moms = xoxo

To the keepers of the band-aids with trains in purse pockets. To the bedtime story-tellers, shirt menders, coat checks. To the dawn-patrol chefs and the bad-day fixers and the peacemakers in the play room. To the hand-holders and the owwie kissers and the stained-dress wearers and those who wake first and sleep last. To the toy car fixers and the hosts of tea-parties and nights of stargazing in the yard. To the wait-up-all-nighters and try-not-to-worriers and the nurturers of passions all - to the time tellers, memory collectors, masters of tucking in bed-sheets.

To the music-makers with bottle shakers and the fight-for-what-is-righters and those who watch for fingers before they close car doors. For the lunch packers and the show-and-tell reminders and the tear-wipers who open their beds to tiny folks with monsters in their dreams.

To the book-readers and the homework helpers and the lovers of freckles behind knees. To the back-scratchers, rule-makers-sometimes-breakers and those whose laps have no vacancies...

Whether you have children, take care of children, plan to someday have children of your own: Happy Mother's day. Thank you for teaching and loving and guiding and caring and working and sharing and supporting.

Thank you (as my mother always says) for holding the umbrellas over the heads of our future. You win.


We win.




Anonymous | 2:38 AM

is a corn cob chair?
(happy mothers day!)

Anonymous | 6:04 AM

Happy Mother's Day to you and any woman in this world who is loved :)

Ashley | 7:04 AM

To all the battery-diggers and rainy day entertainers. Baby carriers and late night rockers. Breath checkers and sleep watchers. Over everything criers. Belly kissers and star wishers. High five givers and temperature takers. To What the hell did he just put in his mouth- shouters. Playground supervisors and car poolers. Coupon cutters and thrift store shoppers.

And of course to all the love giver and receivers.

We know what the best job in the world is. Go Moms!

Anonymous | 8:19 AM

You are beautiful, she is adorable. Well said. Happy Mother's day!

Jessica | 8:27 AM

the babe is too little to tell me himself, so thanks :)
and hapy mom's day to you!

Jill | 8:28 AM

Your writing is gorgeous.


That was so, so lovely. High five, beautiful mama! Go Team Mom!

Marisa | 8:31 AM

Beautiful post! Happy Mother's Day :-)

Entwined Essentials | 8:39 AM

I love it! Happy Mother's Day to you too! Have a great one!

Candace | 9:20 AM

Happy Mum Day to you too!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 9:30 AM

Happy Mother's Day, friend!

(no kidding my word verification is: counther)


Angie | 10:10 AM

So sweet :) Happy Mothers day to you, too!

Sarah | 10:54 AM

And a happy one right back atcha, my dear. You're one of the best moms out there!

But seriously on the corn cob tip?

Amanda | 11:19 AM

And a Happy Mother's Day to the woman (you) who made me less afraid to actually be a mother! You and all moms are everyday heroes!

Chantelle {fat mum slim} | 12:17 PM

Beautiful, beautiful words Rebecca. xx

Emily | 1:54 PM

so moving. thank you. and happy mother's day to you, too!

karina | 2:09 PM

We win indeed, many times over, every single day.

Ray | 4:22 PM

Rebecca, you are a beautiful woman. AND a beautiful MOTHER! Archer and Fable hit the jackpot with you. =D Happy Mother's Day! <3

Nadia | 5:49 PM

So lovely, such a beautiful post! Happy Mother's Day to you Rebecca!

Max | 6:04 PM

A beautiful post!

leel | 6:28 PM

happy mama's day to you :)

Jody | 6:36 PM

this one was my fav. thanks for writing about all of us. great end to my mama's day.

bluejeanamy | 9:18 AM

loves it!

thanks, mama.

(how purty is your fam?!)

melissa | 10:00 AM

That was beautiful. Your kids are very lucky to have you as a mom.

wonderchris | 10:12 AM

Thanks! Mother's Day is tough when you don't have kids (yet). I guess it sorta counts to be a Mother in your heart.

Hope you had a fantastic day!!!

Trista | 10:39 AM

So perfectly said! Happy (belated) Mother's Day to you too!

Lauren Knight | 10:57 AM

You look beautiful in these pictures! Happy Mom's Day to you!

The818 | 12:36 PM

Lovely. And I'm also wondering about the corn-cob room...

The818 | 12:36 PM

Lovely. And I'm also wondering about the corn-cob room...

Andrea B | 1:14 PM

Ooh Fable is wearing the Liberty of London romper. Love it!

p.s. So sweet and thoughtful of you to wish Happy Mother's Day to the women out there who want to someday be moms. I have two babies myself, but can't help but think of my single gal friends who, out of love for their future children, are being choosy about finding the perfect husband/daddy.

jessica | 3:11 PM

oh i see from the other comments it's a corn cob room? i thought i'd been dieting too long and wanted to go to the room made of giant ziti with you and fable!!

Elena from Greece | 11:26 PM

thanks for sharing your writing and thoughts..
to happy mothers, cheers (drinking my decaf..:)


its a corn-cob clubhouse! we were at Noah's Ark at The Skirball - the whole place is made out of recycled material = Good times. (Thanks for your mother's day wishes, all!)

Malinda | 6:26 AM

thank you for acknowledging those of us who "plan to someday have children of your own"

you where the first out of many many facebook status updates and mother's day blog posts who acknowledged so many of us that are longing to be called mom.

Thank you!

Chelsea | 9:17 AM

you have a way with words woman! nicely said.

I loved the freckles behind the knees.

What a great post! <3

emily bilbrey | 12:21 PM

yep, you did it. my favorite mother's day post of the year. not surprised it came from you. (:

happy mother's day! xoxo.

Unknown | 12:46 PM

Beautiful words - warmed my heart! Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous | 4:33 PM

Thank you for adding in us that plan to have children, but have not yet had them, in your wishing of a happy mothers day. I feel like I am just waiting around for the right guy in order to have my kids. If I had my own way they would be on their way now.

Was just really happy that you identified and included the some of us who are mothers through and through but have not yet had our children

Thank you.

Loukia | 9:19 AM

God damn why do your posts always me cry.