The Battle of the Binky

Twas the Binky that brought them together. Twas the binky that could tear them apart.

Kennedy Rae Vs...

...Archer Sage

Round One: Weighing it Out

In the light of the late afternoon, the wee- offspring of old friends got together for a brief soiree at Archer's Grammy's house:

Round Two: The Face-off

The binky is always greener in the other mouth:

To be continued*?

*Probably not, actually. That just took forever.



Anonymous | 10:21 PM

ahaha... Excellent.

I love the comic-book style font!

Unknown | 2:54 AM

god, i wish my daughters would just have thought bubbles above their heads sometimes. it would do wonders for my tolerance level.

metro mama | 5:06 AM

This always happens with sippy cups too.

Unknown | 6:08 AM

Love it. So cute.

Hanh | 7:04 AM

This reminds me of- what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine!
Way cute.

Birchsprite | 9:20 AM

Love at first binky......


Jonathon Morgan | 9:27 AM

I love watching kids play with each other. Even though Little-E can hold conversations with adults, she never talks to other toddlers that way.

They always end up doing weird exchanging binkies (or whatever).

It's awesome!

Anonymous | 1:59 PM

Archer's shoes are so cute. Where did you get them?


@ Spirituali in L.A.! I think they're going to sell them online pretty soon, though.

Anonymous | 3:55 PM

That is awesome! I'm ready for the next issue.

Anonymous | 10:43 PM

Thank you!! He's always adorably dressed. I've been reading your blog for about three months and have a 21 month old son.

Creative-Type Dad | 9:39 AM

Wow!!1 That's great.

JChevais | 4:53 AM

Nice work! Super idea!

Anonymous | 5:43 PM

LOL young love, hey.

Anonymous | 5:48 AM

good GOD that's funny!