Poo-Poo Haiku Volume 102

Today, Archer became an artist. Unfortunatley, his medium was all wrong...

I Paint Masterpiece Poop

Sh. I'm not sleeping.
I'm fingerpainting with poop
Poop is the new black.

Oh, dude. Sooooo not a Masterpiece

You're breaking my heart
Your sheets are not your canvas!
Keep it in your pants



Anonymous | 12:03 AM

Ozzy knows (sorry, that's our little term for "god") I can't resist your Haiku.

Rock on MOMMY!

foodiemama | 12:13 AM

you poor mama...but my sick sense is wondering...did you get a quick photo of it?


Q- Ozzy is kind of God-like.

Foodie- No! And I should have but all I kept thinking was AHHHHHHHHH, NOOOOO!! I was blinded by the feces. BLINDED.

I have since regained partial use of my left eye, however.

Birchsprite | 3:07 AM


Jonathon Morgan | 7:11 AM

Thank christ E doesn't do this. The thought of washing poop off the walls makes me wanna vom.

Now if we could just teach her to poop in the toilet.

That'd be nice.

motherbumper | 7:19 AM

Your haikus always bring me back to school where they would make us write them during english class - like there was any inspiration in that room. I needed an Archer to be my muse. Word.

Ohhhh my word verification is joexy - is that a compounded joe that is tres sexy?

Anonymous | 7:31 AM

arch, arch, arch.
this is *not* the kind of art we hang on the fridge. now go be a nice boy and fetch your mama a martini and some bleach.

oh, bec. so, so, sorry. (but at least he slapped the walls and not yer arm this time ; )


Chris | 7:48 AM

Haven't been down this road with either kid. I hope my luck continues.

Unknown | 9:02 AM

Damn it!! I wanted a photo too :(

I am lucky enough to have never experienced this with 4 kids. Of course, now I just know that shit-smearing will become Sonny's thang ;)

Kacey | 9:22 AM

At least he wasn't inspired to do some pre-Halloween face painting!

Bluepaintred | 9:26 AM

omg. wait for it. one nap you will go get him, and he has... tasted it.

that SUCKS

Anonymous | 9:44 AM

My son Jack is almost 13 months, so I like looking here to get an idea of maybe what to expect... gross!

Anonymous | 10:06 AM

My son's most recent poo experience, he pooped in the tub and then cried so hard. I don't know if he was ashamed or if he was grossed out (even though he was holding it, wanting to throw it in the toilet for flushing) or what. But now, he's asking to go to the potty, albeit AFTER he's gone in his diaper. We'll get the timing down soon. I have a feeling #1 will be the hard part with him. But you know me; I can't resist a good poo haiku or two.

Oh, Gabe. Please don't cry.
Poo in the tub is common.
Ask for toilet seat.

So you pooped in tub
It's happened to most of us
No puppies were killed.

If you have to go
Ask mama for potty seat.
Please don't pick it up.


Love it, Andrea! I love me soon pooetry. Hee. Badabum...

merseydotes | 11:19 AM

Archer and Juniper sitting in a tree
Painting with organic material that starts with a "P"
First comes sheets
Then comes the bed
Then comes GGC or Dutch to bust up the poo party and resist the urge not to throw up

Anonymous | 12:15 PM

"Mama, can you help me get the poop off of my bottom? Because it's really yucky..."

Gotta go...great post.

Kristen | 3:17 PM

AAAAAAAA!!! Oh no! Ew.

That's one thing my kids actually never did. It's amazing, considering all the other chaos we've gone through.

Mom101 | 4:11 PM

Haha! You and Juniper. Something must be going around.

kittenpie | 7:33 PM

Oh, I remember the one time pumpkinpie did that - on the sheets, the crib rails, her hands, bleah. But it was only the once, so I hope the same for you!

Unknown | 9:21 PM

Mine ATE it. Or so I hear. I wasn't home, THANK GOD.

PunditMom | 7:42 AM

You are TRULY talented!

I hope the sheets survived!

MrsFortune | 11:20 AM

Hahaha ... There's a very similair post at SweetJuniper today ... Archer and Juney must be cosmically connected.