Sunday, 2:48pm, Our Backyard

For his 5th Birthday Party, Archer wanted a "power line" theme. Which is one of the more difficult themes to work with. But thanks to Ben the Balloon man's genius? Totally doable.
(that's my dad)
(...and my grandpa)
(and my very happy five-year-old.)



Cobies | 12:13 AM

I almost never comment on the blogs I read - but I had to say OMFG! Kudos to the balloon man for such a fantastic power line balloon - and to you for finding him. That sequence of photos is priceless.

ikke ikke | 1:47 AM

wow! I love his face watching the balloon man. and i love his choice! a friend of a friends 5YO picked out yellow caution tape" as his bday theme. sign of a great, inventive minds, i think :-)

sarah doow | 2:42 AM

What a way to rise to the challenge!

jo | 5:01 AM

Wonderful!! Happy Birthday Archer.

Maura | 5:38 AM

I love the idea of a power line theme!! Way to think out side of the box on that one. And that balloon is totally awesome! Looks just like one.

Erin | 5:50 AM


Cara | 6:22 AM

I was seriously waiting for power line to have something to do with a children's book or such. No, just power line. Awesome. That kid sure takes in his world.

leel | 6:48 AM

power line balloons restore my faith in the possible in life. :) awesome! look at sweet archer's face!

pseudostoops | 7:22 AM

Wow, the balloon man seriously IS a genius. That photo series, with Archer's sweet face breaking into a broad smile, is amazing.

leel | 7:30 AM

i'm back. archer's love of power lines just made something click in my brain. I had to share. On my blog. I hope that's ok!?!


Steph(anie) | 7:52 AM

Dude is a genious.


Brilliant. I love it.

Jess | 8:15 AM

Power lines? As in the things that run from one pole to another along the roads?

That is awesome.

That is one seriously cool kid you have.

motherbumper | 9:00 AM

Happy Birthday Archer! (um mom, who let him be 5? how did that happen?)

Amanda | 9:23 AM

Damn, that's a balloon guy with some skills!

Your family makes me smile.

Anonymous | 9:36 AM

I don't know how much Balloon Guy was but from the looks on the faces of your Dad and archer.. soooo worth it. -xdm

Anonymous | 10:35 AM

Love it! Archer's face is so sweet and I can't decide if you got your beauty from your mom or dad. You look so much like both of them. On a different subject, I'm checking everyday for the food/healty eating/dietish entry. Can't wait!

Overweight in Seattle :(

Sarah | 10:49 AM

Wow, kudos to the balloon guys .. fantastic!

Archer looks pleased as punch - he looks like he is a very very cool kids.

And, Archer has a great-grandpa that looks that young!! wow, lucky boy!!!

Sarah | 10:50 AM

hmm .. sorry about all the plurals on my post .. there is no way to edit my comment...

chisparoja | 11:12 AM

Love the bird on a wire!

AZ Mommy | 11:59 AM

How awesome was it for you to host a party in your backyard!!

Restless Mama | 12:15 PM

That is the sweetest face I've seen all week. Archer is so brilliant wanting to have a power line theme - how imaginative and clever.

Alexis | 2:00 PM

I think that's the sign of a future famous avant garde artiste! Too cute. :)

Anonymous | 2:24 PM

Where did you buy that fun, adorable, flowered umbrella?

Ray | 5:03 PM

What an interesting theme. Archer is so unique (I love that). Love that photo with Archer smiling with your dad. Too cute!

EdenSky | 5:19 PM

So here I was, wondering if "Power line" was a band of super heroes or something. I guess I really should have remembered whose blog I was reading. Kudos for raising an individual!

Sam | 5:27 PM

That is about the most charming thing ever!

Unknown | 5:55 PM

where did you get Archer's shirt? I have a horrid time finding clothes for boys that aren't covered in trucks or cars or other crap.

guarros | 8:20 PM

Ok sure/ the balloon guy had a little something to do with it - but I'd argue you made dreams come true! How fantastic to take the power lines by the poles and make it happen for your (not so baby) boy! The joy seeing it all together is fantastic!

agirlandaboy | 9:44 PM

I hope Balloon Man got a big tip! Zounds!

Angee | 12:18 AM

Is it weird that I'm totally attracted to the power line making balloon man? If he can do that, imagine what else he can do!

Chrissy Johnson | 1:49 AM

I think that's just fantastic. Kids are so, so, so cool and I want to be one when I grow up.

Anonymous | 3:15 AM

Wonderful. And in your backyard! Woot!!! Would love you to do a post on what food you served at the party - and how/if you would have served differently had numerous children been there. How you eat is inspiring.

Also - woo-hoo! Your dad AND grandpa are hot! Had to say...



Hey, Anon!

We had abuut 60 people here, Sunday. 30 of them were kids. It was INSANE!

For food my mom and I made four salads - fruit salad (berries and watermelon), green salad (goat cheese, dried cranberries and pine-nuts over arugula/spinach and mixed greens) pasta salad (with olives, feta and basil) and a quinoa salad with corn and peppers.

We also had cheese pizza from this amazing parlor in our 'hood for the kids (and adults who weren't as salad happy as we were.) Twas a success!


And by Anon, I mean, "Barbara!" :)

corrin | 8:59 AM

Bonus that the balloon man is kinda cute.

Jamie | 2:42 PM

How do you get your pictures to look so vibrant? My backyard is very colorful, but my pictures never come out as good.

I guess the gorgeous house, fabulous deck and adorable son make the picture.

Anonymous | 6:35 PM

That is impressive! I admit that I kind of like power lines. I did a screen print of them in my sophomore year of college, back when I was an art student.

Anonymous | 5:13 AM

Cool theme! Anything is better than Disney characters. While the balloons definitely looked like power lines, they also kind of looked like penises. There, I said it! Sorry :)

Jess; [The Bottle Chronicles] | 6:46 PM

Holy crap - that guy has TALENT!