Sippy Cups are for Babies

The Sippy Cup is not our friend, in fact, we friggin hate him. HATE. We throw him. We elbow him. We karate chop him in the sipper. We bite him and spit at him. We will not ON OUR LIFE DRINK OUT OF HIM. Screw the middleman. WTF is wean? We're all about the glass. Drinking out of the glass is for men and we are MANLY.

Pass the glass, Momz




Anonymous | 4:56 PM

GGC...can you please explain that plastic trough-like bucket hanging around Archer's neck? I've never seen one of those before? Are they meant to catch falling food? Or do you fill it with hay and oats so Archer can feed himself when he gets hungry? Whatever it is, it looks like pure genius!


its a plastic bib that catches food/drink/spit-up/puke/whatever else. It's awesome because you just wash it in the sink or dishwasher or whatever. Beats stained cloth bibs and I bought them at the bullzeye boutique. They sell something similar online:

Pure genius is right, albeit they are a little clunky. ;)

coolbeans | 5:29 PM

Ooh. Hay and oats. YUM.

Woman, your child is gorgeous. And when I start a sentence with the word "woman", I mean bizniss.

Sippies are for sissies!

the stefanie formerly known as stefanierj | 5:31 PM

For dose of us dat's po, Target sells 'em too.

What's in the water out there that Archer's development is so fast?? First talking at what, 8 months and now drinking from a real Human cup?? Sheesh--what's next, a dissertation?

Wish my guy could drink out of a real cup. EVERY time he tried, he'd get too much and choke, even if I gave him one droplet at a time. *sigh* He's still in remedial sippiness as it is! Go Archer!

Anonymous | 8:03 PM

Juniper will tolerate the sippy cup, but really has no love for it. now -- the tall plastic cup -- she will throw her body across the room to get to one and point and grunt until we let her drink out of it. and she's pretty good at it -- it's the only way I can get enough water in her to keep her poopin' every 4 days.

Anonymous | 9:45 PM

We never would take a bottle or a sippy. Thank god for straws and regular cups. :) CUTE Pics!

Anonymous | 9:15 AM

I can't even get my child to drink anything other than formula. Water... no, juice... no; he's just not interested, much less doing anything with a sippy cup except play with it. (He's very interested in canned soda, however. Maybe I should go to that??)

I say, Go Archer!! You work that glass, little man. (Those eyes get me every time.)

Anonymous | 9:51 AM

I'm with metrodad on that bib thing. it makes him look like an imperial stormtrooper, the really cool snow ones who were in those giant mechanical cats on the snow planet.

going to hide in the dork corner now.

Anonymous | 12:25 PM

my baby girl is 8 months old and she doesn´t want to drink from a bottle , the only thing she wants are my boobs and a glass !!

mo-wo | 9:02 PM

The Montessori egg-spurts will tell you to forgo the sippy and use a shot glass instead.

Well sure I said -- here's baby girl studying her
master glass

No joke! You've got some shot glasses, right, GGC?



i am LOVING those pics of baby girl. Maybe she can give little man some pointers?

Anonymous | 11:46 AM

I know I'm late to the party (and new to your blog), but my son thought sippy cups were the devil also. I admit, they are really just bottles with a different top. Anyway, he LOVES the cups that have straw tops.

By-the-by, your kid is freakin' adorable!

Anonymous | 2:34 PM

LOL! "Wtf is wean?"