Gone Style: Four Days of Dark Denim (Sponsored)

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I haven't done a Gone Style: Fable Edition post in many moons so when the opportunity presented itself via Gap's Style Stream I got excited to share some of her high stylings. This week's emphasis was dark denim, so we pulled some ol' standbys from the ol' closet and did a little shopping as well. ED: All shoes and accessories were Fable's idea. The girl is two and she KNOWS what she likes.

Day One: Dark Denim Jacket

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jacket paired with purple/leopard hooded two-piece + fuzzy boots + yellow barrette
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Day Two: Dark Denim Skirt

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...paired with puffy-sleeved blouse, legwarmers & ballet flats
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...and homemade oatmeal cookies c/o my mom.
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(Dollhouse was mine when I was a little girl. My great-grandpa built it for me.)
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Day Three: Dark Denim Jacket & Dark Denim Skirt

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...paired with striped tee, striped socks, sneakers & fawn barrette.
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Day Four: Black Skinny Jeans

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...worn here with cashmere hat, pink velvet jacket, homemade dress & sandals.
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...until she ditched the hat
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...replaced it with her decorative back-flower
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...and eventually ditched the jacket, too.
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It was a warm day, so....
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...coats were unnecessary.


DISCLOSURE: Although the above post was sponsored by GAP, all denim items + accessories were purchased by me and/or handmade. To check out more dark denim styling tips check out Gap's 1969 Style Stream, here and thank you Gap for once again supporting GGC.


Deanna | 5:01 PM

It's not often that I think "My daughter NEEDS THAT" w/r/t clothes, but...my daughter NEEDS THAT pink blazer. Is that a Gap purchase?


I loves me some Fable fashion. Such a sweet and stylish little lady! (And that's a kick-ass playroom you've got going!)


blazer is paulina quintana! purchased at a local play place which was selling her stuff for 75% off. super score!

MK | 5:30 PM

Fable is such a dollchild, I can't believe she's real. I hope that one day, I have me a whole little army of Fables. Your children? They are perfection.

xoxoxo mk

Sarah Katie | 5:45 PM

there is nothing more adorable than "babies" in skinny jeans. i just think skinny jeans are so cute in general. even better paired with a little blazer. she looks like she should be running off for a business meeting at a coffee shop.

Desiree | 6:45 PM

Hells yeah! LOVE those skinny jeans. I just bought a pair (Joe Fresh) for baby G and I can hardly contain the SQUEEs when she's wearing them.

(And that blazer is extra rad, just sayin'!)

Marianne | 7:10 PM


Anonymous | 7:11 PM

So darling! Hey, where did that beautiful nesting Russion doll come from? My daughter would looooove it! Thanks!

Anonymous | 7:32 PM

I really hope I get half a sense of style as great as Fable's before I turn 40. LOL

Chelsea | 8:11 PM

pretty stylish little lady you've got there!

findingmagnolia | 8:49 PM

I am now wondering why I have not yet thought to put my daughter in a blazer. She would love it, and Fable demonstrates that it is clearly an attractive option. Of course, on Fable, everything is an attractive option. What a muffin--I love her!

Amanda | 8:56 PM

Love it. Love Fable and all of her amazingness but seriously...if I come within 5 feet of that gramophone consider it swiped. Sooooo jealous you have one, I'm obsessed with them.

Jen (and Audrey, too!) | 9:16 PM


How adorable!!! That outfit with the blazer just kills me. That girl has a lovely sense of style, for sure.

avb | 10:16 PM

Can you wrap Fable up and send her to me? I want to put her under my Christmas tree. And, that blazer is to die for!

Bailey | 10:22 PM

Aaaahmazing. You're right, you need to monetize this kiddo-fashion thing. Personal shopper for the under three crowd? Seriously, your daughter is adorbs.


Thanks, guys! We have fun, we do and Anon - the nesting doll was a gift from my brother. :) My kids both have them and LOVE them. you can find them anywhere! xo!

Melissa | 4:58 AM

I want to just squeeze Fable and her little round face! So so cute.

My daughter is just shy of two and she too picks out her shoes and clippies for the day. I have her shoes lined up in my closet along side mine so we can choose our shoes for the day together.

Red Stethoscope | 6:57 AM

I'm not going to lie...I sort of want that purple/leopard ensemble for myself. Fable is seriously sooo adorable in it! I can't believe she picks her own accessories at two. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous | 7:26 AM

Your daughter is the cutest and I loved those outfits. I want them for myself never mind my daughter. Thanks for sharing.

Jordan | 10:36 AM

I have been reading your blogs for a few years now and have totally been one of those lurkers that never comments but totally just enjoys. Your brilliant writing, inspiring style, and honest keep me coming back day after day to make me a total feen and you are my top stop each morning. But my lurking totally was shot out the window when I saw this beyond adorable style post with Fable. Wow you have the most adorable daughter and her sense of style which I see as a total reflection of your amazing style is so just awesome to see. Thank you so much for sharing and while I have yet to bear my own, this post had my biological clock screaming. Thank you so so very much for sharing and for your ongoing inspiration in so many ways!
Happy Holidays!

Bria | 11:32 AM

OMG...Fable is so stylish and adorable!! Her clothes are just about the only thing that make me want to have a girl. Archer has some mad style too, though...which gives me hope that I'll find some awesome clothes for my son at some (in England...or maybe my mom can send me some rad clothes from California).

Bria | 2:30 PM

...point. Whoops. *blushes*

Glenda | 3:31 PM

adorable. my daughter was 2 as well when she'd pick out her clothes. keep rockin'!


Happy Holidays to you, Jordan! And everyone else! Thank you for your words! Lots of love!

Lola | 6:36 PM

ohmygoodness so adorable! love the skinny jeans.

Liz | 9:06 PM

Um - so cute!! I die. Makes me wish I had a little girl to dress! Maybe #2...

Rebecca | 9:56 PM

The tiny red blazer. I'm dying from cuteness.

Althea | 6:36 AM

Okay. In all seriousness, I would wear the adult version of Fable's skinny jeans/pink jacket combo.
How fun is it that you get to play dressup EVERY DAY???

mommymae | 11:52 AM

i'm so jealous that she still let's you dress her. miss james won't wear anything unless she picks it out and NEVER a dress. i have so many dresses from her sisters.

Maria Baker | 3:06 PM

My Daddy made me a dollhouse exactly like that one when I was a wee one. It looked so much like yours that I actually gasped when I saw the picture! I wonder if it was a plan that was sold or something? Or maybe that was just what dollhouses looked like back then? I'd LOVE to have that again to give to my babies to play with! Thanks for the walk down memory lane. And Fable, she's adorable.

Becky | 2:03 AM

I have just happened upon your blog and this is SO cute! Love it