The following song goes with this post. And also, this post re: a video I made for Archer way back when. It's one of my all-time favorite songs and has always made me a pinch weepy. Now for very different reasons than it did before I had kids.

Sad + time = happy. Happy + sad = time.

48. With Whom to Dance by: The Magnetic Fields



Borderless Imaginings | 3:12 AM

now i'm weepy!

mommymae | 6:23 AM

it's been one of my faves since i saw that end of year video. thanks for sharing.

Chelsea | 10:09 PM

great song.....

such a great song.

Michelle | 2:08 PM

I've been replaying this song for about an hour now...beautiful!

Mammy P | 12:57 PM

Lovely song... and happy belated birthday to your big boy! Here is one from me: