Extracurricular Activities

This summer we have plans. And by plans I mean classes/lessons/extracurricular activities. Trouble is? I think we may have booked too much. Or maybe not. I have no idea actually.

In the past we've spent much of our summers in San Diego, hanging beachside with my parents. But this summer, we're going to be spending much of it here and after researching summer camps and finding few affordable options, we decided to do three days of summer-school a week (at his preschool) and extracurricular activities on other days.

Swimming lessons were obvious. I've been slacking getting him into swimming because he "doesn't want to go!" except he HAS to go because duh. So I took him to the YMCA, introduced him to the "giant awesome so cool" pool and signed him up for swim lessons twice a week starting next month. And then I signed him up for Basketball. And Taekwondo. And music lessons. All of which were Archer's idea which = awesome! I'm all for it! Except I fear I may exhaust him. And myself trying to shlep him all over L.A. to various lessons and thises and thats all the summertime long.

As a kid I was always busy. Piano lessons, softball (which I sucked at) soccer (which I also sucked at) ballet (which I loved but probably sucked at) tap dance, zoo-camp (I was obsessed with all things animal) horse-back riding, various farm camps where my parents paid top dollar for me to pick up cow poop all day in the middle of nowhere... the list goes on. I LOVED activities but remember equally loving staying home and kicking back with my mom, toys and neighborhood pals.

The thing is? I work. And although my work isn't particularly conventional it still exists and I can't really take more than a few days off. Which means? I have no choice but to keep Archer in school (at least partially) during the summer. And I figured booking Archer in tons of fun extracurricular will lessen the pressure for me to saddle up every day with picnics and plans for grand adventuring...