Boheme Shalom, 5lbs 12 oz, 18 1/2 inches - born at 8:44 this am
and Reverie Lux, 5lbs 3 oz, 18 inches long - born at 8:45 this am
Thank you for cheering us on today, all. I am beyond blessed.
...(much) more soon.



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Maggie | 9:22 PM

And we are all beyond happy for you! I'm insanely in love with their names, said them out loud as soon as I read them, and I can't believe how much Reverie looks like Fable! Can't wait to get to know them, and in the mean time I'm wishing you some rest and quiet gazing with your gorge family! Also? How does it feel to be back in the world of all of us with single vaginas?

Nicole | 9:22 PM

Congratulations! They're beautiful!

Alex | 9:22 PM

Wow. Not only are those babies beautiful but their names are breathtaking. Congratulations!!

Alison C! | 9:24 PM

Congratulations! They're beautiful! I feel compelled to share with you that my boss had identical twin girls who actually celebrated their 10th birthday today! They're definitely in great company :-)

Anonymous | 9:25 PM

Simply beautiful!! Congrats ladies! The names are beyond beautiful as well!

Ivy | 9:26 PM

Congratulations mama...they are beautiful! Welcome R&B!

Glenda | 9:27 PM

beautiful girls x2 beautiful names gorgeous... congrats to you, Hal, Archer and Fable.

Amanda | 9:30 PM SO beautiful. LOVE.

pennylark | 9:30 PM

I AM DYING. THEY ARE SOO BEYOND ADORABLE. OMG. LOVE THEIR NAMES. I can not contain my excitement. Like freakishly excited. Congratulations!!

vickichristine | 9:31 PM

ahhhh, congrats!!!! i love the names. i couldn't wait to hear what you had chosen.

cd0103 | 9:36 PM

How very cool!

--ggm | 9:38 PM

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!
so much love to you and your beautiful family!

Unknown | 9:40 PM

They are beautiful!
CONGRATS... And cool unique names yay!

Nicole | 9:41 PM

Yay! Congratulations you lovelies!

Just gorgeous names for some gorgeous beings!

Emily | 9:46 PM

Congratulations!!! They're amazingly adorable. :) And they have so much love already pouring over them I'm sure.

Entwined Essentials | 9:47 PM

Such wonderful news, congratulations to all of you! They are gorgeous and love, love, love their names. Take care of yourself, can't wait to hear all about it!

~Kristina | 9:50 PM

Congratulations! Welcome to your two newest additions.

jkaye | 9:55 PM

Amazing! Such beautiful babies with names to match.

Anonymous | 9:55 PM

thanks for sharing peace and light with the world. beautiful girls.

Carley | 10:02 PM

Beautiful girls, all three of you! Congrats!!!

Write Softly | 10:03 PM

Gah, the gorgeousness. I've read your blog for AGES and this may be my first time posting, but it seemed like the right moment to jump in. SO HAPPY for you and your whole beautiful family.

Can't wait to hear all about it. Yay for double blessings!

Meghan Elaine | 10:06 PM

Yay! Yay! Yay! So happy for you all!!! My twins were born 20 mins apart, I loved reading yours were one min apart...just so HAPPY FOR YOU!!! And they are BEAUTIFUL!

sarah | 10:15 PM

So beautiful & sweet. Congratulations!!

Jessica Ashley/Sassafrass | 10:17 PM

What joy!

Kristen | 10:19 PM

Congrats x2!!!!! :)

Rachael | 10:21 PM

AAAAH! Babies! They are so gorgeous! Congratulations! | 10:26 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful babies.
My twin girls are 24 next month but I remember the 1st day so clearly.
Best wishes from Cape Town xxx

Jen | 10:27 PM

Congrats! They are both beautiful!

Anonymous | 10:32 PM

Congrats, mama of four!

Jenn Bo | 10:33 PM

Congratulations! Love the photos and they are adorable babies!

jeannie from | 10:35 PM

You did good! Big, healthy, alert babies! Loved your weekly belly shots and after Monday's? Woo boy: you were ready! Congratulations to the whole family. Your daughters are lovely, just lovely.

Ellie D | 10:38 PM

Oh my gosh CONGRATULATIONS! Boheme and Reverie are beautiful names for beautiful girls. I am so happy for you and your family and I cannot wait to see who these two new additions grow up to be.

sarah marie p | 10:44 PM

Congrats, congrats! The girls are just darling!

tracy @mamacreates | 10:48 PM

much congratulations to your entire family. they are lovely babies, and will have a ball with their big sister & brother.

Megan | 10:56 PM


robin | 11:04 PM

Congratulations!!! Beautiful girls :)

Ciara | 11:06 PM

How completely lovely-Congratulations to you and your family. Wishing you all every good luck!

pauline | 11:07 PM

I love it! beautiful babies and gorgeous names. congratulations.

Maggie Mason | 11:09 PM

When are newborns this good looking? It's not just your mama eyes, they are knockouts. Good work.

Anonymous | 11:10 PM

Congratulations! Beautiful babies and beautiful names. They are lucky babes born to great parents. Wish all the family all the happiness in the world.

The Sentimental Suitcase | 11:17 PM

Oh Rebecca we are so over the top over the moon happy for you! Many many big hus and congratulations!

hayley | 11:20 PM

this is pure love. so happy for your family :) they are beauties! and the names? perfection.

Emma | 11:24 PM

Congratulations! All the best to the 6 of you!

Lies | 11:31 PM

Ooooaaaah, they're sooo cute! Congratulations!

Janine | 11:31 PM

Awesome! Congratulations!

Anonymous | 11:34 PM

Congratulations! They are beautiful!
I wish you guys all the best in the world.

Anonymous | 11:40 PM

FELICITACIONS!!!!! ELLES SONT BELLES! Je m'imagine qu'elles seront "Bo" & "Rev" - mignonnes! Bisous pour toute la famille

Into the woods | 11:45 PM

So amazing! Did not expect that this morning so happy for you all and can't wait to hear how it all went down! The biggest of love to u xxxxxxx

Tove | 11:53 PM

Ohhhhh congratulations!

Katherine | 11:53 PM

Oh my days! They are perfect! The first thing I thought as I saw the pictures, like many others here, was 'They're so pretty! They look just like Fable!' Couldn't be happier for you all. FĂ©licitations!

cara | 11:57 PM

Congratulations to you all! Your adventure is about to get a *whole* lot more fun. Welcome to the world little ones. xx

whitepear | 12:10 AM

Congrats!!! They are sooo beautiful!!

Lyric | 12:15 AM

Aww, dear little faces. Congratulations to Mama, Daddy and big brother and sis

Unknown | 12:23 AM

All the best always!!!


Anonymous | 12:24 AM

Wow! Never commented but been a reader for a while now, and have checked in a lot lately hoping to hear the good news! Just had to comment to let you know your twins share my baby girls birthday (she is 4 this year). May your babes be as strong willed, confident, feisty, bright and gorgeous as my Bridie. Well done you!

Catharina | 12:40 AM

They are so beautiful!!! Congratulations to you and your entire family, I was so rooting for all of you that everything would go well. So happy for you! How exciting :)

Anabelle | 12:46 AM

Congratulations! They are BEAUTIFUL and their names are wonderful: coming from a French mother of a gypsy girl, I love these names A LOT!!! So jazzy.

Welcome in the world!

Anonymous | 12:55 AM

Congratulations from Madrid (Spain)! Such little miracles. Hope these first few weeks (& beyond, of course) are precious for all of you.

-the Dixons

Mammy P | 1:11 AM

I'm so glad that they are on the OUTSIDE! No way could you have lasted another minute. I love their names, too. Did you always know that first born would be B and second would be R or did you wait to see which was which first?

Mrs. WV | 1:11 AM

Just squealing and giggling over here in England. They are too cute! So happy for you all.

sarah doow | 1:14 AM

Oh they're fabulous! Welcome, girls!

M. | 1:18 AM

What beautiful girls! Congratulations Rebecca! Their names are awesome as expected! I literally *squeeeeed* when I saw your post title!

YAY for babies!

A Brilliant Life | 1:25 AM

Oh my god!!!! I am crying, they are gorgeous!!! Bravo, great job you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the names, knew I would.

Felicity | 1:25 AM

Congrats to you, Hal, Archer and Fable. They are just gorgeous :)

Anonymous | 1:27 AM

So beautiful! Congratulations!!!

Edite | 1:28 AM

They are absolutely beautiful and precious! And the names are FAB!!!! Congrats!!!

Katie | 1:29 AM

OH WOW!!! That's all I can say for now... I am in awe of you - and you three.

Dhana | 1:30 AM

Oh wow wow - congrads. Got tears in my eyes reading your post. Wishing you all the very very best. The girls are beautiful and their names are lovely. You clever clever mommy!

Verdemama | 1:51 AM

Wow, wow, WOW! They are beyond gorgeous and I love their names. Wishing you and yours healing, rest and many helping hands.

Lise | 1:51 AM

They are both gorgeous. Congratulations!

Krystal | 2:03 AM

Congratulations, they are so beautiful!!

Anonymous | 2:05 AM

Congratulations! (PS my verification word was tarid - very close to tired, which I hope you aren't!)
Joyeux Anniversaire from the south of France!

viki | 2:06 AM

Welcome to this world you beautiful bebés!
Rebecca, you look so happy...
Bless you all, kisses

Heather | 2:09 AM

So very beautiful.

Dana | 2:53 AM

Adding my voice to the chorus of WhooHOOS They are perfect. Well done, Mama.

Karen Bodkin | 3:16 AM

So happy for you Bec!!! xoxo

DetLimon | 3:23 AM

Congratulations!! You girls made it! I'm on my 30th week and having twin girls as well...makes me so excited to see you finally make it to the finish line!

Katie | 3:28 AM

Congratulations, Rebecca, you did it! They're beautiful (and they look just like your other two, how amazing is that) and so are you.

Jenn | 3:41 AM

They are beautiful! Congratulations! So tiny and perfect.

Lissa | 3:42 AM

Congratulations! They're perfect! So so so excited for and your family!

jo | 3:43 AM

Congratulations! They are so beautiful!!

First thoughts for me, "Awww, Boheme looks like Fable". When I saw Revere, "Awww, she looks like Archer." I think that is sooo awesome. I hope all 4 always see themselves reflected in each others eyes.

Blessings to each of you and speedy recovery Mommy!

Andrea | 4:00 AM

Agh! How wonderful. Love the pictures. Congrats, and happy healing!

Anonymous | 4:02 AM

Fuckin' AWESOME! Beautiful, sweet and hell! yeah! pregnancy is OVER!!!

evsmarie | 4:05 AM

Absolutely beautiful lasses with beautiful names! Congratulations!!!

Kara | 4:20 AM

They are amazing! Congratulations.

Jenn/hippygoth | 4:20 AM

Congratulations! I had a feeling yesterday was going to be the day...

I can't believe how much Reverie looks like Fable, even now!

Congrats again to the whole fam-damly.

Uma and Wil | 4:23 AM

Congratulations!!! You all are gorgeous! Can't wait to hear more.

The Cribkeeper | 4:33 AM

OMG, they look just like Fable! Beyond precious!!!! Congrats:)

suzannahmarie | 4:37 AM

Congratulations!!! So beautiful - all of you. Welcome to the world, Boheme and Reverie!

Sarah | 4:41 AM

Congratulations! So beautiful, all three of you!

Anonymous | 4:47 AM

oh that gave me a bit of a surprise! Congratulations, they are beautiful (and look just like Fable!) - am so happy for you all!

Sarah Wilson | 4:50 AM

Congratulations. Gorgeous girls and momma too.

Katie | 4:53 AM

More love coming your way — I got all teary-eyed when I saw these sweet girls! (Probably because I'm also pregnant, but also because we've all been watching and waiting the last 9 months! Beautiful girls, lovely names, and YOU look phenomenal! Best of luck and many blessings to you and Hal as you start this new, wonderful chapter.

Danielle Rose | 4:56 AM

They are beautiful! Congratulations and happy healing! I love their names.

Robin | 4:59 AM

YAY! So happy for you and your beautiful family. Get some rest while you're in the hospital. :)

Loz | 5:04 AM

So so beautiful, congratulations!

Ashley | 5:04 AM

yayayayayayay....I love their names BTW

Anonymous | 5:08 AM

They are beautiful, as are you!! :)

Kayley Maybe | 5:11 AM

So, so happy for you. Congratulations! They are both remarkably beautiful.

Emily | 5:12 AM


Anonymous | 5:16 AM

I'm so happy for you and your familiy! Cogratulations to you all.

Love the names!

Greetings from Switzerland,


Rebecca | 5:16 AM

Beautiful and such lovely names! Congrats, mama!

Chantel | 5:22 AM

Mazel Tov! They are lovely, as are their names. I can't wait to hear their birth story and watch them grow up through your pictures and stories!

Beth | 5:22 AM

Too cute! Love the names, too. Welcome to the world, Reverie and Boheme!

Brenna | 5:23 AM

They are beautiful (and gorgeous names)! Congratulations!

nygustafson | 5:25 AM

Hooray! Well done, babies and mama.

nygustafson | 5:26 AM

Hooray! Well done, babies and mama.

Samantha | 5:28 AM

CONGRATULATIONS!! The babies are so beautiful and you have chosen perfect names for them.
Well done, can't wait for more updates! I have never commented before but I am such a fan of the blog. Congratulations again xx

Anonymous | 5:28 AM

congratulations x

Lou Lou Belle | 5:28 AM

oh Hooray! they are just beautiful!! So many congratulations!!

Dory | 5:32 AM

Isn't it crazy holding TWO babies!? They are beautiful. Much congrats

Anonymous | 5:33 AM

Congrats to Mum, Dad, Archer and Fable. Welcome to the world Boheme & Reverie :)


Stacey | 5:33 AM

Amazing, glorious, divine! Congratulations to all of you!

Anonymous | 5:37 AM

Congratulations!! Beautiful names for beautiful babies.

Chrissy | 5:37 AM

Congratulations, your babies are so lucky to have you as a momma! Hope you're all doing well, can't wait for more news.

Anonymous | 5:37 AM

Beauty x2! Congrats to your family!

doahleigh | 5:41 AM

Amazing - everything. You, the babies, the names. Love it all, and congratulations to everyone!

Kailee | 5:43 AM

OMG. Gorgeous, perfect baby girls! I'm swooning over here, Bec! Gives me baby fever, and I have a three month old!

Welcome, Boheme and Reverie! You are such lucky and loved little girls!

Sarah | 5:45 AM

Way to go Girl! Congratulations. Can't wait to read the deets!!!



Emily | 5:56 AM

They're beautiful! And the names are too. Enjoy them, you look blissful.

Ashley | 5:56 AM

Welcome baby girls! Congrats to momma, daddy & amazing big sis & bro! I am sure you are all beaming from ear to ear!

Meg | 5:57 AM

Congratulations! What beautiful babies. I am so happy for you and your, bigger and more blessed, family.

Elizabeth | 5:59 AM

Such beautiful girls! Their names are as beautiful as they are. Congratulations!!

Brianna | 6:00 AM

Awww...I can't believe you have twins now! I feel like I've been reading your blog forever...ever since I saw Archer in that cute hat when he was so little...and now Fable and the cute twins. Congrats!!! You have such a lovely family. It's a joy to follow along : )

Mary M. | 6:01 AM

Rebecca!! Oh, congratulations. I'm so thrilled and excited for you all - I actually just had lunch with David on Monday, and we spoke much and fondly of you. Much love to you all!

Maggie | 6:04 AM

Congrats! They are adorable.

Tasha | 6:08 AM

Gorgeous girls, gorgeous mama! Congratulations!!!!

julie. | 6:09 AM

Yay!!! So beautiful! So glad you can hold your babies in your arms!

Samantha | 6:09 AM

Oh my God! Congratulations!

Anonymous | 6:10 AM


agirlnamedmel | 6:17 AM

much love to all of you! all six of you. Congrats!

Jenny O | 6:18 AM

Wowee! So much congratulations. I freaking LOVE the names.

Meg | 6:19 AM

They're beautiful and the names are gorgeous! Congrats!!!

Amber | 6:22 AM

Awww, you've got tinies! Peace and light. I love it. They're beautiful.

birdgal (another amy) | 6:22 AM

OMG!! Congratulations Rebecca! Beautiful names for beautiful babies :).

abbiejoy | 6:23 AM

Congratulations!Can't wait to hear about their adventures.

FSURia | 6:23 AM

Congratulations! They are so beautiful!

Kirdy | 6:24 AM

I've been following your life for years, it's kinda like I know you and you have no idea who I am!!!! I'm so excited for you and your family, they are ADORABLE! HUGE congrats to you all!

Sarah VM | 6:24 AM

Congratulations again! They are so beautiful and you look great!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah | 6:26 AM

Just beautiful.

Stephanie Burgis | 6:29 AM

Congratulations!!! They are so beautiful, and you are such a star.

Anonymous | 6:29 AM

Beautiful girls, gorgeous names, and a super mom!!!! Congrats!!!

Anonymous | 6:31 AM

Whoo hoo! Congratulations! Those are two gorgeous baby girls, to be sure (but no surprise there). And their names are beyond fabulous, of course! Compliments on a job well done, Rebecca! I'm wishing you lots of well-deserved rest with your two newest family members nestled in your arms.

Emily HK | 6:33 AM

Truly lovely. Congratulations on your new family members!!

Christina | 6:38 AM

Congratulations!!! Beautiful!!!!

Boston Mamas | 6:38 AM

So thrilled for you luv!!!!! Congratulations!

Heather | 6:38 AM

Congrats, congrats, congrats! What a beautiful family you have. Love their names, as I knew I would, and wishing you all the best!!

PS-Keep the hospital bed for a couple weeks yet...will be sooooo much easier to sleep now that you've had a c-section!

Erica | 6:40 AM

While I am kind of sad my Mondays will no longer be entertained by your fabulous writing, I am so excited for you. They are two beautiful girls with lovely names. Take care of yourself over the next 6 weeks. You can do it!

Anonymous | 6:43 AM

Congratulations and welcome! Lovely names and I bet you're a bit relieved to have them on the outside!

Nikki | 6:43 AM

Perfect! Wonderful! Beautiful!

Erin | 6:45 AM

Holy cow! I see Fable in Reverie's scrunched up face!! Here comes double trouble! You guys make beautiful babies- wishing you the best!

Anonymous | 6:46 AM

Congratulations to you and your family! Two gorgeous names for two gorgeous babies! All the best :).

Bluepaintred | 6:49 AM

SO Precious!

Janyne | 6:50 AM

Congratulations to you & your beautiful family!!

kristofer and ivy | 6:50 AM

Congratulations!!! They're beautiful.

Mrs. Kate B. | 6:50 AM

Gorgeous mama, gorgeous abes, gorgeous names. Congratulations! Now let the fun begin. ;)

Pretzel Thief | 6:51 AM

OMG!!! Huuuuuuuuuge congratulations, Bec! What a beautiful, wonderful event...and thank God it all went well.

Congrats and wishing you all oodles of health and love and prosperity and joy!

(Boheme and Reverie are beautiful, as are their names!)

Catherine | 6:52 AM

How exciting! Congrats to all of you!

Christine | 6:52 AM

Beautiful! Congratulations to you and your family. Love the names, too! Enjoy. Enjoy!

Shay | 6:55 AM


M.B.Walker | 6:55 AM

OMG! Congrats! They're beautiful and so are you!

Annie | 7:01 AM

Biggest congratulations, Rebecca and family!! I'm a relatively new reader and have loved following along the last few months. So happy to see the beautiful new arrivals!

Betsy | 7:02 AM

You did it! Congratulations -- they're beautiful!

KAL | 7:03 AM

Congratulations! Beautiful names and of course, gorgeous girls. All best to you and your family.

Teresa | 7:04 AM

Congratulations to you all! They are beautiful and I love their names!

Alli Worthington | 7:06 AM

Oh my heart! So wonderful!

So beautiful and perfect!

Anonymous | 7:07 AM

Always a lurker, never a poster...until now! Just had to chime in and say "congrats!" Thanks for sharing your stories and your life with us.

Anonymous | 7:09 AM

Oh my goodness! I was expecting a post from WWW today and I got this beautifulness instead! Congratulations, Rebecca! Your girls are gorgeous and I love the names. Welcome Boheme and Reverie!

Elizabeth | 7:11 AM

HUGE congratulations to the whole family! Love the names... can't believe how much Reverie looks like Fable!

yvette | 7:12 AM

OMG. Congratulations. They are absolutely beautiful. Love the the names. Can't wait to hear about the birth!

emily | 7:12 AM

congratulations! they are so beautiful!! you have twins! (i like the names)

whitney | 7:15 AM

so many congratulations to you and your entire family. those babies will be so loved!

Rachel Oakes | 7:19 AM

Oh my goodness!I'm crying! I can't believe how excited I am for you and we've never even met... They're so beautiful. I'm so happy for you and your whole family. I wish you a very speedy, but restful, recovery and I can't WAIT to hear more!

Unknown | 7:19 AM

Beautiful! Congrats on your new, highly anticipated additions!

Emily Robson | 7:20 AM

They are beyond perfect! So happy for you all!

Trisaratops | 7:21 AM

Absolutely beautiful--all three of you! Congrats and much love!

Nakia | 7:23 AM

Congratulations. They are gorgeous!

marnesandnoble | 7:25 AM

I read this posting last night and got so excited. R and B are here! I don't comment often but I've been reading since Archer was a baby. As a fraternal twin, I am overjoyed for you. Being a twin is such a wonderful experience. Mazel Tov to the whole family! I am living vicariously through you (I am single and babies is a long way off)... enjoy every moment!

LiciaLee | 7:26 AM

WOW! So happy for you! They are absolutely beautiful, and I love their names. Though I would like guidance on how to pronounce Boheme. :D. Congrats again and happy recovery!

Elise | 7:27 AM

Congratulations,they are gorgeous. I had my girls at 35 weeks too, it brought tears to my eyes to see you with your girls and remember the day I met mine.

Rebecca N | 7:28 AM

Congratulations! They are so beautiful! You had me hooked to Twitter yesterday! Thank you for sharing :)

Futurebaby Stone | 7:30 AM

Yay! Congratulations to the whole family of SIX. They are precious.

Liz Miller | 7:35 AM

Mazel tov!! They are truly delicious.

17 beats. | 7:36 AM

THEY ARE SO PERFECT !!! congratulations ! Welcome, girls !

Diana | 7:37 AM

OMG, OMG, what a SURPRISE!!!! I am literally full of happy tears for you right now which is weird because I don't know you personally, but OMG!! Those babies are seriously GORGEOUS, and so is their mama! I think I may be ready for a 2nd baby because I am overly excited right now, I mean I never even leave comments. This seriously made my day. CONGRATS!!!!

christine | 7:38 AM

congratulations!!!! mini fables!!

Elle | 7:38 AM

Gorgeous!! Congratulations Mama. Enjoy them. Lots of love.

CateyG | 7:39 AM

Congratulations!! My internet was down last night and I was dying when I saw the "introducing..." teaser on my blackberry but couldn't click through. R&B look so healthy and beautiful! Hurrah!

Kerry | 7:39 AM

Congratulations to you and your family! I had a feeling this would be soon... about the time you feel you're going to be pregnant forever, babies make their appearance. Your babies are beautiful and look so much like Fable and Archer already:) Wishing you sleep and cuddles.

Bless with a Boy | 7:43 AM

Congratulations! Looking forward to the story of thier births and the other two kids reactions. I hope Hal got some video and or pics you will be able to share.

Hope all are well and will be home safe and sound soon.

ERM | 7:44 AM

yay! They are gorgeous! I am so happy for you guys!!

Christy | 7:46 AM

Congrats! Now I am off to pack my bag, because you and I have been the same amount of weeks preggers all along, and if YOU can have babies, then I guess I can, too! Yikes! :)

Anonymous | 7:47 AM

So beautiful - the babes and the mama and your smile. Congratulations!

Unknown | 7:49 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dora B. | 7:49 AM

Oh I love their names! And they look like mini-Fables :)

Unknown | 7:49 AM

Yayyy! Congrats!

Abilew-who | 7:50 AM

AHHHHHH! Those are the most beautiful little babies! Those little rose petal mouthes - so so so so gorgeous. There is so much promise in your eyes - a whole lifetime ahead for amazing adventures and so much to learn. Congratulations!

Shiri | 7:53 AM

YAY! Mazel tov! Wonderful names! (And, born on my birthday, as I secretly hoped!). Hope all the ladies are feeling good.

Anonymous | 7:56 AM

Such beautiful little girls, and such beautifully fitting names!
Congrats to your whole family!!

Amy E. | 7:56 AM

Congratulations! They are so beautiful and healthy looking! Love, love, love their names!

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