Rachel on the Rox

I never thought we'd end up in the same city - so when Rachel called to tell me she was thinking of moving to Los Angeles after graduation, I was shocked. Excited but totally surprised. I found her and her roommate an apartment and they moved in over the summer. Rachel had no idea what she was going to do when she got here. She had friends from University of Michigan - friends who were making music, starting bands... Within two months of moving here, my little sister (who knew all of five people in LA) had joined two bands and a quartet. One of the bands she joined was Darren's.

Darren, who was a total star already, recently exploded with THE cover of Teenage Dream on Glee. So sent the band to the moon and Rachel along for the ride.

Before Saturday's show at The Roxy, (they sold out so fast The Roxy gave them a second show which ALSO sold out within a day.) Rachel came over and I did her makeup, lent her my fave red dress. I did her makeup before prom when she was in High School. Lent her a similarly red dress for the dance... Some things never change. Others things, uh... change.
I dropped her off backstage before the show and returned later with Hal and my parents who drove up with my Nana and my aunt. And a cazillion of Darren's screaming fans.
Last year I wrote this post, about going out to Michigan to watch Rachel's senior recital and how watching her perform was like seeing her for the first time. But even that was different - college is safe and I wasn't surprised to see Rachel in her element, there, surrounded by music majors and the support of teachers who adored her. Saturday night she played in a band SHE was proactive in joining in a city she decided to move to on a whim not six months ago. And now? She's backing up rock stars.
She was fearless and confident and beautiful. She sang and played her flute and smiled and when it was over, signed autographs of teenage girls who thought she was the coolest.

Because, duh, she SO is.

(Okay, so Darren's not so bad either.)
I stood by her feet and watched her sing and play and rock the shit out of her smoky-eye and red dress. I screamed her name. As her sister, sure, as her friend, totally, but mainly as a fan. As HER fan.

"Rachel Woolf is my hero!" I howled.
Rachel Woolf is my hero.



Steph(anie) | 11:47 AM

Go Rachel!

Taxidermy Worms | 12:15 PM

It really is an incredibly amazing feeling to realize all of a sudden that you are in complete awe of someone you've known nearly your whole life, isn't it??

My own sister since leaving for college 3 years ago has blossomed into and incredibly talented artist/painter/graphic designer/woman... I am still surprised every time I see a new piece of hers!

Way to go Rachel and all the other amazing sister-ladies out there rocking out with their amazingly-talented-selves!!

Liz | 12:25 PM

That is so awesome to see your sister do so well! And as the daughter of a flautist, how cool to see her rocking on stage like that!

My baby sister is turning 25 today, and it's been such an adjustment (an amazing adjustment) seeing her as her own person and not as the 15 year old she was when I moved out of the house. It's amazing to see your kid siblings become themselves and become awesome.

Glenda | 12:33 PM

sisterly love... it's amazing. rock on rachel!

Rebecca | 3:37 PM

Totally know what you mean...my own baby sister just came home from her first semester at college and she's like a different person - totally poised and grown up. I feel like I get a small glimpse into what parenthood would be like when I look at her and think "My baby's gone!" at the same time that I think about how I'm so excited to see who she's going to become.

Also, side note: SQUEEEEE how cute is Darren.

L.L. | 7:04 PM

I bet the whole deal makes the whole having a 3rd baby thing all the more appealing, considering how awesome your parents' 3rd turned out!

Meemo | 8:18 PM

Wow, Rachel Wolf is so cool. Darren is dreamy. Your a lucky gal to be surrounded by so much talent.

Mama Kat | 9:10 PM

I would DIE if that were my little sister! How proud you must feel! So awesome. :)

Anonymous | 6:06 AM

Yeah how exciting! Is her hair naturally that beautiful- can you do a curly hair tutorial with her- I would die to get my hair looking like that. You all are a good looking- talented family.

Lou Lou Belle | 9:43 AM

I just cried a little! that is SO. AWESOME. and nothing makes me more excited/happy/alive than live music AND/OR my sisters, SO GO RACHEL! that's just, so awesome. xoxox.

marlene | 9:48 AM

i wasn't expecting to get misty eyed but i just did.

Anonymous | 11:09 AM

Just wanted to say a very Merry Christmas to your whole family. Including extended. I read daily and love it all. Honesty, love, and compassion. Thank you. Please keep up the great work. I also love the fact that you have a great sister whom lives near. I always wanted a sister and think it would have been great. God blessed me with twin brothers 2 years younger so not quite the same. Stay close to her if not by zip codes then by your heart. I hope Fable gets a sister one day. :) Love to all. R

Mrs. Q. | 4:46 PM

so much about that story is JUST AWESOME. Darren is soo cute! But I'd totally have a girl crush on your sister.

Sydney | 3:21 PM

Loved reading this post. And I love how you show your love for all your family members on your blog. Everyone who has a family is truly lucky and your family is just that extra bit special. Merry Christmas to the Woolf clan.

mommymae | 11:54 AM

i bet it's thrilling to watch her do what she loves. and even better that she's doing it in the same city as you. you're a superb big sister.

Sophie Lesher | 10:37 PM

omg. your sister played with darren CRISS. darren-harry-potter-blaine-anderson-motherfucking-criss omggg. la;fj;dfdh;as words, what are words? she is awesome. you are awesome. darren criss is awesome, amen.