Out back

We have a backyard now. I'm literally sitting in it as I type this. With a cup of coffee as Fable naps away in the room she shares with her brother.

I am here. Outside my office. Listening to birds and sirens from the busy streets that surround our cozy little nook. The last few weeks have been an amazing collaboration of excitement and anxiety - me rushing around busily to various places trying to make this house a home - nesting in the way I never was able to when I was pregnant with Archer in 500 square feet, or even Fable.

But today, after posting this and reading it, embarrassingly, two-mornings after, I've pushed myself out into the yard I haven't allowed myself to enjoy yet and just. Sat.

Happy, again. Relieved. Breathing.

When I ask Archer what his favorite part of our new house is, he says, "the backyard!" I think Fable, who wanders after Archer, setting up cones to kick his soccer ball through might agree. Even Hal who comes home from work on his early nights to shoot hoops as the kids run around him - and the dogs, who have spent the last eight plus years of their lives in apartments.

We keep joking that this is their retirement home - the place they have come to die. Where they can lie around in the grass and chase squirrels toward the fence and sleep on the sidewalk under the sun.

But for me, probably the most fun has been having friends come over. We didn't have the space in our old place for playdates. We do now and this week will have had four in five days - friends of mine, friends of Archer's, friends of Fable's too - who can comfortably wander and eat snacks at the table under the umbrella, get nice and dirty among the lemon trees.

umbrella = purchased, here

Watch everyone happily run around until an injury, exhaustion or darkness reminds us its time to go inside.

I used to think people were crazy for giving up city living to move to the country, or even the' burbs. I told Hal the other day, I totally get it now...