Why Crawl When You Can Scream Bloody Murder and then Get Kisses?

I am trying my damnedest to get Archer interested in the prospect of crawling. He is more of a vocal guy than a mobile man and refuses to do anything when I put him on his belly, beside, scream. Scream and cry and look at me with this "how could you, you evil hag" face and then I surrender, pick his ass up and hug him for twenty minutes for having such a cute lower lip when he cries.

Pre-baby, I was under the assumption that babies crawl at 6 months-ish. I remember last Christmas saying, "Awwww, this time next year we will have a crawling baby!" Um... Not even close.

My Mom calls every day and ALWAYS asks if Archer is crawling.

"So... Is he on the move, yet?"
"No, Mom. He is not crawling yet."
"Hmmmmm. Oh."

She did the same thing before he learned how to roll over, late according to Dr. Sears and Spock and the chick that wrote "What to Expect..."

But now I am starting to think I am doing something very wrong. Today I put him on his tummy in the middle of the living room and let him scream for five minutes, rooting him on all the while.

"Come on, Bugsy! You can do it."
"That's the spirit!"

The dogs whimpered and gave me this "you bitch" look for not doing anything about the squirming baby in the mound of pillows. Finally,I picked him up and kissed him until he was all smiles again and then I sat him down with his baby piano and wrote this post.

And Mom, If you are reading this, he still isn't crawling.




Anonymous | 4:26 PM

A box of milk-duds (or something like that) and a remote. I shook them at a rapid pace and it took her over the edge. Too bad that doesn't work for my hubby. I even have stuff that just shakes naturally - no takers :)

the stefanie formerly known as stefanierj | 5:08 PM

How old is he? Heavy D didn't have ANY interest in crawling until he was almost 9 months, and ended up walking before a friend's kid who crawled at 6 or 7. Another friend's kid was 11 mos. before he started crawling. I know you don't wanna hear this, but mobility is HIGHLY overrated. If he's anything like my little stinker, he'll wait until you have given up to suddenly get interested and it'll happen in a matter of days. Does he like to sit up? Maybe just let him sit with a cool toy just out of reach?

Good luck, girlie. Lock them cabinets.

Anonymous | 5:24 PM

My son didn't crawl until like 9 or 10 months - I thought he would never crawl - he didn't walk until 18 months!!!! And now he is running and jumping - it is maddening but they do things at their own pace! And my mom would call every day too :-)

Anonymous | 10:33 PM

I wouldn't worry about him (or you); he'll get to it when he is good and motivated. I was doing all the "tummy time" too, because the books say to do it, around 3-4 months and Chance would also just cry and look at me miserably. Once I left him on his own he was fine. Besides I know LOTS of kids who did things differently. My nephew didn't learn to crawl until he was ONE and he was basically already walking. And all of my goddaughters just scooched around on their butts (which is SO cute, btw!).

And you know what they say, kids either walk or talk; Archer has already got the words. (I'm still waiting for that and Chance is 10 months!)

Alisyn | 1:50 PM

Take heart, GGC. Mobility is maddening! All too soon, you'll walk into a room, and have no idea where Archer has gone and scooted off to. My advice? Check the dog food bowls, or the toilet. And babyproof now, before he realizes what hidden treasures lurk in younder drawers, cabinets, etc.


Thanks guys. I'm going to stary enjoying this "baby sits quietly on the blanket" time and stop my complaining.

Kiki | 11:01 AM

My son army crawled at 9 months, crawled at 11 months and walked at 13 months. It was like he finally figured it all out. As for rolling that was 5 or 6 months! He is now 18 months and not talking a whole lot. But he understands everything!

Anonymous | 2:59 PM

Some kids do the physical stuff later, some sooner. No biggie. Some kids work on mental stuff first, then physical; some do it the other way 'round.

My son didn't walk until something like 18 or 19 months. Then he simply stood up and walked across the room. No wobbliness for him.

Don't worry about it. And through that What to Expect book out the window.

Anonymous | 4:47 AM

From a mother of 5, the youngest being 13 months - mobility is highly overrated. You beg and plead and spend hours trying to convince them to crawl/walk and then once they do, you spend the rest of their live wishing they'd be still for just 2 seconds. He'll get it soon enough and then life will never be the same. Enjoy him while he can't run away from you.