Get your craft on? Yes you Can...on (Sponsored)

Hello! The following post is sponsored by Canon via Momversation. Thanks, Canon!
Hi, I'm a home office with a new printer! Pleased to meet you.

So. I've been using the same Canon Powershot camera since 2005 and until now I've relied solely on flickr's photo service to print my photos for me. And that's probably because my printer for the past one-hundred plus years has been this bare-boned clunker circa the Victorian era:
Aha! Not anymore. Thanks to Canon, it's now been replaced by this, a Canon PIXMA MG6120 that specializes in printing from HD video, which I didn't even know was possible but apparently it is. Crazy, these modern times. (Just upload HD videos from your Canon PowerShot or EOS camera to your PC, scroll through the frames. And when you see one you love, print it.) Check it.

Printer also boasts a crazy digital interface for selecting scans/copy etc and prints wirelessly which also trips me out. I'm apparently very behind the times in terms of printing and had no idea this was even possible. And Queen Victoria really is a trip, isn't she? (This particular printer works seamlessly with Canon Powershot cameras so if you're a Canon Powershot owner as I have been all my digital camera-clutching life, you might wanna check this sucker out.)

And now for a super cute video featuring the lovely Vicki "Craft, Rock, Love" Howell who kindly put together a craft project JUST for me using the Canon PIXMA MG6120. Rad.

I'm not crafty AT ALL so it was super fun to see how Vicki created something so unique and awesome. Girl totes must have know about my love for all things recycled-book.

So, thank you Vicki! And thank you, Canon. My recycled book frames are promintently on display on the bookcase in my office and my spankin' new Canon printer is my new co-pilot.
(Hi, Fable!)