This song goes out to you. Whoever, wherever, however you are...

You're lovely. Know it.


47. Song No. 6, Ane Brun featuring Ron Sexsmith



Anonymous | 4:42 AM

Thanks! It's my birthday today so this is especially lovely. :)

JenAHM | 5:20 AM

Lovely is really the only word for it - this will be in my head all day!

leel | 7:50 AM

thanks! i new one for me, and i love it!

Becky | 8:13 AM

Love this and many others I've discovered through this series. Thanks!

Chrissy Johnson | 12:00 PM

I love the stylization of this video. Love it! Her white blonde hair combined with the white-blonde sweater, the golden champagne, her red lipstick.

Chrissy Johnson | 12:04 PM

And happy birthday to Anonymous.


Happy Birthday, Anonymous! And I agree, Chrissy. The styling is fab! So much pretty detailing - I adore the dancers. Wish people would dance in the background of every moment. Always.

Magic27 | 12:59 PM

I'm a day late, but yesterday (18th) was my birthday too, and a particularly shitty one at that, so this, at last, made me smile, possibly for the first time with sincerity since I turned (God help me) 41...
Thank you. I really needed this. In times like these, the kindness of strangers is worth a million dollars.

Kristina | 11:01 AM

Thanks for this. I know I'm late, but I needed an easy smile on my face and this did it.

Lynzie | 6:38 PM

Fyi I gave you a shout out today on my blog for something so obvious I almost feel embarrassed it took this long for someone to get through my thick skull.

Either way, enjoy, and thanks!