What the Hell is Wrong with Me?

I want another baby human. I know it's totally insane. INSANE. We only recently moved into a fabulous two-bedroom in an even more fabulous neighborhood, meanwhile Archer isn't even 8 months old!!! Not only that, I FINALLY got my body back, totally milfing it up over here. Things are great. Work and life and there is time to get everything done and still catch up on LOST... And all I can think about is socking Archer a sib. Dude. Somebody elbow me in the face and then titty twister me NOW.

A couple weeks ago, BMC was talking about all of the reasons she be like "hell no" to having another kid right now and I was totally, like, "amen sister" but the fact of the matter is, I want at least 18 chillins running around ye old barnyard. Little rascals style.

Okay, maybe not THAT many, but I do want more than one. Too many only-child-syndrome-people I know and that will NOT be happening here. No way, Joe. I wouldn't even allow my dog to be an only child.

And then I start thinking, "Duh!!!!" Of course I want another! How could I not? It's like kicking ass at craps and then walking away from the table. Who does that? Not me. I do not stop while I am ahead, after all, I was born in the 80's. I'm a child of excess.

And even though I do not look forward to going through all of this or this again, I still get excited, gitty and eager to work the preggo-look on the blvd again. And to bring Archer a buddy? Could it get any better? I see my neighbor with her beautiful baby girl and I get all gooey and emotional thinking about how wonderful it is, the newness of it all.

Then I remember that it's all biological. My body is supposed to be telling me this. It's also possible that all of this crazy-thinking has something to do with the fact that yesterday afternoon one of my oldest, bestestest friends birthed a shiny new babe. (Congratulations, K!)

I am hoping, though, that the clock stops for the time being and all these crazy feelings resurface sometime 'round 2008.



kiwidebra | 2:01 PM

OK, but how sick am I? I just had the beautiful baby girl 2 weeks ago and am already jonesing for another! I think it's because both our kids are so absolutely perfect ;-).

the stefanie formerly known as stefanierj | 7:21 PM

Yeah, I did that when D-lish was like 8 months but it's gone now. My friends whose kids are older than mine say they all had the jones around a year, give or take a few months. I think it's because the baby part is fading so fast with the toddler coming on. I dunno. Two of my friends got preggers when their first ones were 9 mos, so there's gotta be SOMETHIN' to it! :)

Good luck! Happy "practicing!"

btrute | 8:24 PM

Another baby huh? I think I might know that feeling..haha!

Anonymous | 5:41 AM

Couldn't agree more with what stefanierj said - there must be a window of opportunity before your kids hit the 2 year+ mark because I have heard after that, you are like what? another kid? are you insane? lol.. You sound like a fantastic mom so I am sure you would rock the 2+ kid route..

Alisyn | 9:45 AM

I say you should get crackin' on number two pronto, GGC! Cuz you do NOT want a newborn and a 3 year old. Seriously - it ain't pretty. So go for it - knock yourself up - I mean out!


Anonymous | 10:55 AM

Not me, man. I just got my milfy body back and I'm holding on to it for a while more! I'm thinking at least a YEAR from now. Maybe. We'll see how I feel.

But you go have fun. :)


Haha. Nah. Come to think of it, going through pregnancy again right now aint happening... It's almost summer and I have to be bikini ready for sandcastles. Not to mention the traveling on the horizon.

hot momma... I knew it!!! I mean, it was pretty obvious :)

Wood | 11:52 AM

I feel sentimental and gooey and ready to get preg again when I see little tiny babies, and then Dutch reminds that Juniper wasn't so fun when she was little and tiny. Actually, a whole lot of un-fun. a lot of yelling, screaming, and not sleeping.

now is better. my goal is to avoid the double stroller. so I think we need to wait until this one is at least 3.

jdg | 12:15 PM

to borrow a phrase from that crazy on the Bachelor: Paris last night:

I think you're just in the reproductive phase of your life.

musicmantra | 12:52 PM

oh go for it, i had the urge to go for two when my first one was only 4 months and i did not plan it but it did happen and am so loving every moment of seeing them hang out together.. but yea it does gets to me sometimes, i think i will wait a while for number 3, just to be sure putting all baby stuff on sale this week :)

Anonymous | 4:43 PM

ha! i certainly don't have anything near a milfy body back... and yesterday I remarked to my husband that I might as well just get working on another bebe now rather than waste the energy whipping myself back into shape just to rent out the space in 6 months...

Llama_school | 5:39 PM

Yeah, I had to sit out commenting on BMC's post because I'm a babycrazed freak. I was ready to start another when mine was four months.