Gone Style: Good Wear Days (Week Six)

hint: bag

Hey all and thanks for participating in these last two weeks of Good Wear Days. Had tons of great entries this week and thanks again to all who participated! Going to keep plugging away for another couple-a-posts before parking the ol' "Good Wear Days" Winnebago on bricks. In the meantime, game on!

This week's winner (who gets to snag THIS gorgeous Moonshined Designs Marine Layer necklace) is... #51 Mary of Finding Magnolia who posted these adorable looks! Hooray! Mary is one of my current blog crushes. She's AMAZING! If you're not familiar with her blog you should click here asap on the double. Congrats, Mary! To everyone else, thank you so much for participating these last two weeks and good luck snagging this week's awesome giveaway! (See below.)

A few things I wore this week when I wasn't freezing balls in my Ugg boots and long johns:
dress: thrifted
belt: anthropologie
hat: barneys outlet
jacket: found @ estate sale
leggings: american apparel
boots: thrifted
"Hi. Your room's a mess!"
This outfit inspired by Archer's BFF who wore two-sided tights to school the other day. Yes, I copied a kindergartner. But she's a damn fashionable one so there you go.
boots: nicole
shirt: zara
skirt: anthropologie
glasses: Oliver Peoples
scarf: borrowed from my sister (zara)
bag: Ellington
This scarf is amazing. It can be worn in so many ways and looks fab with all black. I was just in a bit of a court jester state of mind when I got dressed yesterday.
dress: anthropologie (had this thing forever!)
tights: american apparel
legwarmers: no idea, had since high school
shoes: nicole
This is pretty much my uniform. I wear some version of this at least once a week:
boots: jeffrey campbell
leggings: American Apparel
tee: fluxus
cardigan: splendid
scarf: randomville no idea
hat: Hal's
Yes, sometimes I wear leggings as pants. Don't yell.
boots: Salvatore Ferragamo (Nana's hand-me-downs)
leggings: American Apparel
Blouse: vintage Issey Miyake, thrifted in NYC circa 2000
vest: thrifted last week at Melrose Trading Post for SEVEN DOLLARS, SCORE!
Yup! This beaut is all yours if random.org says so. You have one week to post your good wears in the comments below and next Thursday AM I'll pick a winner and post it on the next Good Wear Days post (December 9th!) Happy wearing, lady friends!

Style Blog of the Week: Sea of Shoes
(I know I've linked to Jane's site before but I can't help linking it again. It's by far and away my favorite style site. She blows my mind. Especially her most recent posts. Pure genius.)



Sonja | 5:09 PM

To your credit, you are one of six women alive who actually has the legs to pull off "leggings as pants."

I'm not entirely sure who the other five are, but I am well aware that my disproportionately large thighs (not *fat* thighs - I was a swimmer in high school. Overly muscled thighs and not a calf muscle to be seen.) and I are not among them, and so I always wear a skirt with my leggings. For public safety. You're all welcome.

Liz | 5:59 PM

I am LOVING your parti-colored tights. Very medieval (in a good way).

I tried to channel some seventies style today:


Brooke | 6:48 PM

Love the vest and I'm a little jealous of those booys!

Alex | 7:04 PM

My favorite is that flower dress and that very last one. Those boots, that bag, that VEST!

Love it!


Anonymous | 7:34 PM

killer estate sale coat. beautiful scarf! love the jester outfit.

here's my contribution this week. i call this outfit, "confessions of an anthropologie whore".


Marianne | 7:36 PM

What's that? Freezing balls in Ugg boots? Yeah:


Ugh. I am not a fan of winter. But you, my dear, look fabulous as per usual. That yellow skirt is making me envious.

Anonymous | 8:01 PM

Oh please God, make people stop wearing leggings as pants! MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wait until you see what they look like with UGGS! Dunt dunt duuuuuunt!

Off to check out your looks, ladies!

Anonymous | 8:47 PM

here's the link again. don't know how to prevent it from getting cut off:


Anonymous | 8:48 PM

purple tights


emily bilbrey | 11:12 PM

you are so damn fine.

seriously love you.

also, your instructions in that last eat well post had me cracking up! SO FUNNY! *snort*

my own style post from last week:



Jennie @ Modern Mamaz | 12:06 AM

LOVING that black and white scarf paired with the yellow skirt!

kelsey | 5:58 AM

oh, you are just too adorable. i'm digging all your tights!

Amanda | 8:05 AM


The blue Anthro dress is perfect! It has everything I look for in a dress (I love, love, lovexinfinity that type of sleeve) and you can do so much with it. And the first outfit...oy vey...you're killing me with gorgeousness.

Unknown | 10:15 AM

Estate sale coat = awesomeness. I never have that kind of luck. Also adoring your blue Anthro dress -- dresses with pockets never get old. And we have a very similar uniform. Maybe it's a Cali thing?

I slacked last week but I will do my best to post an outfit or two this week!

Renee | 11:05 AM

woot! pumped! all gorgeous to the max. the purse is simply delicious.


Ainsley | 11:18 AM

I don't have a link to good wears, because I'm pregnant and wearing pajamas nearly constantly. For the first time in my life I look as haggard as I feel. Will this DQ me from the purse? I hope not, it's a beauty, and looks like it might have room for diapers.

Amblus | 12:14 PM

Boooooots! You have the best boots, I swear. Here's my look:


Kim: | 3:29 PM

Love the two-sided tights AND that blue dress and LOVE LOVE the bag!!

lonek8 | 7:09 PM

that last look with the black vest blows my mind. LOVE IT!!! And I am too beyond words excited about this giveaway - I've been dreaming about this bag! Prepare for tons of comments from me this week (I better get to browsing in my closet!)

my look from Tuesday:


lonek8 | 7:11 PM

I wore this dress with legging underneath and it was just as comfy as my usual tshirt but at least a little cuter. pardon the horrible lighting in my bathroom!(and may I add that it is becoming very difficult to find cute things to wear when it is 20 degrees? brrr!)

my look on Wednesday :


CanadianInEngland | 8:16 AM

Today's outfit before I head off to the xmas market in Hyde Park!


Monica | 3:22 PM

That scarf is so amazing!! I love, Love, LOVE the outfit that you wore it with! And that bag - hope you pick me. So awesome!

deannagabriel | 2:01 PM

LOVING your creativity and fearlessness to do something BOLD.

im, uhm...not so bold this week:


Melissa | 2:53 PM

first entry:


And yes, you will notice leggings being treated as pants and yes I will do it again.

PS todays look is red sweatpants with uggs - I know, hot stuff

lonek8 | 5:21 PM

my outfit from Saturday:


also - can I ask what nail polish color you are wearing in these pics? I love that orangey red!

Katy | 7:25 PM

Your outfits are out of this world cool.

Here's my little contribution:


Lauren | 7:47 PM

1) I will do my best to make a blog of it this week (coming soon)
2) Please don't stop doing these! They are such amazing motivation!! And I look forward to them. :) Hopefully the holidaze will get you even more stuff to show off and make new combos of. YAY!

Anonymous | 9:42 PM

You look so gorgeous in all these outfits! You are an inspiration.

P.S. I heart Sea of Shoes. Jane really has been taking it to the next level with the quality of her photos.

Here's one of my recent outfits/thrift store finds:


C | 1:32 AM

Heading off to my office outfit:


lonek8 | 6:52 AM

today's outfit:


I have decided to flaunt the freezing temps and wear a skirt with tights - fashion is more important than warmth! Also, I plan to wear a long wool coat and not be outside much!

Liz | 11:11 AM

Since tumblr's down, I'm going back to flickr. From a holiday party this weekend:


Liz | 11:12 AM

Fun with hand knits:


Lola | 11:44 AM

wow that thrifted dress is awesome. and i love your vest in the last outfit!

my outfits are actually from last week or so that i forgot to post. does that count??

here is the first: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lolabanana/5178713514/in/set-72157623219496594/

Lola | 11:45 AM

second: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lolabanana/5173774662/in/set-72157623219496594/

Lola | 12:01 PM

third: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lolabanana/5205567744/in/set-72157623219496594/

Lola | 12:02 PM

and my final contribution! http://www.flickr.com/photos/lolabanana/5207129472/in/set-72157623219496594/

cd | 1:52 PM

I love your style, site, and writing. I am, though, surprised and a bit sad that you would buy American Apparel products. I never, ever, buy anything from that company (that includes screening other products that might buy and use AA items like shirts or onesies). I'd encourage you to research the company and decide to refrain from patronizing them as well.

Emily | 4:11 PM

looking a little dazed after the hanukkah party last night:
but, i'm wearing a dress i love from modcloth, and hanging with my favourite hound.

Rhea | 4:50 AM

Hopefully this isn't so creepy you lock out SANTA!, but every time I see your GGS posts, I think, "I think we would be friends IRL".
Also: tights! Especially colored tights! It's not coincidence that they're the choice of superheroes the world over.
SOS is the bomb dot com. When I was 17, I was listening to Blink 182 and writing shitty poetry on the bathroom stalls at school. Oh, sweet youth.

Anonymous | 7:32 AM

I love all your outfits!!! Great find with that military vest!!!

I am wearing a black long sleeve tee, forever 21 jeans, kneee high black suede boots...at work in the office :).

The bag is beautiful!

Molly-South Florida omie0729@aol.com

D.B. Agnes of Douchelandia Award Committee | 9:37 AM

The lightweight fabric of the tote looks good - hopefully they will come out in even more colors to go with your various outfits.

Sadie | 10:54 AM

The legging look great on you. (I can't pull them off. Or get them on.)

sadiebeery at hotmail dot com

lonek8 | 3:24 PM

today's outfit - went super casual today:


findingmagnolia | 5:31 PM

Zinashi and I were tired and cranky for part of this week, so our outfits were tired and cranky, too, and definitely not worth documents. (Especially since one of us kept having too much fun and peeing all over the outfits.) (It wasn't me, but I won't name names.) However, today we pulled out of the cranktastic slump for our usual Tuesday-eccentric-elderly-woman visit. Here we are: http://findingmagnolia.wordpress.com/2010/12/07/this-tuesday-with-old-lady-mary-great/

Emily | 6:38 PM

sunday was a hanukkah party and tonight was a christmas party. nothing like the holidays to get me dressed up!
also, in case you are wondering, that is a crokinole board wedding gift hanging out in the background. and my dog looking a bit nervous.

Liz | 8:54 PM

I tried out the high bun that's all the rage on the blogs:


C | 12:54 AM

Heading off to the office - another freezing day in London!


lonek8 | 7:44 AM

okay, here's my last effort to win that gorgeous bag! What I'm wearing today:


ps: clearly, I wear leggings as pants too - despite not having legs nearly as gorgeous as yours

pps: I'm super glad this contest will be decided by random.org and not based on who is the most stylish because the other ladies in the comments are fabulous dressers!

Unknown | 9:48 AM

Sneaking in here at almost the last minute again. Love the bag, want the bag!


Melissa | 5:42 PM

yesterday's look was pieced together with random wardrobe pieces. pajammie tank top, clearance rack sweater, sons dollar store knit cap......


Melissa | 5:51 PM

And todays look:


Leggings as pants, socks pulled up way too high, top (that was once used at 8 months pregnant) pulled down way too low, comfort level at perfect.

C | 5:23 AM

Going to Harrod's for the very first time today..hoping to be wooed by all the Christmas madness!


carrie murphy | 9:18 AM

i love the floral dress, as well as your un-self-conscious facial expressions!


andrea | 10:00 AM

We dressed up last weekend to go se Santa (who was wearing the same outfit as last year...).
p.s. Must have that vest. Best vest yet.