Gone Style: Good Wear Days (Week Seven)

Well hello. So. Here we are. Another week, another batch of inspired wears. I realize it is completely freezing where most of you are and I commend you for putting the effort into your outfits this past week. This week was an exciting one because the purse up for grabs is just. so. cute. A fantastic win.


...Without further ado...

This week's Good Wear Days Mia tote winner is... #37, Lola! Who wore this smashingly adorable number. Congrats, lady! Enjoy your bag in good health! (And please email me with your details so we can hook you up!)

This week will be the last of the Good Wear Days and because of that, I'll be hosting a different kind of giveaway. Behold this week's wears and more information on next week's giveaway below:
hat: my sister made it
jacket: Banana Republic - had it since high school.
(moth-eaten holes hidden behind little buttons.)
scarf: gift from my mom
leggings: American Apparel
boots: thrifted
bag: Clava
(This bag was my first "good wear days" giveaway. It's a stand-up computer bag that fits all of my day-to-day stuff as well. I carry it in leiu of a purse the three days a week I work from the coffee shop. Way recommended to those in the market for a new laptop bag!)
marching band jacket: thrifted
striped tee: zara
jeans: J brand
shoes: nicole
flute: invisible
scarf: Nordstrom
jacket: madchen
tights: Target
tulle slip (worn as a skirt): Anthropologie
boots: Salvatore Ferragamo c/o Nana hand-me-downs
shirt: mike & chris (sample sale)
cardigan: splendid
shorts: hudson jeans I cut into shorts
belt: target
tights: AA
boots: thrifted
I wear this next outfit often. Have the holes in the cardigan to prove it, yes I do.
dress: found on a sale rack at a boutique in Encinitas
($39, yo! Score of the century, no?)
cardigan: splendid
belt: anthropologie
socks: anthropologie
booties: Vince Camuto
For next week's Good Wear Days winner, I'll be donating $100.00 (in your name) to the charity of your choice. Please post the links to your outfits as well as your preferred charity and next Thursday pm, I'll pick (via random.org) and post the winner here.

Thank you all so much for participating in Good Wear Days! It's been totally beyond fun. Happy dressing!

Style Blog of the Week: What I Wore



Amanda | 1:12 PM

I seriously need to rifle through my closet. I'm glad you remixed items (I tend to do that a lot) and still made everything look smashing! Oh! And that Canon printer (in the previous post) is awesome! My father-in-law got us the same one (only in white) last year for Christmas and I love it!

Boston Mamas | 1:21 PM

Rebecca, these photos? Make me want to hug you in person. xoxo christine

KatBouska | 1:39 PM

Okay, you are adorable.

Your clothes make me want to go shopping.

Your courage to pair some of those things together and PULL them off makes me jealous.

But every time I leave your blog it's your PORCH that has me salivating. SO CUTE!

Anonymous | 1:57 PM

Aww your giveaway this week is awesome!

Good luck to eveyrone. :)

jessicaj75@aol.com | 2:00 PM

wonder if you'll still get a billion comments now that the prize is for charity! I am not stylish and would never post photos of my outfits. everyone knows what t-shirt and cargos looks like. that's pretty much my uniform. sometimes I add a sweat jacket!

Lara | 2:34 PM

ugh. i love this feature, but also dread it, since it shows just how pathetic my style and ability to dress is. i will NEVER put together the outfits you do and the fact we see you repeating things in your closet in new and fabulous ways? just depressing to me. please stop. PLEASE!!!

Meg | 2:55 PM

The last Good Wear Days? Noooooooooooooo. I assume that's because you are replacing it with something even more awesome?? Ehhhh????

PS In LA soon, will email.

Roxanne | 3:16 PM

Good Wear Days make me happy. I love seeing your amazing outfits. And this week's prize is the best, by far.

Sadly, I wear a tee-shirt and jeans every day. The same tee-shirts and same jeans every week. It's so depressing. But? I may be getting a second job soon so life won't be so expensive and I can spoil myself & check out all these brands & stores you've been mentioning.

Schnockered Mom | 4:02 PM

I love this series, Rebecca! Thanks for sharing the pics and showing how to layer eclectic pieces fashionably (a skill I'm learning, but still haven't quite managed to master).

Anonymous | 4:29 PM

So bummed to here Good Wear Days is ending, its been a great addition and I hope it makes "special appearances" from time to time, giveaways or not.

I found the most kick butt pair of boots on clearance at Urban Outfitters last week. Here is how I wore them to a baby shower.


A | 4:57 PM

I freakin' love your style. I REALLY wanted to participate, but have trouble finding time to even get out of "work clothes" after getting home. Maybe one day I can get motivated beyond the weekend! Wish Good Wear Days wasn't ending!

Anonymous | 5:05 PM

First, I was the drum major of my band, and I wore a jacket almost EXACTLY like that one as our school colors were red and black. LOVE IT!!

Second, that dress is GORGEOUS!

Third, I'm sad these posts are ending. I've been so inspired by them, and I seriously look forward to coming to my computer on Thursdays. Sniffle.

Jessica | 5:53 PM

I love your laptop bag! Gray and red are a great combo.

I wish I had some awesome outfits to post, but it's been super cold in South Carolina this week. We don't know what to do with cold weather around here, so I am just shivering away in old sweaters. Boring...

Anonymous | 7:26 PM

not that i don't think your style is fantastic. not that i don't love seeing what clothing you have chosen for the week. not that i don't love a give-a-way.
i have to ask...where is the rebecca i met and fell in love with a couple years ago? where is the blog i used to know and love? i want more of the good stuff. i want more of the posts about your take on life and parenting and love and how all of these things work together to provoke that beautifully written mind of yours.
i have to be honest (as a loyal reader for years now) that i feel like all i see nowadays are recipes (which are great in moderation), clothing (also great in moderation) and sponsored posts where you have begun selling yourself instead of showing yourself.
im sorry to be a downer. this is really not my intention. i really just miss your heart and your words and your...way.
can we get a little more of that please?
pretty please?

Matthew Newell | 8:04 PM

Marching band jacket is SICK SICK SICK. Of course in a good way. Fantastic!

Liz | 9:33 PM

I love your booties... they're so cute! And the color is amazing.


Anonymous | 10:04 PM

Amen, anonymous. I couldn't have said it better myself. I absolutely love this blog, but not the way things are now. It is getting far too predictable around here, and I genuinely miss your heartfelt posts about love and motherhood. I hope you can return to that.


Dear Anonymous(es) - You shouldn't be so Anonymous. Other than that, I appreciate your feedback and you're TOTALLY right. GGC has changed considerably. CONSIDERABLY! I'll write you a post explaining why but before I do that, hear this: It's hard to be open to criticism when I don't know where it's coming from. You want me to share more but you won't even share your name(s). Next time, please do. xo.

Marianne | 5:47 AM

Aw, I think there is room for the style and food posts on this blog! I love your writing and photos and your style inspires me. Seriously!

Also, you are seriously one of the only people I've seen rock shorts and tights to such adorable effect.

Only one blog post from me before my home internet connection went belly up this week:


lonek8 | 7:46 AM

congratulations to Lola (I'm only a little bit seething with jealousy, lol)!

love the looks this week, of course. here is my outfit from yesterday - a little tribute to your red dress look from week 3:


Schnockered Mom | 9:11 AM

Definitely great use of color. I only occasionally break out of my black/white/red/neutral habit.


Alex | 1:50 PM

The print of that last dress is so fantastic!

PS. I get so many compliments on the Clava tote I won. Seriously. Even from guys!

Liz | 2:03 PM

I'm kind of annoyed by the anon posts... at least stand behind your criticism openly instead of hiding in anonymity. Writing inspiring and heartfelt posts every time has got to get exhausting and draining. I think a blog has to evolve along with the writer.

Oh well. Here's another outfit:



Thank you, Law Mama. You rule. As do your outfits, all of you. And Alex! So glad you dig your tote! I get tons of compliments on mine, too! And funny you say dudes dig it because today I had two man-friends at the coffee shop dig on the bag. Ha!

Ms. Pink | 3:29 PM

you have wonderful style, just discovered your blog! That computer bag is now on my wishlist! love it!


Jessica Simon | 3:21 PM

Dear Anonymous(es) , I love Rebecca and her style. Shes adorable! Nothing wrong with a little light hearted fun and she looks FABULOUS in her photos! Lord knows, none of us have time to shop and be original with our clothes! She is an inspiration to me so please dont post negative comments especially since you are not contributing anything useful. :(

JillyL | 9:01 PM

Keep doing these posts please - I love them. I'm not ashamed to say that I am totally taking notes

findingmagnolia | 11:47 AM

Oh, I do love that marching band jacket. And the booties. Fabulous, fabulous.

I have nothing of note to share as of yet for this week, as I've mainly been concerned with being warm now that temperatures here have dipped below freezing with a windchill factor of negative kajillion degrees. Zinashi, however, throws caution to the wind, goes barefoot, and looks fabulous doing it. Who cares about the weather when you've got a tutu and some snacks, right?


lonek8 | 12:37 PM

ok - I've been waiting to make this comment until I had another outfit to post, but the weather has decided to not go above single digits, so not only am I not changing out of my snuggly sweatpants, but I'm not leaving the house if possible! So I'll just say what I wanted to say:

I have LOVED these weekly Gone Style posts, and I am sad to see them go, but of course I understand how hard it must be to put them together every week. I wanted to beg that maybe you could still keep them up on a looser schedule - every few months or so? You have done so much to inspire my fashion choices this winter and I'm going to want to see your choices for spring and summer too! Also, don't feel like they all have to have giveaways - I come to see what you are wearing and how you put it all together - not to win prizes!

love you!

ps: please pray that my weather changes!! BRRRRR

Remi Rae Callister | 8:20 AM

You scream fabulous! I love your blog!!!!!!!!!

Chelsea | 1:58 PM

that marching band jacket is so rad.

and I love the shoes in the last post.

mommymae | 3:16 PM

i love it when you dance in photos. too cute.

that dress? amazing! such a steal! i wouldn't go for something like that, but would probably love it. i have a closet full of solids and a few stripes. i'm slooooowly adding patterned color.

the military jacket looks fab with the jeans. and i love how you're channeling your sister.

i'll go grab some photos now. love the charity idea.

Liz | 3:25 PM

Want to get another outfit in and some money for Amnesty International.


mommymae | 3:56 PM

new favorite: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mommymae/5262227362/

dress: estate sale
belt: anthro
boots: nine west
jacket: gifted from mom

mommymae | 3:59 PM

my daily uni:


jeans: gap boyfriend (i wanted to stick my pinkie out a la man repeller, but you can't tell.)

tee: jcrew

belt: grandpa's

charity: crohn's and colitis foundation of america. i just did the vegas half marathon & did some fundraising for them.

thanks for the best giveaway!

findingmagnolia | 4:13 PM

It's Tuesday, so Zinashi and I dressed up for our 90-year-old friend! http://findingmagnolia.wordpress.com/2010/12/14/this-tuesday-with-old-lady-mary-our-heads-win/

You can also just go to the photo with more details of the outfits here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/marymuses/5261236197/

Lauren | 10:08 AM

YAY!!! I finally got off my butt and made a blog post all about this. :) Hooray! And I'm sad to see the contest vamoose.


Katy | 1:26 PM

Love your prize this week. Way to give back! Can I use a twit pic? Hope so!!!


Happy holidays, Rebecca!


Liz | 1:44 PM

One last outfit for Amnesty International:


Anonymous | 11:02 AM

purr tee