Delayed Posting of Holiday Pictures. (Really Delayed.)

Buenos Dias. We are feeling better today, thank you all for your words of advice. Without YOU, GGC readers, I would be off in a corner somewhere, pockets overflowing with Kleenex, crying and alone reading Dr. Sears books. I really don't like Dr. Sears books so again, thank you all very much.

It has taken me and my lazy ass until now to clear my camera of holiday photos and since I haven't posted a gratuitous photo spread in a while, I thought, what the hell... Presenting, photos of the fam, by the fam, for the fam.

A Holiday in CALIFORNIA, Where the people dress in plaid:



jdg | 4:04 PM

I like that you dress Archer to look like James Caan in the Godfather.


good actor. great film.

Anonymous | 8:37 PM

Could you both be any cuter?????

Alisyn | 12:55 PM

Archer is cute as fuck.

How is it that little girl babies look like little boys, but little boy babies *totally* look like little boys? What is that? He's not even 1 yet, but he looks like a little man.

Y'all are supercute.