GGC Six Weekend Recs

Updated below...

1. TASTE: Gnu Food Bars-- I used to be addicted to Luna bars and then they discontinued my favorite flavor (Grrrrrrrr) so NOW I'm on a Chocolate Brownie Bar kick. They're delicious and fiberific (no poop jokes) and perfect for the ol' diaper bag. And Archer likes them too. You can pick them up at pretty much all health food stores including Whole Foods.

2. WEAR: Burts Bees Lip Shimmer-- A saving grace for Moms. If you don't already have one in every color, um, you should. They're minty fresh and pretty on and you can kiss your baby's face all day long without leaving major marks. Oh, and they're cheap. My favorite beauty product on earth. Period.

3. READ: Nightwood By: Djuna Barnes -- Recently re-released with a gorgeous introduction by my favorite living writer, Jeanette Winterson, Nightwood is one of the more mesmerizing works of prose. She writes with a paint brush. She leaves stains. Nightwood is a masterpiece that deserves it's place as one of the greatest contemporary novels.

4. SEE: The Photography of Little Labryinth: I've been stalking Amanda's photography for a while, both on her blog and her flickr sets. Her shots are striking, inspiring and full of wonder. Her ability to capture the imagination and joy of childhood (and parenthood) is wowing. These are some of my favorite shots but truly, they're all amazing (including the above image c/o Amanda Keeys photography.)

5. HEAR: Justin Robert's Meltdown -- Kind of like Ben Folds meets Weird Al for kids. Rockin.

6. CAUSE: Lucia's Angels-- Stacy of Frankly Pregnant recently lost her best friend, Lucia to breast cancer and has started a wonderful organization in her honor. Lucia's Angels provides comfort and support to women and families going through the final stages of breast cancer. Lucia's Angeles provides hair-styling, massage, music therapy and childcare for patients as well as many other services. A wonderful cause in memory of a wonderful woman. Please spread the word and donate what you can.



ms blue | 3:00 PM

I ran straight to the store and bought Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Watermelon. I love it! Thanks for the heads up. Now I do want one in every other shade.


Yes!!! Isn't it the best. Wearing "Champagne" now. Hee.