Fable "the face"...

...strikes again with a collection of new expressions and a few old standbys. And my MAC compact. And an infinity of adorable deliciousness for miles.


If you haven't noticed I'm taking a bit of a holiday hiatus. Will be back later in the week with the usual shenans. In the meantime, hope you're enjoying your families, catching up on your NYTimes crosswordpuzzling, cuddling with your various boos, sipping hot cocoa in your UGG boots, sleeping in past 7:00 am, winning your fantasy football superbowl, making sugar sweet love by the fiyah, playing board games into the wee hours with your brother who kicks everyone's ass at everything, shopping for new pants a size bigger than the ones you were wearing last week, bathing by pine-tree scented candlelight, crying over Natalie Portman's pregnancy because you thought she was your girlfriend no fair, trying to salvage your family's discarded wrapping paper because omg SUCH a waste, etc, etc, et al... BRB.


Sydney | 4:41 PM

Happy hols Rebecca. Enjoy all of the above.

Amanda | 5:40 PM

That was way too cute for words!

And Natalie...how could you boo?!

Jenn | 6:33 PM

Is that Archer doing his scales in the background?

stephanie | 9:13 PM

Fable is the raddest! Gah.

Desiree | 9:17 PM

Heh, so cute <3 Happy holidays, you rad mama you!

Cave Momma | 9:53 PM

LOVE!! Omg, she is too freakin cute for words!

emily bilbrey | 10:48 PM

unreasonably precious. i freaking love this kid!

happiest of holidays to ye!


Alexia | 11:01 PM

My favorite was the thoughtful face! Ha!

Unknown | 9:50 AM

All of Fable's faces are absolutely adorable. Happy Holidays to you and your fabulous fam!

P.S. Um, NatPo is pregnant?!

Eloise | 7:33 PM

Must shoot one like this of my daughter. Thanks for the inspiration!

Whittles Wobble | 9:55 PM

How on EARTH did you know my brother beats EVERYONE at EVERYTHING!? Since we were miniatures. Ridiculous!
I don't think I have to mention how 110% adorable Miss Fable is in this vid. Cute overload.

Jenny P | 8:07 AM

Wow. Her cuteness is INSANE!!

mommymae | 11:50 AM

i love how she says "anbry

SAHSHA | 2:32 PM

CUTIE!!! I am a lurker and don't usually post... but Fable is a DOLL!! AND SO SMART!!
-Sahsha's Mummy

Haley | 9:41 PM

Fable is absolutely adorable! I love that in her kissy face, she actually gives you a kiss! Too cute!

As for the candles, I may have bought some on sale the other day just so my house can still smell like Christmas long after the decorations have been taken down. :)

My Bottle's Up! | 5:58 AM

ohmy... she is the knees of the bees.

happy happy merry merry to you and yours.

Jen (and Audrey, too!) | 9:38 PM

Those are some of the best faces I've ever seen.

I love "angry face." How intense!

Olivia Singleton | 9:32 AM

This video quite possibly just made my holidays. So sweet!

Becka Robinson | 12:36 PM

Are you kidding me? So cute. I love her pouty lip. And her little noises as she switches expression.