GGC Recommends: Sharper Image Catalogs

Think Sharper Image is merely a catalog boasting overpriced junk that no one needs? So do I. But instead of flipping to page three to roll your eyes at the electronic nose trimmer slash toothbrush slash "massager" with strobe effects, how about handing the ol' catalog over to your young'n. He/she will thank you and pretty soon- hours of fine shredding fun, giving you the must needed time to brush up on your latin and/or get some reading done of your own!

Other unwanted catalogs including Lands End, Lillian Vernon and/or Sears can be substituted as well.




the stefanie formerly known as stefanierj | 4:31 PM

That is the TRUTH. We somehow got a catalogue for Cabella's (which was 675 pages of the same cammo outfits--NO idea how it came to this address) and Heavy D loved rippin' it up. He got really inky hands, though, and then we have to take it away forever when he figured out how to spit out his paci in order to better chew on the pages. *sigh* As my friend once said, "All phases end--even the good ones." That was one I was sad to see go.

Pinterest Failures | 9:47 AM

So true, so true. However, my daughter puts everything in her mouth. She has ruined all of her big sister's board books. And my Vanity Fair. Does she touch Kiplinger's of Miles Kimball? Nooooooo.

Alisyn | 9:50 AM

The young'n round these parts also helps us cut down on the amount of recycling in our (overflowing) bins by eating the daily newspapers.

She's so thoughtful.

Anonymous | 5:52 PM

i think it's pretty funny that he was shredding a catalog that sells shredders. makes you wonder...