The Post Birthday Word

Last Sunday we celebrated Archer's 5th birthday. We celebrated in our backyard with dozens of our closest strangers friends AKA Archer's entire preschool class. And also other people that are friends in real life.
This is something I'd like to talk about for a second. Archer happens to have an adorable class full of cutes but still - the idea that one HAS TO (as not to be busted by the school itself) invite an entire class to their kid's birthday party is a little much. I understand why. I understand that kids would feel left out. I do! I do! I never got invited to anyone's birthday party when I was a little kid sans for my cousins'. And yet, somehow? I lived to see another day!

Archer's class boasts twenty-five kids. Which means, in order to have a birthday party we must expect to host at least fifty people - considering ONE parent shows. In our case, we had seventy people at our house. SEVENTY. And we knew, maybe twenty of them. It felt kind of like high school and how you invite a few of your closest friends and then the entire school shows up. Except in this case we had to invite the entire school as not to get our asses wedgied. I think we even had to sign something in red ink when we enrolled Archer in school, pledging our agreement to "invite all classmates in case of party." Not kidding.
So. Seventy people and six-hundred-zillion dollars later... our low-key backyard birthday party ended up ... well... not being all that low-key, Except somehow, (and I say, somehow, because I usually HATE hosting parties, cry all the way through them and/or throw up) I had more fun than perhaps ever in my entire life...

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