Married Life, Part One Squillion

Me: So! I finally figured out what I'm going to be for Halloween so me and Archer can match!

Huz: Oh nice. Sexy devil? Flight attendant? Nurse?

Me: No, seriously, guess. Oh and P.S. I'm going for funny.

Huz: Funny, huh. Hmmmm... A wench?

Me: Noooooooooooo. I'm going to be the Bearded Lady!

Huz. Oh.

Me: What? Isn't that a good one? Like an old circus sideshow bearded lady?

Huz: I guess. I just thought you said you were going to dress up.

Oh, snap!




MrsFortune | 11:06 AM

Dude, you got that from ANTM! But that Meg girl got booted for being the bearded lady! Seriously I think the deck was stacked against her in that case but she was freaking annoying anyway.

Haha. Funny halloween!


DUDE! I actually got the idea from a friend who had seen ANTM. I am way behind on my Tivo BUT I do know who's been kicked off. I couldn't stand Meg. "Rock and Roll." Um, No. No, no, no. Plus, her hair was horrid.

Speaking of Reality TV, WTF LAURA IN THE FINAL FOUR? She needs to be disqualified, like, now, for being such a ghastly individual.

Anonymous | 2:08 PM

grounds for divorce in my book :)

motherbumper | 2:39 PM

Okay I totally agree (1) breaded lady = most excellent costume and (2) Meg "Rock and Roll" had the worst hair EVER. I used to beat up girls with that hair (and acid washed jeans).

Jonathon Morgan | 2:43 PM

Oh, a bearded lady. I spent about a minute going "what the hell is in that picture?" before reading the rest of the post.

Cristina | 3:50 PM

Totally something my husband would have said too. ha!

PunditMom | 4:06 PM

If that had been our conversation, I would end it with:

Me: And what year is it?

H: 2006?

Me: And what year will it be the next time you get laid?

Anonymous | 9:29 PM

Yeah that was definately a strange choice for a model shoot. Great costume idea. I am very proud (and a bit frightened) that the bearded lady gene is in my family. Apparently my great aunt was a bearded lady in a freakshow. Not many can say that.

Anonymous | 10:27 PM

Agreed. That would definitely be grounds for divorce in our house. I can't tell you how many nights I've slept on the couch just because I couldn't resist a good one-liner!

Unknown | 10:48 PM

I'm jealous you have an idea. Leah is an old school princess- not the frilly pink kind- and I have no clue. We have a halloween party to go to- and I have no clue. I'm clueless all around.

Anonymous | 8:03 AM

My husband said that to me? He'd be going as a eunuch. Or a pre-pubescent boy, because I would have pulled out each leg hair and each beard hair one by one until there were none left.

Or he'd just be going alone. I hate dressing up, so when I finally settle on a costume (scrubs are very comfortable, btw, almost like pajamas) I want no lip or he's in trouble.

Her Bad Mother | 11:36 AM

Snap, indeed.

WonderBaby and I are going as rednecks. One word from the Hub and he goes DOWN.

Kristen | 7:51 PM


Huz is funny... that reminds me of something my dad would say. So very witty... I know part of you wants to slap him, but the other part is chuckling against its own will, right?