It's Just Snot Happening

Archer is sick and now I am sick so it is not a happy campsite today. Archer refuses the aspirator like I'm trying to suck his brains out through his nostrils and every time I try to do a sneak suck, he flips out, screams, punches me in the face, drop kicks me and then throws the damn thing out the window.

Does anyone, for the love of God have any advice? This is our first bad cold so I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. I just want the snot out of his nose with as little a production as possible. Am I kidding myself? Is this doable? Is the aspirator just another gadget to make a GGC go wild? (And not in the tit-flashing, girl-on-girl shower action, "CABO SAN LUCAS SPRING BREAK RULES!" way.)

Please. Help. Me.




coolbeans | 10:50 AM

When The Toddler was a newborn, he was congested (later turned into pneumonia. scary.) and I had left the nose bulb at home. He needed to nurse and was getting pretty loud about it, but I HAD NO NO SUCKER.

So I told my mom, "Well, it's gotta come out somehow. I'll be needing a tissue NOW." She ran from the room like a girl screeching "I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO DO! I CAN'T WATCH!" as I put my mouth over the baby's nose and made like a nose bulby thingie.

Because Mom Instinct was in high gear, it really wasn't that bad. But I wouldn't do it for anyone else. Not even a Canadian, Lesbian, Michael J. Fox.


coolbeans | 10:51 AM

Helpful comment: Saline nasal spray. One or two drops in each nostril will make him mad and make him huff and puff the goop right out.

Warm baths in steamy bathrooms work, too.

the stefanie formerly known as stefanierj | 11:46 AM

I agree--we just sat with D in a steamy bathroom and eventually EVERYONE'S noses started to run. And there's a company that makes saline spray called Little Noses, but I'd imagine the cheapo kind is the same thing and works just as well. But if you're having trouble getting the snot-sucker in there, you might not have a lotta luck with the aspirator tip.

Keep trying with the snot sucker, too--D used to do exactly what Archer does but along the way decided it tickled, so now he laughs about it. He doesn't LIKE it, but he laughs about it.

musicmantra | 12:13 PM

eucalyptus oil works like a charm to make them breathe easy. my ds had a snotty nose since he was 3 months old and hate those darn bulbs myself, imagine stuffing it in my nose to remove the snot. i know i know it is good for them but ahh i hate them so i avoided using them and got some nice eucalyptus oil from whole foods and put drops on his bib and in the crib so he can breathe easy. hope your snot goes away soon and you guys feel better.. btw love to read ur blog. have been lurking for a while decided to delurk today :)


ooooooh, thanks for the advice, guys and the de-lurking, mistry!!! :) I'm going to give the steamy bathroom stitch a try and the nasal drops (as soon as I can get my sorry ass out of the house to the store)

Anonymous | 12:31 PM

I've heard the baby VapoRub works good too (it's like using Eucalyptus oil). I'm all for getting them distracted with something and then using whatever apparatus needs to be used. My son will intently watch Play With Me Sesame so that's how I finaly figured out how to give him his medicine with minimal fuss. Also, I don't think most babies older than 6 months like to be (force) laid on their backs, so I try to do as much as possible while he's sitting up or in his exersaucer.

Good luck! I hope you both feel better.

coolbeans | 2:34 PM

I don't have my books here at work, but if I remember correctly, eucalyptus and peppermint counteract most homeopathic remedies. If you're using Hyland's Teething Tablets (baby crack. good stuff.) or Hyland's Cold rememdy (which I've used for The Toddler and had good luck with), don't use the Vapo stuff. Or alternate them.

But you might not be that crunchy. Look at me assuming things.

Anonymous | 4:21 PM

OMG the nasal aspirator...SUCKED.. my son would practically launch himself off the bed I was attempting to suck said snot out of his nose on ..anything to get away from that thing....have you tried the Vicks vaporizer thing-y in his room? Also they make a Johnson & Johnson menthol type baby wash that smells really good and clears things up a sucks being sick and watching your lil one be sick...i hope it passes quickly!!

Sabrina | 8:56 AM

I have this problem currently with my 6 mth old. We usually try Little Noses if he's congested and Baby Vics plus sucking it out OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. It's never ending. I usually have a humdifier running when he's stuffed up too and that seems to help which would give the same effect as a steamy bathroom. I've never tried the nose spray because if I can't spray that shit up my own nose, I'm not going to try it on my kid.

Wood | 11:08 AM

You've got some knowledgable readers, GGC. I've got no advice. sorry you guys are sick, though.


wow! thanks to everyone for your advice!!! this is really great. xx

Anonymous | 10:43 AM

my daughter is 7.5 months ols now, and she had a bad cold a few weeks ago,and i used the sucker-thing for the first time,i presented her the bulb, like it was going to be her best friend, i let her take it and examine it, after a while she let me suck the nose-stuff out. it worked really well,...
the nose bulb is part off her toys right now, so that´s he´s familiar to her.