! can't wait for the food tips and recipes. xo

sarah doow | 2:52 AM

I was wondering what to write when I realised I was smiling at the screen. This makes me smile.

Unknown | 3:59 AM

Is downtown LA always this quiet?! I just came home, in Portugal, after 5 days in busy London and I miss it already!

My Bottle's Up! | 5:11 AM

ummm... hal is hot.


Anonymous | 6:00 AM

You and your husband are the hottest couple. Brangelina my ass.

Erin | 6:06 AM


Kerry | 6:09 AM

What a great dad.

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 6:15 AM

Love these. Also, Ivy is so jealous of Fable's hair!


lamina@do a bit | 6:31 AM

Aaaww. they look so cutE together :)

leel | 7:30 AM

i can see why. gorgeous life you have going there :)

Kate | 7:55 AM

Oh man, ain't nothing cuter than a hot guy with a baby. You are a lucky girl.

Maria | 8:44 AM

Aww beautiful pictures. Your daughter is so beautiful.


Dad + toddler = melt my heart.

kelly | 9:18 AM

Adorable! First time commentator and I just wanted to say I *love* your blog.

Where is Hal's shirt from? I want it for my hubby!


Thank you!!!

According to the tag, Hal's shirt is from "handmade by mom" ... I got it at a swap meet for a fiver. I like it, too. :)

And yes! Downtown is seemingly empty on the weekends! Especially where we were (outside MOCA).

Zakary | 9:30 AM

Is he dancing with her?

LOVE it.

Armonia | 10:14 AM

great pictures!! thank you for your blog Rebecca!...

Sam | 10:43 AM

Love the composition in the first shot, with the left, middle, and right of the frame each occupied, as well as the fore-, mid-, and background. It looks so perfectly arranged, yet with kids involved, I know it was probably a happy accident to get a shot like that. It also has a sort of empty, urban, post-apocalyptic vibe while simultaneously being a sweet family scene.

Tanna | 3:22 PM

What a wonderful moment between father and daughter! I wish I had a daughter....

Marisa | 4:37 PM

Um. . .I love them, too. =)

Bella | 6:00 PM

Nic is right.
And they make a beautiful pair.

Ray | 1:50 AM

Awwww! Beautiful daddy and daughter moment. I love the last photo of Fable smiling at Hal. <3

April | 4:47 PM

Happy Birthday Archer!