MeMe and HeHe

Anyone who has been down wid da blogging community knows a thing or two about the MeMe. If you are a parent of mine, or another relative/ someone who reads this blog and you do not familiar with the term, see below...

MeMe: (n) questionnaire where one divulges information about ones character (it's all about meme!) and then "tags" several other blogger-friends to also answer the same questions and so on, until one MeMe has been exhausted and another surfaces...

I will not pretend to hate on the MeMe. I love talking about myself and revealing all aspects of my life to pseudo-strangers or else I would not blog. Let's just say my secrets have never been safe with me.

SOOOO, as I am ALWAYS late with EVERYTHING, I am finally going to MeMe it up c/o the charming and delightful, Mrs. Salad Days who tagged me last week with the "10 Weird and Random Facts About Myself" MeMe. The time has come, by George!

I started this blog so I had a place to write about Momzing because my OG website, the PTSF wasn't really the place. Plus, I was in an ambitious mood and thought I could pull off writing two blogs (not so much).I promised myself that GGC would be all about Me and Archer because I am GGC and GG doesn't have the same ring to it (or make sense). So from now on, all MeMe's are going to be HeHe's as well. I am also inviting my fellow blog momz and popzez to participate. (Not to worry, parents with daughters: viola! The sheshe!)

MeMe: 10 Weird and Random Facts

1. I spent my college tuition money traveling and supporting my kept-man habit
2. A man once cornered me in an alley in Paris and asked me to kill him. He even gave me the weapon do so. It was the strangest thing that ever happened to me.
3. I work four days a week hosting an online chatroom for sick kids and have done so for more than two years.
4. I go on snail-rescuing missions after it rains.
5. I like to listen in on people's conversations and copy them verbatim into a notebook. (I once did this on the Subway in NY for 8 hours straight.)
6. I was the mutha-fuckin Homecoming Queen. Hollah!
7. I have an extreme-innie belly-button. You have no idea.
8. I was the last person seated in the St. Paul's Cathedral 9/11 Memorial Service, when living in London in 2001. I was seated seven rows behind the Queen. It was the first time in history that the American National Anthem was played before the British Anthem in the UK. It was an unbelievable moment in my life.
9. Frank Lloyd Wright is a relative.
10. I do not watch horror movies and have not since I saw Pet Cemetery at age 9. I still have nightmares.

HeHe: 10 Weird And Random Facts About Archer

1. He will eat everything but cottage cheese.
2. He was named partially after the following quote in Gibran's The Prophet: "The Archer sees the mark on the path of the infinite and he bends you with his might that his arrows may go swift and far."
3. He answers to "little fish" and "bugsy" but not to his real name.
4. The dogs are his two best friends.
5. He is very shy and cries whenever strange people say hello, unless they have cleavage.
6. He sleeps from 7pm-7am like clockwork and seldom naps during the day.
7. His favorite song is "Tiny Dancer"
8. He has never played with another baby before.
9. He is the youngest political activist EVER and lead an anti-war rally on Hollywood Blvd last week.
10. He can burp louder than I can.

And now I would like to tag my new friends: Prolly, Motherhood Uncensored, & Cynical Dad.



Anonymous | 4:10 PM

sonuvabitch. Can I use one I already did? No no, I'll do a new one - sadly, I have way more than 10 weird facts - but I will do the sheshe thing - tres cool. Very LA of you :)

JUST ME | 4:56 PM

i'm sorry,
you're just hilarious.


and your baby is still ADORABLE.

Chris | 7:09 PM

My son also doesn't know his name. He answers to Buddy and Spaghetti (don't ask). And he's actually gotten us kicked out of a planning board meeting we were protesting.

Maybe we should get the two together and they can take over the world!

Give me a few days on the meme thing. Loved reading yours.


wonderful! love the rebel-rousers among us. I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way...Viva La Revolucion!

Anonymous | 7:34 AM

A homecoming queen? Holy crap, get the fuck out of here? Really, GGC? I never would have suspected that. I could pictur you being the ANTI-homecoming queen but not the actual queen herself.

Anyway, thanks for sharing more facts about you and Archer. He and I have a lot in common. We both hate cottage cheese, love cleavage, and love "Tiny Dancer!"

Anonymous | 8:29 AM

I will see your homecoming queen and raise you a pageant circuit... alright, my MeMe and HeHe will go up today.

Anonymous | 8:32 AM

I am kind fo wigged out by how similar we are... I, too, still ahve mightmares about pet semetary, but i still watch horror movies.

And I also have an extreme innie belly button. it is so bad, in fact, that it never "popped" while I was pregnant. I can get the whole tip of my pointer finger in there.

OK, that might have crossed the TMI line.




i once fit five little marshmellows in there in 8th grade.

Anonymous | 10:11 AM

I love that the comments are slightly weirder than your meme! I can totally see you as homecoming quess; you've got that Angelina Jolie thing going.

So that guy in France... what kind of weapon and DID YA DO IT?! Details, woman!


i totally stabbed him, just to see him die. Nah... He was drunk. He followed me off the METRO. I looked like someone he had hurt or something. He wanted me to kill him because he said that he deserved it. There was a struggle. He fell down and started crying. I ran. I didn't sleep for days after that. Even now, the whole thing seems impossible. I tried to talk about it once but no one believed me.

Girl who cried wolf syndrome...

Alisyn | 10:28 AM

You had someone ask you to kill them? WTF? Elaborate, please... cuz I gotta know how that ended.

I read 'The Prophet' for a college English class, and distincltly remember the passage you quoted. Naming your kid after a book totally ups his cool factor (as if Archer needed any help in that department.)

Anonymous | 2:31 PM

I found your blog through Motherhood uncensored via Fidget at Finding yourself despite yourself.

I really like your reads!

Yay for naming our children uncommon names!
I will be back for more, visit me sometime!


Alyssa- totally would love to check your site but what is the URL? It wasn't listed on your About page :)

jdg | 3:49 PM

I totally wish you would have killed him.

can we start telling people that you did, PLEASE?

Llama_school | 8:42 PM

Given the experiences I and other young fems I know have had in the Paris subway, I so wish you'd given him a good poke.