Everything's Soooo New it's Like, CRAZY!

Ah, yes, everything seems to be new in the New Year...

Some Babies Talk in L.A.

It seems to have happened recently. I'm not sure if it started yesterday or last week but I think Archer is talking. I was unsure at first, convinced that crying "mama" was just a joke but now I'm beginning to think otherwise. Yesterday he started with the "dadada's" in the morning when his dad fetched him from his caged bed and changed his pantaloons. This morning he said Da-gon.

I started calling the dogs "dragons" for some reason when Archer was a newborn. I was make-believing for him, thinking of the boy and his dragon story. It's all very twelve-sided-die of me, I know, but the name sorta stuck and now whenever the dogs come over to kiss his face, I say. "Ooooooh, Dragon kisses!!!"

So, um, I guesssss Dragon is his first word? If this is true then how VERY Trapper Keeperesque. Next stop, D&D and Power Metal.

Fetch Me Thou Grub Ye Silly Wench!

I guess it's kind of like what SUV's do to little people, monster trucks to "small" men and highchairs to babies? We finally bought Archer a (fancy) high chair and yes, I am a hypocrite. As soon as my sweet, cherubic little bugsy slid in, his inner Viking came out. He started pounding on the wood tray, screaming and smiling with pride. Smearing apple sauce on his cheeks and roaring into the afternoon. Now, he refuses to leave and prefers to finger paint with his breakfast. He has been in the chair for five days now and I can't get him out.

Give me the Sugar, Sugar

Baby tries ice cream. Baby screams for more ice cream. No more ice cream. Baby screams some more. What have I done?

The Girl Next Door

I am pleased to announce that our neighbor is in labor as I type this which means Archer will soon have a (little) girl next door. She has a pet dragon too. She is a little young but it's about time Archer can be the older man around here. All of these older chicks be crampin his manhood.

Babies First Panic Attack: New Years Eve

We seem to have forgotten about the baby at 11:59, several glasses of wine/champagne deep, and made quite a racket at midnight at our humble household get-together..... When the natives quieted down, we heard a scream from the back of the house. Fuck, man! We have a baby. Almost forgot. Luckily, he was fine. No permanent damage done.


P.S. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy 2006, year of the Dog, er, Da-gon.


Anonymous | 11:25 PM

That is one damn fine-looking high chair. No wonder he doesn't want to leave.

I have a friend whose son started saying "hi" like at four months! He now has more vocabulary than most kids his age. Archer could be one of those super talkers!

Anonymous | 5:47 AM

I would have to agree..i now covet that highchair...DAMN! Sounds like a nice new year and yeah on the talking! now the fun begins!!!

Anonymous | 8:21 AM

Hey, the Peanut doesn't want to hear about the new chick next door. She's waiting to meet up with Archer and hang on the Left Coast sometime soon. He's looking very sharp these days!

Happy New Year, GGC. Best to you and the family.

jdg | 3:29 PM

"No Dungeon Master worth his weight in Geldings goes anywhere without his 20-sided die."

Alisyn | 8:56 PM

I *loved* your post about The Stroller Derby. I remember exactly where I was when I found out that there was a stroller hierarchy, and how pissed I was that a) grown women (MOTHERS!) competed - and you KNOW it's a competition - with each other in such an petty, consumeristic way and b) my stroller sucked!**

However. I'm a firm believer in buying baby gear that has longevity, as Archer's new high chair clearly does. He'll use that bitch til he's at least 4, easy. Nice color choice, too.

** In the interest of full disclosure, I bought a MacLaren after we had Violet, and I LOVE it. Not a Kate Spade, though, cuz I'm punk rock.


ha! me too. we just bought a maclaren. i'm loving it. i have to admit i coveted the kate spade bitch, but it was too feminine for arch, who is WAY too manly for polka-dots.

Anonymous | 7:36 AM

for the love! ok, how did i miss that stroller post in the first place? dang, archer is looking mighty fly. you are too funny.

(tell me about this high chair)